Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Queen of Dodge!

The new transfer student stepped onto the campus of Kiryu Academy with a smile. She stretched her arms above her head while taking a deep breath of air. “Alright! Looks like this is the school for me! I can’t wait to see what kind of sports and clubs they have!” As she approached the school she was greeted by a lot of staring and whispering. At 175 centimeters, or five feet and nine inches, she really stood out like a sore thumb. It also didn’t help that she was quite muscular and her school uniform seemed a bit tight. Once she went through the lockers, exchanging her shoes and putting a few things in her locker, she headed to her classroom which was room 1-C.Bookmark here

She sat down at a desk near the window and in the back left corner of the room. She pulled a small notepad out of her bag and looked over the notes she made with a smile. She planned to make at least ten friends and join one sport or club as well as get a boyfriend who would last until she graduated! It didn’t take long for the homeroom teacher to walk in and tap his ruler on the desk to get the students attention. “Alright class, as you know it’s the first day of school, as well as signing up for any clubs and activities. However, I’d like you all to introduce yourselves so everyone can know your name and face. I would like to add that-“ he was then cut off by the exchange student’s hand shooting up. “Ah, yes? Young lady?”Bookmark here

“Can I go first?!” She asked rather excited,Bookmark here

“Oh, uh,” he rubbed the side of his head as he looked down at the roll call sheet, “I mean, we usually go in alphabetical order, but, sure. You can go first.”Bookmark here

“Alright!” She then stood up and gave a beaming smile as she said, “My name is Choki Minami! I’m a first year and a transfer student from Okinawa! I hope to make lots of friends and join a club or sports team! It’s nice to meet you all!” The students all stood there whispering to each other. Bookmark here

“She’s got a cute face, but with those muscles she might destroy somebody…” One boy whispered to another.Bookmark here

“Ah, well,” the teacher said as he went down the roll sheet before he found her name, “It’s nice to meet you Choki-San! You’re more than welcome to have a seat!”Bookmark here

“Alright!” Minami said as she sat down. As she did a boy with glasses turned around in his desk and looked her in the eyes,Bookmark here

“Hey, Choki-San, I want to ask you something.”Bookmark here

“What is it?” She responded,Bookmark here

“Why are you so muscular?”Bookmark here

“Oh, I’ve always been really athletic and have trained most of my life. I do a lot of weightlifting but in my free time I’m usually at my family’s dojo. We’re actually related to the legendary karateka Choki Motobou. As such I know his fighting styles Shuri-te, Tomari-te, and Motobou Ryu.”Bookmark here

“Ah, I see, that’s interesting.” He responded, “What kind of sports do you play?”Bookmark here

“Oh, well, I’ve always wanted to play either volleyball or basketball.”Bookmark here

“Those are good,” he said before he looked at the teacher before turning back to Minami. He then whispered, “Have you ever played dodgeball?”Bookmark here

“Dodgeball?” She said, “I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never played it.”Bookmark here

“This school is huge on dodgeball, my older brother is holding tryouts for the team after school. With your muscles, I think we might have a chance this year! Would you mind stopping by?” Bookmark here

“Yeah, sure!”Bookmark here

“Awesome,” he said as he held out his hand, “It’s nice to meet you Choki-San, I’m Serizawa Ryusuke, Serizawa Daisuke is my older brother.”Bookmark here

“It’s nice to meet you too!” She said with a smile as she shook his hand. The teacher continued to go through the roll before they started today’s lesson. The class times shifted and changed all day before it came to the end of the day. Minami left the classroom before she quickly met up with Ryusuke.Bookmark here

“Hey!” She said with a smile, “So where are these tryouts?!”Bookmark here

“Oh! They’re just in the gym!” Ryusuke said with a smile, “Follow me!” Ryusuke said as he began to walk down the hall. “So, you’re from Okinawa right?”Bookmark here

“Yes, that’s right!”Bookmark here

“What’s it like there? I’ve always wanted to visit.”Bookmark here

“It’s very peaceful, there’s a lot of countryside and not a whole bunch of big cities. Everything here in Tokyo is new to me.”Bookmark here

“Well I’m sure you’ll like it here,” he said as they turned the corner, “My brother and I have lived here our whole lives, however our mother is from Hokkaido.” Bookmark here

