Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

The Hoodlooms

"You'll never be able to trust anyone here completely. We're all locked up here in these prison cells for one reason or another. Or a misunderstanding. Who knows? Maybe he truly is innocent? Take me for an example. I was looking forward to seeing the greatest works Ronold had to present in the Lokker museum of art and culture. But they just assumed I was an immigrant from the underworld and decided to put me here." - the voice from Dante's opposite cell could be heard again. Dante looked in the direction of the cell when a silhouette emerged from the dark. The person had silver gray hair, black eyeballs and three pairs of hands.Bookmark here

"You're an arachnidae!" - Dante shouted - "But you only have two legs like me. Where are the other six spidery ones? Maybe I shouldn't have asked?"Bookmark here

"No. It's ok. They are still attached to my lower spine. I just hide them. Arachnidae's spider legs are always welcome on black market, you know?"Bookmark here

"But Ronold guard sure does discriminate. And they always talk how speciesism isn't present in the main city of Ronteprakt, yet here comes Ronold guard and puts a witch and an arachnidae in the Inferno without checking documentation. What would have happen if the two of you asked for a court hearing." - Yeretzy ranted.Bookmark here

"You trust them yet you don't trust me?" - Dante argued.Bookmark here

"Eli is just an artist looking for inspiration in every little thing and Lotte wouldn't hurt even a spider."Bookmark here

Eli looked at her.Bookmark here

"No pun intended."Bookmark here

"You take me too lightly, Yeretzy. I was a top student in the Department of herbal studies and christal connector and in the Department for offensive-defensive magic. I just don't intend to hurt living beings without a good reason. Everyone was born with a right to live!" - Lotte explained.Bookmark here

"I didn't come to prison to get a moral lesson on life from my cell neighbour." - Yeretzy teased.Bookmark here

"You have to admit that it's one of her virtues. And it's a breath of fresh air in a facility like this" - a deep calm voice could be heard.Bookmark here

"Well Zephyr, you finally decided to introduce yourself. Anyways these are all the people who'll keep you busy in here. And I gotta admit, minutes here feel like an eternity" - Yeretzy responded. "How should we call you?"Bookmark here

"Dante."Bookmark here

"What a nice name!" - Lotte beamed. -"My great great great grandfather was also named Dante! He was such an acknowledged witcher in his time!"Bookmark here

"How rude can people be!" - stern voice of a woman could be heard from Dante's cell and everyone fell silent.Bookmark here

"Hey Yeretzy... Just a second ago you said I met everyone..."Bookmark here

"Right..." - Yeretzy panicked - "I'm very much sure that these are all the people I met this week in prison... But the voice came from your cell..."Bookmark here

"There is a pile of bones in one corner and a bed in the other... You won't introduce me to a ghost this time, will you?" - Dante mumbled.Bookmark here

"No. I don't believe in ghosts either" - Yeretzy muttered.Bookmark here

"Don't act like your cell buddy isn't present right now. And don't talk about me behind your back!" - the voice continued.Bookmark here

"Are you a talking pile of bones?" - Dante asked.Bookmark here

"Yes! I very much am, Sherlock!"Bookmark here


The Hoodlooms

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