Chapter 1:

The beginning


It was a rainy day outside. Nobody on the streets except the homeless. Night came fast and everybody fell asleep. Except for one. It was a tall man with his face covered by the shadow of his hood. He walked up to a zone where the rain does not touch the ground. It was protected by a wall which seemed too much to climb for a person who sleeps on the street and eats junk. But with little to no effort he jumped over. That’s where he is stopped by a man with a knife in his hand. Bookmark here

" Goddammit. I didn’t think I would have to kill someone tonight."Bookmark here

The man removed his hood. He was a young man with black hair and blue eyes. He didn’t even remotely seemed like a homeless man.Bookmark here

" It’s me."Bookmark here

" Hikaru? I cannot believe this. Can u please try to not scare the shit out of me?"Bookmark here

" Sure, you little crybaby. Now, what’s the plan Shion?"Bookmark here

Shion was a black skinned man with a bald head.Bookmark here

" Me? Crybaby? That’s just because you came early and where did you even find those clothes?"Bookmark here

" Thrown from the top. Those pricks sure get bored easily."Bookmark here

" Anyway. Since you are early we need to wait a little until we can rob that store."Bookmark here

" Then walk me through the steps in the meantime."Bookmark here

" The store is a very fancy one for this dump. Its right in the middle of the city where the platform is. Is has an alarm and a lot of patrols are coming by very frequently, so we need to be fast. I’m going to deactivate the alarm but while I’m doing it you start lock picking and open it when I finish. We might not take as much food as we first planned but its quality over quantity so deal with it."Bookmark here

" Quality over quantity my ass. Not in the world we live in. why don’t we just rob a store from around here?"Bookmark here

" Believe me when I tell you, this is going to be much better than this shitty food from this shitty store we always steal from. Don’t you crave what you lost?"Bookmark here

" Ok. You got me. Let’s go."Bookmark here

" I knew I could count on you. Now let’s roll."Bookmark here

They arrived there after a short run. They look around the corner and there is nobody. This was their window.Bookmark here

" I started hacking the security system so start pick locking already!"Bookmark here

" On it Shion!"Bookmark here

" The alarm is down. Open the door."Bookmark here

" I’m in. Be ready to run."Bookmark here

" Fuck off. Can you be a little positive sometimes."Bookmark here

" Nope."Bookmark here

He was in. When he saw all the choices he froze a little. But he couldn’t just stand there. He put on his gloves and started to grab everything. He goes from front to back and while he was in the back he heard the signal made by Shion which signals the coming of a patrol. He tried to make a run for it when suddenly he saw a flashlight in front of the store. He hid after a counter while hoping he would pass.Bookmark here

" Officer, pick up. Is there any sign of people around there?"Bookmark here

" No. What is that?"Bookmark here

" I think there might be trouble. A door to a store is open. There doesn’t seem to be signs of forced entry. I will check."Bookmark here

" Ok. Contact me again with new info. Want backup?"Bookmark here

" No. Like I said this doesn’t seem forced so there can’t be more then two or three intruders. I can manage."Bookmark here

" Roger."Bookmark here

As he started to easily approach the place where Hikaru was standing he decided the best course of action was to show himself as the policeman seemed very cocky. He stood up. The policeman pointed his gun at him.Bookmark here

" Stay there."Bookmark here

" I showed myself because I don’t want to cause any more trouble."Bookmark here

" Take your hood off and put your hands in the air."Bookmark here

" Are there others?"Bookmark here

" Only one. But he bailed as soon as you appeared. What a friend he was."Bookmark here

" Alpha to center. I got him. It’s only one."Bookmark here

" Good job. See you at the station."Bookmark here

" Roger that."Bookmark here

The moment he closed his station that was the moment to strike. Hikaru took out a knife and went for him. The policeman panicked and missed his shot. Hikaru stuck the knife in his arm and knocked him out with one hit. He puts his hood back on.Bookmark here

' Good think I considered the camera position. I hope I successfully removed the memory of my face from his head. Time to bail.'Bookmark here

When he goes outside Shion is waiting on the other side of the road. He signals him to come fast.Bookmark here

" Good to see you made it out in one piece."Bookmark here

" You little shit! What where you doing while I was in there?"Bookmark here

" What could I have done? I’m no fighter unlike you. If it was me there it would have been lost but you, you saved our entire operation. I am useless. You don’t have to tell me. Sorry for letting you handle it."Bookmark here

" No, I’m sorry. I know you wanted to help but couldn’t. Sorry for yelling. Let’s go."Bookmark here

" Sure. I prepared an escape route. The sewers right there should take us to the dump. After you."Bookmark here

They arrived at their camping ground in the dump safely. The next day Hikaru was woken up by a scream. He takes his knife and exits this court. What he sees is his past haunting him. It was a man which held Shion at knife point.Bookmark here

" Long time no see, buddy."Bookmark here

" How did find me, Katashi?"Bookmark here

" It wasn’t so hard after the stunt you pulled last night. I have connections so I got my hands on the video feed at the store. I would never forget that black hair and that fighting style. From there if you know your place around the city then where you went was obvious. The people here turned on you so quickly its amazing how fast they told me where you are."Bookmark here