“Oh, Hokkaido, have you guys ever been there?”Bookmark here

“Unfortunately not, however, we plan to go there during summer break.” He said with a smile, “What’re your plans for summer break?”Bookmark here

“Oh, uh, I don’t know. I’ll probably just stay in my apartment.”Bookmark here

“What?! Why?!”Bookmark here

“Well, for now at least, I don’t really have a ton of friends. However, school is only just beginning, so I’m sure that it’ll change.” Bookmark here

“I’m sure it will,” he replied, “You look big and scary, but you’re pretty nice from what I can tell, at least so far.”Bookmark here

“Thanks,” she said with a smile as they came to the gym. As they walked inside there were lots of kids gathered, most of them were men, and they were all waiting in line for tryouts to begin. “So how do these tryouts go?”Bookmark here

“Well, first you get in line, afterwards you get a number and you wait on the bench with everyone else. They’ll call your number with random other people and you’ll have a short exhibition match against last year's team.” Bookmark here

“Oh, I see, it seems easy enough.” She said, “Will you be trying out?”Bookmark here

“Of course,” he said as he pushed up his glasses, “If I didn’t my older brother would kill me.” He then pointed to the line with his thumb, “Come on, let’s go stand in line.” As the two stood in line Minami looked around at the other students. They were all different shapes and sizes. She eventually came to the table where Ryuske’s older brother sat. He didn’t look up at her as he said, Bookmark here

“I need your given name and surname.”Bookmark here

“It’s Choki Minami.” Bookmark here

He then looked up at her to see that she was a girl. “Hm,” he responded, “We don’t normally get girls for this sport.”Bookmark here

“Oh, well, Serizawa-Kun said that you needed help for this year. I was going out for a sports team anyways, so I figured, why not?” Bookmark here

“I see,” he said as he wrote her name down and then handed her a large piece of paper and a clothespin, “You’ll be number 54, if you get on the team then your number will change. Usually it goes by weight classes, but there isn’t anything like that in dodgeball, so you’ll get to chose your number.”Bookmark here

“Alright,” she said as she took the paper from him, “Thank you!” Bookmark here

“Sure, now have a seat.”Bookmark here

“Okay!” Minami said as she walked over to a bench and sat down. Once the exhibition matches started she began to take mental notes. If someone got hit they were out, if someone caught the ball before it touched the ground the person who threw it was out, and the other team got a member of their team back. The rules were simple and effective. After a few matches of the veteran team dominating the try outs it was eventually time for Minami to step onto the court.Bookmark here

She stood in a line with her other teammates before a whistle blew. The opposing team took off at neck breaking speeds as they each grabbed a ball from the line in the middle of the court. They then each threw a ball at immense speeds with immeasurable force. Minami stood there and looked around as each of her teammates got eliminated. She swallowed nervously as a ball rolled over to her feet. She bent over and picked it up before tossing it back and forth between her hands. Daisuke watched from the other side of the field with his arms folded. “Daisuke,” a member of his team said, “We’ve never played against a girl before, how do you think we should play this?”Bookmark here

“Well-“ before Daisuke could finish Minami hurled the ball through the air and took out the team member Daisuke was talking to. Daisuke’s eyes widened before he turned to Minami. He clenched his teeth before he picked up a ball and looked to the other team members, “Go all out!” The other team members nodded before they threw the balls they had in hand. Minami stepped aside avoiding the first ball, before spinning out of the way of the second. As she finished her turn she swung her right arm through the air and caught the ball with the palm of her hand causing a loud boom to echo through the gym. Daisuke gave a soft grin as he said, “Well, who do you want to bring to your side?”Bookmark here

“I don’t need anyone else,” she said, “But since I have to, I guess I chose…” she then turned and looked at everyone else before she pointed to Ryusuke, “Serizawa-Kun!”Bookmark here

“Wh-What?! Me?!”Bookmark here

“Yeah!” She said with a nod,Bookmark here

“I-I-“ he then turned to Daisuke before he looked back at Minami and nodded, “Yeah! Alright!” He then took his glasses off before he took out some sports goggles and put them on his head. He then walked out onto the court and came to her side. He picked up a ball as he said to himself, “I can do this! I’ll prove myself to Daisuke!” He then looked up to Daisuke and his team as he said, “Let’s go! Choki-San!” Minami nodded as the two then reeled back their arms and threw their balls through the air.Bookmark here

