Chapter 0:

Vol 1. Youth

Daily Life of a loner

Youth, once youth is defined by the number of friends he made or that's what others say. Why does everyone think... having more friends means having more fun. In other words quality of one youth is directly proportional to the number of friends he has made? ..........Then that means having no friends tends to living a boring life. Is that true? Is that how it should be? Let's say it is true. But the question is, whom to consider a friend?... The one who always talks to you? or one that always stays with you? Or the one that speaks kindly to you? Or the one that always points your mistakes? ....Or all of the above. If that's how it should be... I haven't found a single friend in my life. Everyone uses me and throws me as they want. This has happened so many times that now I have lost hope to make any worthy friend. Now it doesn't even make me sad to be alone. That means I am living a boring life. In my opinion, having youth... is a delusion. People living in this delusion are nothing, but fake. Well, I don't care, I just wanna live like I want to. Even if that means having no friends at all.Bookmark here

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