Chapter 1:

Where am I?

Conflicted Evil

Pain. Despair. Hatred. These emotions filled my body after I was engulfed in the flood of darkness.

When I woke up, I immediately realized I was in an unfamiliar place. I was surrounded by trees with vines and in front of me, was a large cave with a stream nearby.

You finally woke up.

The voice popped out of nowhere. I looked around to see if I could find the source of the voice, but alas, I was unable to locate it.

It is yet the time for you to see me. The voice said, clearly amused that I could see him.

I was afraid that you were never going to wake up again. It seems that your body is too weak to handle the enormous power I lent you. For the time being, you are unable to use my power. Worst-case scenario, you might be unable to ever use my power again.

“Wait, what do you mean?” I panicked. “How am I suppose to take my revenge if I don’t have any power?”

That’s not my problem. It seems that you’ll have to find out the solution for yourself. Lucky for you, you still have one power remaining after your contract with me.

What is it?” I asked, unable to keep down my excitement.

Your analytical skills are enhanced.

“Seriously? What kind of power is that? Why did I even bother making a contract with you?”

Again, it’s up to you to decide what to do with your power. Are you going to give up and not take revenge on the people who killed your family and friends?

“Friends.” I pondered. Then I remembered.

“Beverly, she’s dead. There must be a way to revive her right? You must have a solution. You can do anything”

The voice started laughing. He laughed so hard and so long. When he finally stopped, he spoke.

I am not a god, I cannot do everything in this world. Life is an interesting aspect of this world. No one appreciates it but feels the loss and sorrow when life is lost. Humans do not learn; they feel the pain of loss but forget about it after a few years. This is exactly why I believe that the world is fair. Without the proper consequences, humans will never learn. Therefore, wake up from your fantasy, revival of the dead is physically not possible. Your friend is dead for good.

I fell onto the floor hard. I did not want to believe in his words. Not possible. Then why did Beverly die? What did she die for? The world is not fair. Nothing about the world is fair. If this was punishment, why do we deserve it? Why not punish those who start wars, break apart families, and spread chaos? Why not protect those who are weak? If this is what fairness is, I shall personally destroy the world and rebuild it!

Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Strong gusts of wind came blowing into my face.

It seemed that this world that you so hated is angered by your proclamation.

“I will not back down. I will dirty my hands with the blood of millions. Those who stand in my way shall be annihilated. Even at the cost of innocent lives, I shall fix this world. If the world needs a villain to correct all this mess, I will gladly be the one that is burdened with all the sins of the world. I shall create a paradise!”

You never fail to amuse me. Your ideals are too naive. If you truly walk down this path of thorns, you will be all alone. Understood by no one and hated by the rest. Are you sure you want to make this choice?


Very well, I shall be the one who observes you down this path of pain.

And with that, the voice disappeared, leaving me in silence.