Chapter 0:

The Sparkling Sun

If the Sun not Rising

January 30, 1942, Ambon night, Vice-Admiral Ibo Takahashi led the naval attack
command with Major-General Takeo Ito who led the ground attack.

"According to orders, we will attack tomorrow."

First lieutenant Hashida started a strategy meeting with several other high-ranking
officers in attendance.

"According to the reconnaissance squad, not only Royal Netherlands East Indies
Army but also Australian army are moving."

"At least about 100 frontline troops and 1000 backline personnel sighted"

“They outnumber us”

“We have sea and air advantages.”

"Aircraft and naval attacks are ineffective if the enemy is hiding in the forest."

When that meeting starts to get rowdy with anxiety, Hashio has a plan.

“Warrant Officer Nakamura, 228th Infantry Regiment permits to speak, if we can
place our mountain guns and infantry on the mountain cliffs we can overcome
them, even if they outnumber us.”

"We can't just move through rashly, it's too enormous of a risk."

“Therefore after defeating front line troops, we should immediately send a recon
squad forward.”

"Still, once we attack, the Australian army will be approaching soon."

"Before that happens then we have to cut their communication cable, to please

“Probably feasible”

Members of the meeting nodded and whispered to one another.

"Acceptable, then immediately form a squad on the southern army, and you lead the recon squad."


Hashio bowed with the other officers.

The next day when birds began to chirp, before the battle, Imperial Japanese Army
performed a seikerei ceremony to the rising sun.

Under the command of Vice-Admiral Ibo Takahashi, Imperial Japanese bombarded
from the sea and air to Netherlands troops on the peninsula which were beginning
to invade.


Hashio and the line of Soldiers ran while shouting.

There was an attempt to strike back from the Netherlands army despite being
bombarded with explosions.

The Netherlands infantry that was getting overwhelmed started to run back to the


Hashio who saw that the situation was on his side ordered his squad to keep moving

“No prisoners!”

Troops who were running were showered by bullets from Arisaka's gunfire.

One by one they were killed.

When there was no resistance from the enemy, Hashio and his squad checked
whether there were still survivors.

Wounded soldiers who groaning in pain were stabbed one by one with his guntō.

Hashio and his squad sneak towards the next line of defense.

Arriving at the mountain, he saw that there was no movement of the enemy.

"Runner! report to headquarters that mountains and cliffs have not been entered by the enemy!"

Lieutenant Hashida who received the report from the recon squad immediately
forwarded that message to headquarters for deploying mountain guns on the cliffs
along with the infantry.

After a long downhill, Hashio's squat that was standing by began to see Movement
from within the forest.

Seen the Netherlands-Australian Battalion began to attack.


Hashio ordered his squad to retreat.

However, the enemy who fired bullets from sten submachine guns and the Johnson M1941 rifles made it difficult for his squat to withdraw from the battle.

Some personnel were killed by a volley of bullets, Hashio recon squad withdrew

There was a long shootout before Hashio's squad managed to escape.

The Netherlands-Australian battalion in pursuit dreads out when Japanese troops
ambushed from the top of the cliff.

"No turning back! Keep moving forward!"

Officers from Australia ordered the battalion to advance.

However, due to the disadvantaged situation, they were shattered.

Sounds of mountain guns and gunshots continued.

The Netherlands army who saw that there was no hope decided to flee from the

The officer who just realized Netherlands troops had fled first felt angry and
disappointed to see how cowardly they were.

After defeating Australia, Imperial Japanese Army immediately chased the fleeing
Netherlands troops.

3 days later Imperial Japanese Army won the battle and captured the
Netherlands-Australian troops.

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