Chapter 0:

How it all started

Conflicted Evil

My world faded into darkness the day I made a deal with the devil.

Now you’re probably wondering how this all happened so I’ll start my story with the day that changed my life.

It started like any normal day. I woke up from bed and got ready for school. Just when I locked the door of my house, I heard-

“Hey, Anthony!”

I turned around and saw my childhood friend, Beverly, running towards me. She was an average-looking girl, the one that won’t immediately draw your attention when placed in a group of students. I, also appear to be average-looking. What differentiates me from others is that I am more intelligent than others.

“Have you heard the news lately?” asked Beverly, as she started walking down the streets. “There’s a new military group that was formed by the government. They say that the government is trying to restructure the country and end this civil war.”

War was a huge problem for our country. Every day, hundreds of lives die from starvation and diseases. The whole world is currently at war with governments from different regions pouring all the money into the military and the development of weapons. The middle and lower classes suffer the most from unreasonable taxes that are enforced. Like all countries, when the people are unhappy, they start to revolt which then causes the government to spend more money to suppress the revolution. With each unsuccessful revolution, more laws are passed down, each crueler than the previous one. This endless cycle of war is like a living hell to an average person.

“What could be done about it?” I responded, “It’s not like we have the power to do anything about it. All I hope is that it doesn’t make life any worse than it is now.”

“We should be grateful about our lifestyles right now,” scolded Beverly, “there are people who are homeless and running for their lives right now. At least we have a place to live in and a school to learn from. We have our families, our friends, and a place to stay.”

“Yes, you’re right,” I sighed, “I just wished that I could do something to fix this mess.”

“Speaking of which, I heard there is a resistance movement that was created recently. Maybe you could join in. If you die, your name might be passed on to future generations about how you died trying to make a change.” Beverly joked, with a smile on her face.

“I would rather live a few years longer, thank you.” I retorted, not being able to imagine myself on the battlefield. There are still so many things that I haven’t experienced in this world.

“What is love?” I suddenly asked Beverly.

She looked surprised at the sudden question.

“Why would you ask that?” she asked, looking puzzled. “You’re not confessing your love to me, are you?”

“Of course not,” I blushed, “I just never had parents who loved me when I was a child. And if there is love in this world, why is there war everywhere? Do the people who start the world not have someone to love? Or do they ignore love and continue with their ideals? ”

“It’s quite simple,” Beverly smiled. “Love is-”

Suddenly, the car next to us exploded as we walked down the road. Missiles were fired and people were screaming. A wave of panic spread throughout my body. I grabbed Beverly, who was in shock, and steered her away from the chaos.

We ran and ran until we were out of breath. I turned around and saw the city, our home, was in a sea of flames. We stared at it in awe, unable to comprehend all of it.

“Hey look, there are two students who escaped. Someone didn’t do their job correctly”

We immediately spun around and saw a group of armed soldiers walking towards us. They looked like they were enjoying the sight.

“Why are you doing this?" I yelled at the group, instinctively standing in front of Beverly

“It’s nothing personal,” one of the soldiers replied, “we discovered a resistance group in your city, and just to make sure that we exterminate all the members, we decided that massacring the city was the safest way to make sure the job was done correctly.”

“Now if you excuse me, you guys would have to die now,” another soldier said, as he readied his pistol and shot.

Before I could respond, Beverly pushed me aside and took the bullet.

NO!” I yelled and tears began to fall out of my eyes.

“Anthony, it seems that I’ll die before you. It’s a shame that I can’t personally see the world you imagined.” Beverly said, eyes closing forever after her final words.

“Looks like I need to work on my aiming skills,” the soldier laughed, “any last words before you die?”

Is this the end for me? If only I had the power to stop all this. To survive. Power. I need power. With power, I could change anything.

So you seek power.

Who are you?

That is not important right now. What is important right now is that you want power, and I can give it to you.

What’s the catch?

One day, when the time comes, you will do what I tell you to do. I can give you the power to survive the danger you are in right now. All you need to do is agree to our terms and you shall receive the power you desperately need.

I have lost everything, my family, my friends, and my home. What more could I lose? I shall personally destroy this hellish world and rebuild it through my ideals. Even if I stained myself with all the evil in this world, I shall fix this broken reality! I hereby agree with your contract.

Darkness started rushing out of my body and flooding my surroundings. It feels cold, but also gives me the feeling of where I belong.

“What is this?” asked a soldier, fear creeping up his voice.

They raised their guns and started shooting me. The bullets began to dissolve in the darkness.

“You shall all pay for what you have done,” I declared without any emotions.

Darkness swept up the soldiers, dissolving them slowly, causing them to scream in agony. This is the first time I have ever killed, and this will not be the last time I ever kill. My life was completely changed that day and was filled with darkness.

Joe Gold