Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Queen of Dodge!

Yakuza sat on his knees with his head hung and his eyes closed. He had been tied around his arms, torso, wrists, and neck all with a singular piece of rope. His eyes then opened as a large ball was hurled towards him. He quickly spun out of the way before the next ball flew towards him at a faster speed. He ducked before he sprung up to his feet and looked around the dark room. Another ball was hurled towards him before it struck him in the gut. He bent over slightly before he turned and launched the ball from his body by thrusting his pelvis. The two balls collided before falling to the ground. Yakuza gave a full growl as he turned his head to one side before he clenched his fists and flexed his muscles in a way that caused the rope to snap and fall off his body. He exhaled as he walked over to the ball thrown at him and picked it up with his palm. He looked the ball over before he saw the number 50 on it.Bookmark here

“It appears that even these are beginning to tickle.” He said as he walked over to a man in a suit and grabbed a t-shirt. “Any news?”Bookmark here

“Yes,” the man in the suit said, “Today the schools will be recruiting for new club and sports team members. They were wondering if-“Bookmark here

“The dodgeball team at Mishima Academy is perfect. There’s no need to change it.” He said as he started to put on the button up shirt for his school uniform, “However, I do want to stop by Kiryu Academy. There’s someone who has peaked my interest.”Bookmark here

“Yes, of course.”Bookmark here

Kiryu AcademyBookmark here

Minami, Daisuke, and Ryusuke all stood at a table underneath a collapsible pavilion. On the table was sign up sheets and Minami and Ryuske attempted to hand out flyers. “Hi! Please join the Dodgeball team!” Minami said with a smile as she handed out flyers to students who walked by. Bookmark here

“Hey, Ryusuke,” Daisuke said, “Do you have a minute?”Bookmark here

“Hm? Sure,” Ryusuke said as he turned and sat behind the table with his brother, “What’s up?”Bookmark here

“Don’t you think Choki-San is a bit strange?”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“Yesterday Yakuza showed up and from what we saw, you and I both know she got the worst of it. Yet she’s standing here all fine, as if nothing happened.” Bookmark here

“Well, I do know that she does weightlifting, she’s also Okinawan and does their martial arts, so perhaps she’s used to being beaten around.”Bookmark here

“Yes but…” Daisuke then leaned forward and lowered his voice, “You and I both know that Yakuza has completely destroyed cars just by throwing a dodgeball. Hell, if he had enough of them I’m sure he could take down a house.” Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Ryusuke responded, “However, there’s a lot we don’t know about Choki-San, for all we know she’s been hit by a car and was completely fine.” Bookmark here

“I don’t think-“ Daisuke then paused when he took notice of how tight Minami’s blazer was on her arms due to her muscles, “Hmmm, now that you say it, it does make a little sense.”Bookmark here

“So don’t worry about her so much, I’m sure Choki-San won’t break easily!”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” he said as they turned to Minami, “For being built like a Shonen Jump hero she’s actually pretty cute.”Bookmark here

Minami did her best to try and hand out flyers. However, no one seemed interested. She gave a soft pour before she then heard a voice, “Woah you’re huge!” She turned to see a slightly overweight student approach her, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl as big as you! Not to mention you’re absolutely stacked!” Bookmark here

“Oh, thank you.” She said with a smile before she handed him a flyer, “Would you like to be part of the dodgeball team?”Bookmark here

“Hm? Dodgeball?” He looked over the flyer, “Eh…sounds pretty violent, I don’t think it’s for me.”Bookmark here

“What?! Are you sure?!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m sure, I’m not really a violent person you see.”Bookmark here

“Oh, I see,” she said, a bit saddened. She paused to think before she had a brilliant idea. Bookmark here

“Yeah, so I’m sorry to-“Bookmark here

“If you join the team I’ll squish your head between my thighs.” Minami said with a grin,Bookmark here

