Chapter 1:


Sun Buster:The Under king

In continent '2' the continent of freedom, near an auction house is a boy being bullied by some adults because he doesn't have parent. Bookmark here

One of the adults punched him hard on the cheek and send him flying into the garbage. The kid stayed there crying and cursing his fate, as he tried to stand up his hand bumped onto a silver box behind the garbage. Bookmark here

 He tried to open the box but to no avail. He then picked up a stone and started hitting the box until he opened it. The boy opened his mouth in surprise as he found a striped color gun with a mixture of silver, gold and diamond, a pistol size gun. 
As he was being surprised by what's inside the box, he heard a voice close to his ear saying "whoaaa", he quickly closed the box and tried to leave the place but that young man stopped him and told him that. 

"if you carry that thing around, you will  get yourself killed for sure and i am sure that thing will be of no use to you . So, if you like i can buy it from you and i will pay you handsomely." Bookmark here

   "What do you say". The young man asked the boy.

 The boy answered, "well, i am in a dire need of money, so as long as you will pay me a decent amount, it's all yours." Bookmark here

       The young man said, "then how about 15." 

The boy yelled out his surprise that even people nearby started staring at them. Bookmark here

The boy asked " will you really pay me 15,000 Nix. "  Bookmark here

But the young man said "no, I will pay 15,000,000 Nix." Bookmark here

The boy fainted while the young man stood there looking at him with a half ass expression.  Bookmark here

Minutes later, after the boy woke up, he saw the man standing near him under the shade of a tree. He collected the box with the gun inside and told the boy to follow him. Bookmark here

As they were walking the young man said "my name is Xander Stiver, nice to meet you." Bookmark here

The boy told him " My name is Kuma Haru." Bookmark here

They went to a nearby bank then Xander told Haru to wait outside as he went inside. 

He came out before long with a briefcase on his right hand giving a sign to  Haru with his finger "to follow him"Bookmark here

Inside the auction house, things are lively as everyone wants to obtain what his/her heart desires. And what's being auctioned at that house is nothing more than human beings.Bookmark here

The auction house is divided into two. The masculine and the feminine. The masculine is where the rich women go to auction and vice versa. Because all sort of hot, handsome and strong men are being auctioned there after they are caught or kidnapped from the lower 6 continents. Bookmark here

At the stage, the auctioneer finished giving his speech and proceeded by saying, "now we will start with entry number 30."Bookmark here

A blonde young man was presented before the crowd. Seeing that crowd of women made that young man scared to the point of dropping on his knees, tears welling up in his eyes. Bookmark here

The auctioneer continued by saying "the bidding will start with a price of 800,000 Nix." Bookmark here

He then asked the women to raise their plate if they wish to place a bid. Bookmark here

A woman with plate number 10 added 10,000, another woman added 200,000 Nix. Bookmark here

The auctioneer asked " is there anyone who wish to place a higher bid."Bookmark here

But nobody placed another bid, so the woman got the blonde guy. The people gave her a round of applause. Bookmark here

Entry number 29 was brought out on a rolling table, sleeping. The auction house went silent for a moment. Everybody's thinking the same thing 'what's this guy thinking, doesn't he understand the situation he's in?Bookmark here

The auctioneer started yelling at the workers "what are you idiots thinking bringing him out like this, why didn't you wake him up." Bookmark here

They told him "the thing is we tried various methods but he didn't wake up."Bookmark here

Before the auctioneer even placed a bid, a woman raised her plate and bid 50,000,000 Nix, another woman next to her bid 80,000,000 Nix. Bookmark here

The auctioneer asked "who's this guy." Bookmark here

The workers answered "he is our newest product, he was snipped in continent 11 by 'Fox Tail Group' and they said that he's pretty famous there, they call him 'Dentist'."Bookmark here

The man on the table turned around and sit up telling them to keep it down. Bookmark here

All eyes were on him as he went silent for a minute before the expression on his face changed. Bookmark here

He stood up, yelled out loud and asked the person near him what's going on. Bookmark here

The man told him "you are about to be sold." Bookmark here

The young man kept quiet and started thinking 'how did this happen.'Bookmark here

The auctioneer asked the young man to introduce himself. Bookmark here

He stepped forward and said "my name is Cloudy Vengeance but i go by Dentist now." Bookmark here

Dentist asked the auctioneer "where are my belongings." Bookmark here

But he told him " shut your mouth,  you are a slave now so you have no such rights." Bookmark here

Among the women, a pretty woman with pure white hair asked the auctioneer a question that "can you buy a person and set him free." Bookmark here

He answered "yes, as long as you purchase him, you are free to do what you want with him besides we are within the continent of freedom, so yes."Bookmark here

The pretty woman bid 400,000,000 Nix. Bookmark here

The auctioneer asked in a haste tone "is there anyone who wish to place a higher bid, if not he's sold."Bookmark here

While they were at that, Dentist freed himself from the shackles on his neck and hands and told them that he's leaving. Bookmark here

While he was leaving, he stopped and told the woman "you can pay me the money instead if you like." Bookmark here

She smiled and said "do you think you can escape unscathed, that is if you manage to escape."Bookmark here

The auctioneer called out the guards and told them to restrain Dentist but not to break a bone. Bookmark here

The woman with white hair told Dentist "just go back on stage and let me purchase you, since i plan on setting you free anyway."Bookmark here

But he refused, saying "that will make me indebted to you , i don't like it. I like my freedom. However, if you're willing to give me the money, that's another story. Bookmark here

One of the guards carrying an iron club charge at him, Dentist told him that he has bad teeth, he's better off without them. Bookmark here

He disappeared from the guard's sight and appeared right in front of his face, kicked him in the face creating powerful Shockwave strong enough to push down tables and chairs nearby. Bookmark here

He jumped again and landed on the stage, staring at the auctioneer.Bookmark here

The auctioneer told him "y, you can go, just go. I don't want any more trouble."Bookmark here

Dentist heads out with the white haired woman following him.Bookmark here

 She asked "how old are you." Bookmark here

He answered "19 and why are you following me ."Bookmark here

She replied "you seem to be an interesting person and by the way, my name is Timothy Veteran." Bookmark here

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