" Why did you come here?"Bookmark here

" To beat the shit out of you obviously. Did you think I came here to relieve some old and good memories with my favorite buddy?"Bookmark here

" Haven’t I lost enough? Let him go. Then you can do whatever you want with me."Bookmark here

" That’s not how it works dear. Just because your family self destructed it won’t satisfy me, after all it’s not something I did. Its not my fault your family is screwed in the head."Bookmark here

Hikaru starts to grit his teeth.Bookmark here

" Did that upset you little boy? You won’t be able to do that much longer. Get him boys."Bookmark here

From behind Hikaru was grabbed by two men.Bookmark here

" Now how will that monstrous strength help you?"Bookmark here

" Stop! Let him go! I will kill you! I swear I’m going to destroy you!"Bookmark here

" So funny! Its so good to see a man struggle with no chance of winning. Now you just have to drown in despair."Bookmark here

" What do you mean by that?"Bookmark here

Katashi proceeds to stab Shion in the gut. He leaves the knife in him while he drops to the ground.Bookmark here

" SHIONNNNN!"Bookmark here

" I’m sorry Hikaru. It’s all my fault if I wasn’t so weak maybe I could have…"Bookmark here

" NOOO! Stay with me! Don’t close your eyes!"Bookmark here

" Done talking to the dead?"Bookmark here

Katashi starts pounding Hikaru.Bookmark here

" He is dead. And it’s all your fault. You are weak. You are dumb. You are a low life. Garbage. Piece of shit. He died because you exist. Don’t you think it would have been better if you were never born?"Bookmark here

'Perhaps it would have been better. What have I done with my life? Nothing! My life only destroyed others. First my parents died because of me and now Shion. I would’ve liked to die in peace but I guess that’s not an option for a piece of trash like me. Goodbye shitty world!'Bookmark here

" Oh dear! It seems like I came at the right time."Bookmark here

Hikaru found himself in a white space. There was nothing there but one man. He was tall with a beautiful short red hair, a beard and equally as beautiful red eyes.Bookmark here

" Am I dead?"Bookmark here

" Not yet at least. Seems like you are a good candidate."Bookmark here

" What do you mean?"Bookmark here

" I have a proposition for you. You will get what you desire from it. Wanna hear me out?"Bookmark here

" Seems like I really lost it. Sure. I have nothing better to do until I get to hell so please elaborate."Bookmark here

The man snaps his fingers and a field full of blooming flowers appears in front of me. When I look behind I see a field full of withered flowers.Bookmark here

" The choice is yours. Wither away or bloom!"Bookmark here

" Stop this cryptic bullshit! Just tell me straight!"Bookmark here

" Your situation right now is rather bad. But I can help you."Bookmark here

" No thanks. After all that I did I don’t deserve a second chance."Bookmark here

" Are you sure about that? That beating sure did a number on you. Have you really forgotten about it all?"Bookmark here

" I said it already! Stop the crypted messages!"Bookmark here

" Do I have to show it to you again, how you lost everything?"Bookmark here

" YOU BASTARD! What does that have to do with everything?"Bookmark here

" You lost your only chance to ascend to the dome, you lost your family, and now you lost Shion. And why did you loss them? Because of him!"Bookmark here

" No. I was because…"Bookmark here

" LOOK AT YOU! Lying to yourself. You hate them! You want them to die! What’s stopping you? That little old memory of your mother?"Bookmark here

" Shut up. Shut up! Or I will kill you!"Bookmark here

" What was the phrase? Oh I know “Never hurt others. Human life is precious. It cannot be replaced. Be kind and gentle to others.”. Are you holding on to this because that’s one of the last memories you have with her?"Bookmark here

" No."Bookmark here

" You are lying."Bookmark here

" No."Bookmark here

" Yes you are. But what’s the most interesting part is what your father said 'Wrong. If you help other people they will see you as the fool someday. People are disgusting creatures which hold only greed and selfishness.'."Bookmark here

" Don’t mention him ever again. He is the reason she is no more."Bookmark here

" Yes, but he is right. He is the best example of his lecture. A man with only greed which considered his son a tool."Bookmark here

Tears started flowing down Hikaru’s face.Bookmark here

" Of course he is right. But I don’t want to become like that bastard."Bookmark here

" You won’t. You need to kill to survive while he killed because he was greedy."Bookmark here

" Still. Killing is killing."Bookmark here

" Do you really wish your mom to have died in vain?"Bookmark here

" What do you mean?"Bookmark here

" She died protecting you. Did she not? So if you die her sacrifice would be in vain. Do you really wish for the only thing she loved and protected with her life to die in the dump?"Bookmark here

" No."Bookmark here

" Then?"Bookmark here

" I will accept your help."Bookmark here

" Then point at his face and shot."Bookmark here

They left Hikaru in a heap of blood. When they turned their backs to him he started saying something.Bookmark here

" What was that want? Want more?"Bookmark here

Hikaru lifted his bloody hand to his face and then for him everything went dark. The Last things he heard were screams. Bookmark here

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