“EH?!?!?!!!!!!!!” Ryusuke and Daisuke screamed in unison,Bookmark here

“I see,” he said as he looked down before he cleared his throat and said, “Where do I sign up?” Bookmark here

“Just over there!” She said with a smile as she pointed to their booth.Bookmark here

“Thank you.” He said before he turned and walked over to the table and started to sign up. Minami gave a soft giggle as he finished signing up and walked back over to her.Bookmark here

“So what’s your name?”Bookmark here

“Rando Pocha!”Bookmark here

“Hmm, that’s nice, can I call you Pocchan for now?”Bookmark here

His face boiled to a hot red as steam blew out his nose, “You can call me whatever you like.”Bookmark here

“Alright,” Minami said with a smile, “Practice will be after school today, I’ll see you then.”Bookmark here

“Of course, I’ll see you.” He waved before he turned and walked off. Bookmark here

“Wow, he seems really kind.” She then turned to see a black car parked by the entrance of the school. Being curious she then walked over to it. She looked at the backseat window and smiled before saying, “Hi! Would you like to join-“ She then began to slow down as the window rolled down and Yakuza removed a pair of shades.Bookmark here

“No,” he responded, “I have no interest in your dodgeball team, if I could even call it that.”Bookmark here

“H-H-H-H-Hi-“Bookmark here

“Yes, hi.” He said, “I’m surprised you’re able to stand upright. Out of all the students I took out the other day, the one who stood out to me was you. Normally when I throw a ball it’s always too fast for the human eye to see, yet you somehow caught the one I threw at you.”Bookmark here

“Oh uh, I did?” She said as she blushed and nervously played with one of her pigtails, Bookmark here

“Yes,” he said, “You have potential, so why are you here?”Bookmark here

“Oh, uh, well, uh, I-“Bookmark here

“You could come to my school and play on our team.”Bookmark here

“Well, I, uh-“ She paused as she thought about her and Yakuza spending everyday together playing dodgeball. She then paused for a second as she realized why she even liked him in the first place, “Well, that’s very nice of you, but, honestly, I’d rather play against you instead of with you.” She said as she started to play with her hair, “I’ve never really met any guy stronger than me, and yesterday I guess you showed me that guys like that really exist. So I want to push myself harder and eventually play off against you for real.”Bookmark here

“I see,” he said with a smile, “Respectable.” He then put on his shades as he said, “If you change your mind you know where to find me.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, okay.” She said with a smile as she backed up and started to walk back to the school. She stopped and turned around as she wanted to say something but the car had already driven off. “I’m definitely going to beat you next time!” She then turned and walked back to the booth for the dodgeball team. Bookmark here

Eventually the end of the school day came and Minami, Ryusuke and Daisuke met in the gym with Pocha. “Alright!” Minami said as she came out of the equipment closet with a machine. “I asked the baseball team and they said we could use this!” She then put the machine in the middle of the gym. It was large and had wheels on the front of it. It had two large wheels which began to spin really fast the moment Minami turned it on. “With this we can practice dodging and catching! Any questions?” Bookmark here

“Um, yeah,” Pocha said, “Is there any other form of workout we should do?”Bookmark here

“Hmmm,” Minami said as she leaned on the machine and put her finger on her chin, “There’s a few, but for now, we just need to focus on this. When we face off against Yakuza he’s going to be throwing the balls at incredible speeds. Hopefully this should be able to replicate his strength.” Bookmark here

“Oh, I see….”Bookmark here

“So, who wants to go first?”Bookmark here

“I’ll go!” Ryusuke said as he raised his hand. Minami smiled,Bookmark here

“Great! Get up there!” Ryusuke nodded as he put on his goggles before he ran out to the middle of the court. “Are you ready?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah!” Ryusuke said, Bookmark here

“Okay! Here we go!” Minami placed a ball on the device before she pushed it through the spinning wheels. Pocha and Daisuke watched the ball fly through the air before it hit Ryusuke in the face.Bookmark here

