Chapter 0:

I promise it!

The Husband and Hero

Eri: “Zaro? Hey Zaro? Are you even listening?”

By the sound of a gentle voice, the rest of my surroundings begin to appear back around me. The sound of nearby traffic, people talking on the sidewalk, and the slight sound of radio static all come back into reality. I look down at my hands on the steering wheel; shit, I blacked out while driving again.

Eri: “Zaro!”

Zaro: “Ah! Sorry I got distracted!”

I glance over at my pouty wife Eri who is slightly leaning out of her car-seat looking over at me.

Eri: “Zaro, if you’re not feeling well, then I can drive. I know you’ve been up working hard these past few nights.”

Zaro: “No, it’s alright…I promise.”

Eri gives me a slight glance then sighs and lays her back down into her car-seat.

Life has been pretty hard for us but we’ve always been determined to make it! And finally, it’s starting to feel like we made it. I just got promoted in my current job. Eri just started her career as a Kindergarten teacher. We adopted a puppy together and moved into our own house. Life is pretty good.

And of course, having a wife that’s supporting is a cherry on top. If I had to describe Eri in one word, it would definitely be that she’s an angel. She’s always been the person to give me encouragement, to support my decisions and put me on the right path when I need it. I’ve always felt that she’s truly someone whose been sent down from heaven for me.

But you know the saying, God doesn’t let his angels stay away for too long.

Eri: “Zaro!”

Eri throws herself on top of me. It’s amazing…absolutely astonishing how within a matter of a minute, no a second can completely change your life. I open my eyes to the sound of an unfournate event.

Glass is shattered across the floor of the car and blood is painting the rest of the interior. I lift my head as much as I can; every inch of my body is filled with pain.

Eri is laying above me; her chest is pierced by shards of glass and her eyes that usually beam brightly now are a shade of dusty blue.

Zaro: “Eri..Eri!” I can’t help the tears that are bursting from my eyes. She’s gone.

I start to feel a coldness enter inside my chest. It begins to get colder and colder.

…ah, my life is ending.

As I lie there waiting for it to be over, I can only think, I wish I had been paying attention to the road. I wish I had paid attention to Eri…please, if someone or something is out there, let me meet her again in my next life.

And please in my next life…

My eyes begin to droop as my limps start to feel numb and the coldness settles in.

…let me be someone who can protect her. 

Haruka narumi
Joshua Lundquest
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