Chapter 1:

Chapter 1- Rewrite a New Life; Where's my Wife?

The Husband and Hero

Frostala, Capital City

A young man with ruffled black hair stretches and yawns as the sun rises over the city. He stands up and let’s out a groan and then begins to start his morning routines.

My name is Zaro Kuji and after a horrible car accident I died and was reincarnated as the Hero Devilynn in my wife’s favorite novel. The original story is actually pretty simple. The enemy Kingdom of Robal, which is inhabited by horrifying creatures that risk the harmony of human beings, call for war against the Kingdom of Frostala. The main Hero, Devilynn, and his team of three  command the rest of the Frostala forces and defeat the Robal Kingdom.

There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the general concept of the story. The war begins shortly after the hero turns 18 years old….

And lucky me, today is my 18th birthday!

I look up into the mirror and push my hair back and forth with my comb. No matter which angle or position it’s pointing, it looks like a mess.

Throughout these last 18 years as a reincarnation, I’ve been trying to find my wife Eri. When I first woke up, my immediate thought was that she must have also been reincarnated here. But, as of now, I haven’t been able to find her.

I’ve had so many questions run throughout my mind since then. What if she’s angry about what happened? What if she doesn’t even want to see me? Would she even remember me after so long?

I like to believe she’d still want to see me.

I put on a white button up then place the rest of my armor over it. The armor is a smooth marble color with hints of blue throughout the rest of it. The blue shades match the hero’s eyes.

???: “Devilynn, what’s taking so long? I know it’s your birthday but we can’t have you sleeping in all day.”

A very heavy voice makes it way through my room. It’s the voice of the first member of my team Crowriff Manchal. Crowriff is Frosatla’s expert tactic. His ability to fight is rather low, despite being quite well-built. Having him alongside in the original novel, was one of the reasons that the Kingdom of Frostala had an easy win.

Devilynn: “I’m coming, just give me a second!”

Crowriff: “I’m heading down to the dining hall now; you better hurry up before the stop serving.”

The sound of steel boots hitting the floor echoes through the halls loudly…then softly…until ultimately the noises fades.

I give myself one more glance in the mirror. In four days, the war will begin and depending on what I choose it will lead this Kingdom to victory or to terrible defeat. All I have to do is go off of the script and make adjustments so that I can get to that victory though…right?

I pick up my straw bag from the corner of my room and make my way into the hallway.


The sound of multiple conversations floods throughout the dining hall. Knights laughing, shouting, and eating loudly can be heard from every table. It’s not an ideal place to eat in the morning; it fact a pub would probably be better.

Crowriff: “Devilynn over here!”

I glance over to find Crowriff and another knight sitting beside him at a nearly empty table. The knight beside him is dressed in the same armor as I am; his silver hair falls down to his shoulders and his lofty eyes give off a sense of calmness. Aside from my character, he’s probably the handsomest character in the novel.

The knight holds up a hand and waves over to me.

???: “Mornin’ ”

This character is Sir Erebus, the second member of the hero’s team. He is a mysterious character who originally appears as a merchant in our kingdom. After he saves a young child from a group of bandits while visiting Frostala, the king places him within the knight squadron. Despite begin physically capable, he is a very outspoken character who doesn’t talk much. Within the novel, he is responsible for creating medicine and providing herbs for his team.

Erebus: “Happy birthday.”

The room falls silent. I turn around and all of the knights are now standing in position.


God, I hate birthdays. I cringe my eyes and look up at them. I let out a slight chuckle.

Devilynn: “Thanks everyone…now go enjoy your breakfast. We start training at 700.”

All Knights: “YES, SIR!”

As the knights depart back to their morning chit-chatter, I look over to my two teammates who are laughing quietly at my embarrassment. Resentment grows within me.

Devilynn: “Ha ha it was really funny, so funny that I think we should add two more rounds of workouts during training today.”

Both of them stop laughing and Crowriff’s face runs cold.