“Ooh!” They winced in unison,Bookmark here

“Oh my! Are you okay?!” Minami asked as she rushed over to Ryuske and knelt at his side,Bookmark here

“I’m fine…” Ryusuke responded as his eyes swirled, being unable to focus.Bookmark here

“Are you sure?! You got hit pretty hard!”Bookmark here

“I’m fine…” he said as he sat up, “Just give me another chance…!”Bookmark here

“Are you sure?”Bookmark here

“Yes..!”Bookmark here

“Oh, well, alright.” She then stood up and walked back over to the machine as Ryusuke got back onto his feet. Minami put another ball through the machine and Pocha and Daisuke watched it fly through the air. This time Ryusuke moved out of the way with an effective dodge. Bookmark here

“Aha! I did it!” He said only for the ball that flew past him to bounce off the wall and then hit him in the ass. He screamed in pain as Minami gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. Bookmark here

“Ouch!” Pocha and Daisuke said in unison. Bookmark here

“Are you sure you’re okay?”Bookmark here

“Yeah! I’m fine!” Ryusuke said as he then hobbled over to the bench and sat down. Bookmark here

“Okay, who’s next?” Bookmark here

“I’ll go,” Pocha said as he stood up and walked to the center of the court. He rubbed his chin as he looked at the machine before saying, “Alright! Show me the best you’ve got!”Bookmark here

“Alright,” Minami said as she pushed a ball through the machine. Daisuke watched the ball fly through the air as Ryusuke leaned forward in tears rubbing his backside. Pocha folded his arms as the ball then slammed into his face before it fell onto the ground. “Uh…you’re supposed to dodge,”Bookmark here

“I know,”Bookmark here

“Oh…are you okay?”Bookmark here

“No! I’m fine!” Pocha said with a chuckle, “I just need to get a feel for how fast these things were going, even at full speed it’s not enough to harm me. Now I know how much effort I need to put into dodging!”Bookmark here

“Oh…uh,” Minami said, “I’m a bit confused?”Bookmark here

“My dad is a infamous Sumo Wrestler! As such I grew up training like he did, so not much really phases me in terms of pain.”Bookmark here

“Oh! Sumo?! I do Karate!”Bookmark here

“Oh! Really? That’s quite interesting!” He said with a smile, “Wait, I thought you were a nonviolent person…” She then said with a flat expression. Bookmark here

“I am, I trained in Sumo to learn how to defend myself.”Bookmark here

“Oh, okay, that makes sense.” She said as she grabbed the next ball, “You ready?”Bookmark here

“Yep!” Bookmark here

“Alright!” She pushed the ball through the machine and Daisuke watched it fly through the air. This time Pocha quickly squat down causing the ball to fly over his head. He then shot up and moved to the side as the next ball flew towards him, “Alright! Way to go!” Minami said with a smile before turning to Daisuke, “It’s your turn!” Bookmark here

“Are you sure?” He asked, “You know I can handle myself. If anything, I think we should see what you’ve got.”Bookmark here

“Me?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, he’s right.” Ryusuke said, “From what we saw yesterday you seem to be good at throwing and catching, but you haven’t done much dodging. You really should train in all three.”Bookmark here

“Oh, well, alright.” She said with a smile before she moved in front of the machine. Ryusuke walked over to the machine and placed a ball on it.Bookmark here

“Are you ready?”Bookmark here

“Yeah!”Bookmark here

“Alright!” Ryusuke pushed the ball through the spinning wheels, sending it flying through the air. Daisuke and Pocha watched the ball fly towards Minami at incredible speeds. Minami’s first instinct was to catch the ball, so by the time she went to dodge she was hit in the shoulder. “A little bit slow on that one.” Ryusuke said as Minami picked up the ball and tossed it over to him.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry,” she said as she rubbed the back of her head, “My first instinct was to try and catch it. I just imagined the machine as Yakuza, and all I could really do was catch it.” She then clapped her hands on both sides of her face as she said, “Alright! Give me another chance! I’m ready!” Bookmark here