Ryusuke’s ball was slow and pathetic, but Minami’s ball came up behind it and helped it speed up. The two balls then rotated through the air before they looked almost like a drill attack. Daisuke panicked before he was able to dodge at the last second only to sacrifice the team member behind him. “Ryusuke’s throw was pathetic, however, that girls throw greatly improved his!” He then turned and threw a ball as hard as he could. It flew past Minami’s face before it bounced off the wall and hurdled back towards her head. Minami moved her head to the side causing the ball to fly past her and strike one of Daisuke’s team mates. “Wh-What the…?!” The same ball rolled across the floor and over to Minami’s foot. Bookmark here

Minami kicked the ball up to her knee where she then dribbled it for a bit before she caught it in her hands. She then threw the ball with immense strength, taking out Daisuke’s last teammate. “What the hell is she…?!” Daisuke thought to himself as he felt the room grow dark as a dark purple aura surrounded Minami, “She has to be a demon…!” He looked down at his hand to see a bead of sweat drop onto it, “A-Am I nervous…?! What the hell is this??!?!?!!!” He looked down at his feet to see a ball, he clenched his teeth before he bent down and picked it up. “Whatever! This is the end for her!” He reeled his arm back as he grinned evilly, “My deadly finisher move!!!” He then threw the ball with immense force, “Beast Domination!!!” Bookmark here

“Oh crap! My brother's signature move!” Ryusuke thought as his eyes darted over to Minami, “Even with her muscles, I don’t think she’ll survive!” He then turned to the ball as it started to grow closer, “And if I step in the way then I’ll frickin die!!!!” Minami stood still before she was then struck in the face. A massive explosion of sound came from the back of her head as she began to bend backwards. “Oh crap!!! She got hit!!! I’m screwed!!!”Bookmark here

Daisuke gave a soft chuckle, “Looks like I still got it!” Minami’s eyes suddenly widened as she bent forward again. Chills shot up Daisuke’s entire body, “Wh-What?!?!?!!! Impossible!!!!” The ball then fell to Minami’s hands before she wiped her mouth, “SH-SHE CAUGHT IT IN HER MOUTH?!?!?!!!”Bookmark here

“Yuck!” Minami said, “The rubber balls really don’t taste very good.” Bookmark here

Daisuke scoffed before he then sighed and said, “I see,” he then walked over to Minami and held up his hand, “Well played. I got out fair and square, last I checked there’s no rules about catching the ball with your mouth.”Bookmark here

“Oh, uh, thank you.” Minami said with a smile as she shook his hand, “I figured, I wasn’t quite fast enough to catch it with my hands, and it was also a slim chance I would’ve been able to pull it off.”Bookmark here

“Very interesting,” he said with a chuckle, “Well, the rules of the team as follows, if you beat the team then you’re automatically on it. And since you beat me that would make you the team Captain.”Bookmark here

“O-Oh, are you sure?” Bookmark here

“Yes,” he said, “Especially since you and the students with you were the last group before we started to choose a team.”Bookmark here

“Oh wow,” she said, “So, since I’m the captain, can I pick the team?”Bookmark here

“That’s right,” Daisuke responded, “A team consists of 6 to 10 players.”Bookmark here

“Alright,” she said with a smile, “Well, I don’t really know anyone else here. So, I think I definitely want you on my team,” she then turned to Ryuske as she said, “And you as well.”Bookmark here

“Wh-What?! You mean it?!”Bookmark here

“Yes, of course!” Minami said with a smile,Bookmark here

“Th-That smile…so cute…” Ryusuke said to himself before he nodded and said, “Y-Yeah! I’ll do my best!”Bookmark here

“Interesting,” a voice said as someone walked into the gym. Everyone turned before their eyes widened in total shock.Bookmark here

“Oh shit!” Daisuke said as a man walked into the room.Bookmark here

He looked around before he folded his arms and smirked, “Looks like you’ve got a woman on your team. Is she even any good?” The man was greeted by silence. Bookmark here