Erebus sticks out his tongue and sighs.

Erebus: “You’re no fun Devilynn.”

I give Erebus the best evil eye I can, but he is still unshaken by it. Switching the conversation, Crowriff excitingly begins talking.

Crowriff: “Oh Devilynn! Are you excited to see lady Fern today at the banquet?”

I do a gulp and try to put on a realistic smile.

Devilynn: “I sure am!”

I am not.

Lady Fern is the Princess of the Frosatla’s Kingdom and the Hero’s love interest in the original story. Unfournatly…

She’s just not my type.

And she’s totally not my wife.

Despite this, my character is still bound beside her throughout the story as she is the third and final member of the team. Even though she is the princess of the kingdom, she is considered one of the most powerful characters in the novel for her sword skills.

Erebus gives me a glance, sighs in relief, and then looks away quickly.

He’s someone I don’t think I’ll ever be able to figure out.


Several hours later within the day, it is time for the banquet.

As I stand outside of the banquet hall I can feel my heart racing. It’s the first time in the story that I will be introduced to the rest of the royal family and the moment where I will be given the position of commander.

I can’t help but be shaken up by all the attention I will recieve.

An imagine of Eri pops into my head. 

“Zaro, just begin yourself is more than enough. Impress them by being you.” Eri told me something similar during my first job interview.

I clench my fist together and lift my head up high. If Eri believed in me, then I can do anything. At least, that's what I'll keep telling myself. 

I open the palace doors and am immediately dazed.

The room is filled with extravagant linens decorating the walls, tables, and chairs. There are rows of tables filled with foods beyond my wallet’s imagination. People are dressed head to toe in elegant dress and tuxes.


I was right. This is not a place for me.

Quickly, I turn around and begin heading back into the corridor until a cheerful voice shouts out.

Fern: “Devilynn! You’re here!”

I close my eyes tightly and try to put all of my nerves away into my chest.  Letting out a big breathe, I turn around and give off a huge smile.

Devilynn: “Good evening, Lady Fern.”

Despite her petite structure and height, Fern is wearing a long pink A-line dress that hits the floor. Her normal ginger pixie cut hair, now has a braid in the side.

Fern stands there with a huge smile on her face. Her eyes are screaming for attention.

Devilynn: “You look lovely tonight.”

Fern lets out a sigh of relief and continues to smile brightly.

Fern: “And you look handsome yourself, Sir Devilynn.”

After being pressured into staying, I find that the night continues on in a fast pace. Throughout the night I meet the extension of the royal family and Fern continually tries throw flirty comments my way. Although I find her flirting to be forceful and somewhat unpleasant, it is distracting me from my anxiousness.

???: “Excuse me, everyone!”

I look up to find the King Harness standing up from his throne. His silver crown that is balancing on the top of his red-head send out a shining light across the room. He is holding a metal chalice in his hand full of Frostala's homemade wine.

King Harness: “Today I would like to commence the promotion of Sir Devilynn Lafair! After countless training and assisting with the security of the royal party-"

Finally, the moment has arrived. A huge sense of pride rains down over me. I begin taking a heavy step forward when another knight begins to dart through to the king.

Knight: “Your majesty! I have- “

King Harness: “We are in the middle of a promotion to your captain. Interrupting such an important moment will get you punished solider. Know your place.”

Knight: “But sir-“

King Harness and the rest of the kingdom royalty look over at the man who is shaking profusely. Despite what the king told him; he opens his mouth once again.

Knight: “The Kingdom of Robal has declared war on us!”

Gasps leave the group of nobles and royals within the room.

What is this?

King Harness begins to declare multiple announcements that makes it's way into the back of my mind.

The war isn’t supposed to begin so soon.

Fern, who in the original novel is not easily shaken by the news, looks crumpled. Her eyes are shaking and her voice has left her.

I  am suppose to still have four days left.

Every fear begins to run through my mind.

The story has changed- and I didn’t change it.