Chapter 0:

The fated battle


It was night time, close to morning. There was a big explosion in the top of the tallest building in the city. In the space left open after it, there were two men standing.Bookmark here

'It all started that day. Wither away or bloom, he said. I chose to bloom but I feel my life force being eaten by the powers, so I wither either way. Seems like a fitting end for someone like me, but before that I need to finish this.'Bookmark here

" Already at your limit, Hikaru?"Bookmark here

" Not even close. On the other hand your body seems to give up. What’s up with that, Ryūji?"Bookmark here

" You bastard! If you just trusted your leader I wouldn’t have to kill my own man."Bookmark here

" That’s where you are wrong! I trust my leader, I don’t trust what he became, that’s why I will put you down."Bookmark here

" How can I not change? You saw with your own eyes those hypocrites."Bookmark here

" I did. That’s why you wanted to change everything."Bookmark here

" I will change everything, but I will do it from zero."Bookmark here

" I can’t let you do that. I promised you, I will become a monster for you. That’s why I won’t let you become one as well."Bookmark here

" I’m sorry Hikaru, but that’s not your choice!"Bookmark here

" It’s not, but to stand up against you is my choice and I will not back out."Bookmark here

" Then so be it."Bookmark here

Hikaru conjured his sword and went in for an attack. Ryūji decided to take it head on and went for a punch to break the sword. The clash that resulted from that shocked the whole building. On the side of the roof created by the explosion there was an injured girl standing there. Bookmark here

" So this is how it ends? After all we’ve been through? It’s just not fair."Bookmark here

As she said that her tears started falling down. Then a kid appeared.Bookmark here

" Shō?"Bookmark here

" As much as I would like to say it will all end well, I can’t lie to you. I would love to go back to how it was before but the harsh truth is this world changes you as much as you would like to remain true to yourself, and this is a conflict provoked by the change. We need to let them finish this. Let’s get out of here or we will get in Hikaru’s way."Bookmark here

She wiped away her tears and left with him. Hikaru and Ryūji continued to clash.Bookmark here

'How did it become this way? Was there any choice I could have made a difference with? I don’t think the decision on that day would have changed much but I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t accept the powers.'Bookmark here

2 months earlierBookmark here



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