Chapter 2:

The Revolutionaries

Sun Buster:The Under king

While Dentist is talking to Timothy, he saw a white haired man and a boy walking towards them.Bookmark here

He ran off and meet the white haired man and asked him" by any chance are you Xander Stiver."Bookmark here

Xander bit his lip, wondering if he's ever met the man. Bookmark here

He answered "yes, i am Xander, how did you know-. This way of talking, don't tell me....  Dentist!" Bookmark here

"Yep, i knew it was you as soon as i saw you." Bookmark here

"That's really impressive Dentist, given that we've only talked through the mock transponder because it only imitate a person, it doesn't show face. By the way, who's that pretty woman next to you." Bookmark here

"Oh, i met her at the auction house. And you know what Xander, believe it or not, i almost got sold in that auction house." Bookmark here

"Hahahaha, you really are stupid. And I've been meaning to ask you this Dentist, how did you come all the way to continent 2 given the tight security at borders and you're from continent 11 'Skaradad kingdom' . How did you manage that." Bookmark here

Dentist smiled and commented " as expected from the king of information. I only told you guys or rather we only told each other our continents but you've already figured out which country we're from, impressive." Bookmark here

" You are giving me too much credit. But figuring that out is a simple task." Bookmark here

" By the way, what's that thing on your hand?" Dentist asked Xander. Bookmark here

" You won't believe this, this is the Legendary Traitor" Xander answered. Bookmark here

Timothy stepped forward and curiously asked "is this really the Legendary Traitor. The gun said to be capable of wiping a whole country off the face of the map."Bookmark here

"How did you get your hands on it" Timothy asked.Bookmark here

"This boy found it so i purchased it from him, his name is Haru. I was about to find a nice place and buy it for him so that he can live together with his siblings."Bookmark here

 "And, Dentist, um, em, the gun, em, it cost us one-third of our budget."Bookmark here

"Xander don't worry, we got our hands on a rare item, you of all people should know that, Dentist remarked. I think we should go find a place for the boy."Bookmark here

"Yeah we should get going."Bookmark here

"Ahhhh, I'm glad we found them a nice place, both smiling." Bookmark here

Dentist started stretching his arm saying" then let's get to business".Bookmark here

" Do you know the location of the other members?" Dentist ask Xander. Bookmark here

Xander retorted "who do you think you are talking to." Bookmark here

Dentist looked at Timothy and tells her that "we will get going and what we are about to do is not something a rich spoiled lady can handle so, we're off." Bookmark here

She smiled and retorted "you don't know me, really. Despite my look, I'm pretty tough. Let me join your group" Timothy requested. Bookmark here

Dentist shaking his head saying "you don't even know what the group's objective is, yet you're asking to join. How irresponsible can one get?" Bookmark here

"You are fighting to save the world" she retorted angrily. Bookmark here

Both Dentist and Xander raised their heads in surprise. "How did you know that?" Xander asked Timothy. Bookmark here

"As long as your guard is down, i can read your mind to an extent" Timothy replied. Bookmark here

Xander stared at her. Dentist asked Xander what's the matter. Bookmark here

Xander responded "now i know what's been bugging me. Timothy you're from continent 5 the continent of knowledge." Bookmark here

"How did you find out?" Timothy questioned Xander. Bookmark here

He answered " only people from continent 5 are capable of using that ability. Dentist shouted, then all attention went back to him. Bookmark here

He asked her what her capabilities are. Bookmark here

She smiled and said "i am rich and i got so many connections which I'm 100 percent sure will come in handy." Bookmark here

Dentist uttered "Timothy, welcome to our revolutionary group. So Xander what's next."Bookmark here

"Well, right now the sun is about to set, so we'll stay at a hotel and depart tomorrow morning. We will meet up with the remaining members tomorrow." Bookmark here

Timothy proposed that she will take care of anything money related so she will pay for the hotel room. Bookmark here

" You really are serious about this i    see" Dentist comments. Bookmark here

She smiled and told him that she can see how corrupted the world is and just money cannot correct the ways of the world. In fact most people use money for their greed. Bookmark here

Xander cleared his throat and asked her "why do you hate the under king." Bookmark here

She opened her eyes and ask him "how did you know that ."Bookmark here

He laughed and said " i am also from continent 5, continent of knowledge." Bookmark here

Dentist sighed which caused their attention to go back to him.Bookmark here

 He commented "in this world just hair color can decide how you would be treated. Bookmark here

They both ask " what do you mean? "Bookmark here

He replied " well from continent 1-6, the people's hair color differs from continent 7-12 so of course there will be no end to discrimination. Sometimes we're even considered lesser human, it's really infuriating." Bookmark here

Xander holds his shoulder and angrily responded "all that will change soon enough partner. It's getting late let's head to the hotel."Bookmark here

First thing in the morning, they got ready and head out of the hotel. Dentist asked Xander how many kilometers they have to travel. Bookmark here

"He said "about 70-75 kilometers i think."Bookmark here

" That's pretty far, ok i will get us a vehicle wait for me here" Timothy stated. Bookmark here

She got them a horse carriage. They all boarded and head north. About 2 hours later they arrived at an abandoned building. Xander told them that the other members are waiting inside. Bookmark here

They went inside the building and climbed upstairs. That's where they opened their mouth. Both 3 of them filled with surprise. Because inside the rooms looked nothing like an abandoned building, it looks more like a palace. Bookmark here

A short woman holding her head with one hand stating "i thinks i went overboard." Bookmark here

Xander entered the room and presents them to Dentist and Timothy telling them that "these people are the other members of the revolutionary group."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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