“Alright, here it goes!” Ryusuke said as he pushed the ball through the machine. Minami gave a soft grin as she quickly stepped to the side avoiding the ball. Ryusuke pushed another ball through and Minami avoided the next one by stepping to the other side.Bookmark here

“Woah,” Daisuke said as Ryusuke put ball after ball through the machine sending them flying at Minami. Minami stepped from side to side avoiding each ball as it hurled towards her, “She’s pretty good at dodging.”Bookmark here

“It could be partially due to her Karate skills,” Pocha said as he rubbed his chin, “In a lot of Karate you learn to avoid attacks but also counter and parry at the same time. If she’s been in a lot of fights then that could help.”Bookmark here

“Is it like you?” Daisuke asked, “You said you do Sumo.”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Pocha said with a nod, “When I ducked earlier, I merely squatted down the way I would if I would prepare for a match.” Bookmark here

“Interesting.”Bookmark here

Minami then held out her hand and caught the last ball to be thrown towards her. She exhaled heavily as she wiped the sweat from her brow, “Wow, that was very good Choki-San!” Ryusuke said with a smile,Bookmark here

“Thank you,” Minami said with a smile,Bookmark here

“Say, Captain?” Daisuke said as he raised his hand,Bookmark here

“Yes?” Minami asked as she turned to him,Bookmark here

“We still need about four to six more members to have a full team. What’re we going to do?”Bookmark here

“We’ll just have to try harder to recruit people is all!” Bookmark here

“How do you suggest we do that?”Bookmark here

“We could put up posters and flyers all around the school, and I’m sure we can get it announced during homeroom for all the classrooms!” Bookmark here

“Yes, but they still need something to look forward to.” Pocha said, “Which brings me to a proposal.” Bookmark here

“And that is?” Daisuke asked,Bookmark here

“Well, the way she got me to sign up was that she promised to crush my head between her thighs,” he then slid over to Minami and whispered to her, “You’re still going to do that right?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” she said, “A promise is a promise.”Bookmark here

“Excellent,” he said before he went back to the bench and grabbed his bag, “This is normally very popular in the city when promoting sales and other kinds of things.” He then pulled out a magazine and flipped to a page before showing it to everyone, “It’s simple! We just have to put the Captain in a Bunny Costume!” Bookmark here

Minami’s face went dark red when she heard his suggestion, “A Bunny Costume, eh?” Daisuke said as he rubbed his chin,Bookmark here

“Yes! With the Captain’s muscular frame and strikingly cute face we’ll draw all sorts of new members!”Bookmark here

“Oh, uh, well, uh….” Minami said as she tried to find words,Bookmark here

“Think about it Captain,” Daisuke said, “With this we’ll draw in more and more recruits! We can build a top grade team!”Bookmark here

“Or a degenerate one…” Ryusuke said to himself, “Are we sure we want to embarrass Choki-San like that?”Bookmark here

“What do you-“ Pocha began as he looked at Ryusuke as he removed his glasses and wiped his face, “That’s it! We’ll put you in a Bunny Costume too!”Bookmark here

“Wh-What?!?!?!!! Me?!?!?!!!!” Ryusuke said, “B-But I’m a boy!”Bookmark here

“Yes, a very pretty boy! We could easily pass you off as a woman!”Bookmark here

“Wh-What?! No!!!” He then turned to Daisuke, “Daisuke what do you think?!”Bookmark here

“Well, you are disturbingly pretty.”Bookmark here

“Th-That doesn’t help!!!”Bookmark here

“Then it’s settled!!! We’re putting the Captain and Ryusuke in Bunny Costumes!!!”Bookmark here

“Oh dear,” Minami thought to herself as she placed her hands on her face and closed her eyes, “If Yakuza is around the school he’ll see me in a Bunny Costume! I don’t know whether or not I should be happy or afraid!”

A//NBookmark here

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