“Who’s he…?” Minami asked Ryusuke softly,Bookmark here

“H-How do you not know?!” Ryusuke responded, “That’s Kanamori Yakuza! He’s the Student Council President as well as the Captain at our rival school! He’s more dangerous than any weapon on the planet! He even was able to shot put a Boulder the size of a building!!”Bookmark here

“So she’s not very good?” Yakuza responded, “Of course she isn’t, I wouldn’t expect anything else.”Bookmark here

Minami turned to Yakuza as she said to herself, “I can tell this guy is bad news just by looking at him. Even now something about him just seems evil.”Bookmark here

Yakuza looked down as a ball rolled over to his foot. He chuckled before he kicked the ball up to his hands. “Fine then, I’ll find out for myself!” He then threw the ball at a speed far too fast to see which then hit Ryusuke in the gut. Ryuske let out a groan of pain before he fell onto his face unconscious. Minami gasped before she knelt to Ryuske’s side and shook him, Bookmark here

“Serizawa-Kun! Hey! Wake up!” Bookmark here

Yakuza chuckled before he looked up at the other students who had all gathered around. He chuckled before saying, “Come and get me,” he then gestured for them to attack, “I’m right here.” Bookmark here

“Gladly!” Daisuke said as he and the other students charged Yakuza with a ball in their hands. Yakuza chuckled before he accelerated towards to horde of students. A student threw a ball at Yakuza which he quickly caught before he spiked it at the students face. As the ball bounced off he quickly caught it before he sidestepped and moved his upper body from side to side avoiding an oncoming assault of numerous dodgeballs. Yakuza then performed an underhand swing which hit a student in the gut before he was sent flying, taking out several others in the process. Yazkua was struck in the side of the face with a ball before he quickly spun around and caught it. He then performed an overhand throw striking one student in the chest, the ball flew back to his hand as the student fell before he threw the ball once more. He repeated his same process at least three times before Daisuke approached him.Bookmark here

Daisuke went to throw the ball before he quickly spun around Yakuza’s back where he went to throw the ball at Yakuza’s face. Yakuza dropped the ball he had in hand to catch the one Daisuke had thrown at him. He then swung his left arm in a downwards diagonal direction as he threw the ball, Daisuke quickly dodged and caught the ball before he stood up and threw the ball upwards. Yakuza bent backward slightly to dodge the ball before he reached up and caught it before he spiked it into Daisuke’s face causing Daisuke to fall onto the ground. Bookmark here

Yakuza was then hit in the side of the face with a ball once again, he caught the ball and turned as two balls hit the ground around him. Yakuza chuckled as he dropped the ball and began to walk towards the other students. He moved his head to one side avoiding one ball before he ducked to the other side to avoid the other. In rapid succession he shot his right arm across his chest and caught a dodgeball before swinging it out in front of him to backhand an oncoming ball before he threw the ball with tremendous force. The ball bounced off the side of one student before it flew and bounced off of several others. Yakuza chuckled as he bent down and picked up a ball before looking at the other downward students. “Hey! You!” Minami said as she clenched her fists. Yakuza turned around and faced her as she picked up a ball, “What have you done?! How am I going to pick my team now?!”Bookmark here

“I suppose you’ll just have to find another school,” he said,Bookmark here

“No way!” She said, “I-“ Memories began to flash in her head as she began to speak, “I’ve gone all over the country from school to school, hoping I could make it in at least one of the sports teams! Being a girl I was never accepted, but now that I’m here I’ve finally made it onto a team!” A fire ignited in Minami’s eyes as she reeled her arm back and screamed, “I WON'T LET YOU TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!!!” She then threw the ball with all her strength. Yakuza quickly raised his left arm and blocked her ball with his own. Minami’s ball continued to move forward causing a huge gale of wind to pick up and the rubber on the balls began to burn. Bookmark here

Yakuza then pushed forward slightly causing Minami’s ball to fly back through the air before it crashed into the wall behind her. “From your stature alone I can tell that you’ve trained your body well. You taught it new things, how to adapt and how to survive.” He then grinned as he said, “However, you didn’t teach it everything.” Yakuza then threw the ball he had in his hands at full force. It struck Minami in the gut causing her to gasp. She then flew through the air before he crashed into the back wall before she slid onto her feet and hunched over. Yakuza grinned before he then turned and began to walk off. He then stopped when he heard a soft scoff. He looked over his shoulder to see Minami gasp before she coughed up a little blood. However what stood out to him was the fact that Minami had actually caught the ball thrown at her. He gave a smile before he turned and started to walk off, “I’ll see you all later!” He said with a wave. Bookmark here

