Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

The Hoodlooms

As Dante’s day took an unexpected turn, the Inferno’s prison cell was the last thing he needed in his life. The one thing he didn't think the world would take away from him was his freedom and it was clearly slipping away through the prison grid.Bookmark here

Seventh floor of the Inferno was uncomfortably silent, at least sector 4 where Dante was placed. Bookmark here

The cell was utterly uninteresting as there was only a bed in one corner and a pile of bones in the other. He lied on the bed reimagining the entire day. He shouldn't be here. He was not a rapist.Bookmark here

"I'm not supposed to be here..." - slipped through his mouth.Bookmark here

"Well neither am I." - a voice could be heard from the opposite cell. "But we won't be leaving any time soon. How long is your sentence?"Bookmark here

"20 years."Bookmark here

"20 years you say. It must be quite a crime for you to stay in the cell for so long. Now care to explain how does a falsely accused person get a 20 year sentence?" - womans voice could be heard from the next cell.Bookmark here

"I'm a person with terrible luck apparently. I just went out to buy some apples today because I haven't had them in such a long time. Little did I know that leaving my house today would be the biggest mistake of my life. As I was strolling through the market some guy mistook me for some dude who was sleeping with his girlfriend last night."Bookmark here

"You don't get a 20 year sentence for sleeping with some random chick who has a boyfriend" - womans voice responded.Bookmark here

"I didn't finish. I'm not here because of that. He started chasing me so naturally I started to run. Thinking back at it I should've just let him beat me up, at least then I would've lived my life in my house, bruised for some time, but in my house nevertheless."Bookmark here

"But you didn't. And you're here now. For a reason we don't know." - womans voice persisted.Bookmark here

"You're a curious one, aren't you?"Bookmark here

"It's good to know who's among us" - the woman replied.Bookmark here

"Maybe it's a sensitive topic." - a squeeky voice could be heard - "Don't push him too much Yeretzy, it's his first day after all."Bookmark here

"I'm falsely accused. I'm innocent! I swear!" - Dante hissed.Bookmark here

"Falsely accused for what? You never said it." - continued Yeretzy.Bookmark here

"When I ran I took a turn and I shapeshifted into another person and I continued to walk normally. The mad guy lost me. But when I came across the next alleyway a person bumped into me. And I ended up accidentaly shapeshifting back. The Ronold guard that was chasing that guy saw me shapeshifting on the floor and nobody really trusts shapeshifters. They assumed that that guy was me. Later I found out that that guy had raped a pair of lingual siblings, a boy and a girl, they were underage as well. And now here I am."Bookmark here

"Wow! Nice story! Very nice!" - Yeretzys sarcasm could be spotted from miles away. - "Even more of a reason not to trust you. A rapist and a shapeshifter. Wonderful combination. The last thing I needed was to end up with a prison neighbour like you!".Bookmark here

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