When Minami came to, she had woken up in the hospital. She gave a dull groan as she rubbed her head and sat up. “Ch-Choki-San!” Ryusuke said as he stood up and raced to her bedside, “Are you okay?!”Bookmark here

“I’m alright…” She responded as she placed her hand on her face, “My stomach hurts a little, but I’m fine…”Bookmark here

“Thank god!” He responded, “Listen, I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

“For what…?”Bookmark here

“Kanamori! I didn’t think he would show up today! He usually stays in his own lane, and we only ever meet at a match!”Bookmark here

“Oh…I see…” She said as her eyes softened and her face began to turn a slight shade of red, Bookmark here

“I didn’t mean to drag you into this! If you want to quit I don’t blame you! My brother can take over the team and-“Bookmark here

“He’s so cool…” Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“Yakuza…” She said as her eyes dazzled, “He was really kind of cool wasn’t he…? I’ve never seen anyone so strong and handsome before…”Bookmark here

Ryusuke gasped as his eyes widened, “Sh-She’s gone insane!”Bookmark here

“I think I like him…”Bookmark here

“Wh-What?! Why?! He nearly killed you!!!”Bookmark here

“That’s the whole reason,” she said as she turned to him, “He beat me, he’s leagues stronger than me!”Bookmark here

“Uh, wha-“Bookmark here

“Being as strong as I am, I’ve always felt like an outsider, it’s very rare to find a guy who is actually stronger than me! My father always said to go for someone who’s stronger than me! That way he can push me to become even stronger so I can one day surpass him!” She placed her hands over her face before she leaned back onto the bed and kicked her legs, “Yakuza is so cool~! Aah~!” Bookmark here

“Oh, uh…” Ryusuke said as he scratched the back of his head, “Well uh…”Bookmark here

“How old is he?!” She asked as she sat up, “I need to know!”Bookmark here

“O-Oh, well, he’s a second year, so about 16.”Bookmark here

“An older man?!” She then turned and screamed into her pillow before turning back to Ryusuke, “How can I ask him out?!”Bookmark here

“I-I don’t think that’s possible…!” Ryusuke responded, “Even so…it would possibly compromise you. Are you forgetting he’s our school rival?!”Bookmark here

“Oh, yeah…” She said, having totally forgotten, “So like…what do you mean by rival?”Bookmark here

“His school is on the opposite side of ours in terms of competition. His school, Mishima Academy, they’re a top ranking school in everything! Academics! Sports! You name it! Even Harvard would be jealous! It’s a school for all the highly elite and rich kids! They’re the Apex Predator when it comes to dodgeball! Absolutely no one has beaten them, and wanting to beat them has become even harder since Yakuza joined!”Bookmark here

“When did he join?”Bookmark here

“We hear he joined as a first year in Junior High! He forced his way in and somehow made it onto the team!” Bookmark here

“Oh, okay, and he’s our rival because…?”Bookmark here

“Our school is the absolute worst!!!” He said, “Our dodgeball team never actually competes competitively because we are such trash! Hell, Yakuza and his team only gave us because they’re our rivals and they have to! It’s really more of a pity match because our team is such garbage!” Bookmark here

“Oh…I see,”Bookmark here

“However,” he said as he looked Minami in the eye, “With you, we might actually have a chance. When everyone found you we had discovered that you had caught the ball Yakuza threw at you. Considering it’s Yakuza, a feat like that is impossible to accomplish! Or at least it was until you came!”Bookmark here

“Wow, really…?”Bookmark here

“Yes really!” Ryusuke said as he stood up and clasped his hands around hers, “You can quit if you want to, I won’t blame you! But if you stay we might actually make it to the top! The choice is yours!”Bookmark here

Minami then smiled as she said, “Of course I’m staying, you’re the first sports team to actually let me play, and not just on the girls team.” She then grinned as she held up her thumb and said, “I definitely plan on staying! We’ll make it toBookmark here

The top, and when we do, I’ll ask Yakuza out in the process!”Bookmark here

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