Chapter 2:

Trial begins

World trial

In a dark place with no light

A cracky voice as if it has not spoken for centuries came out saying


And a reply saying,

"Yes my lord " came from below.

Few days later:

Cherry blossoms covered the city with a great mood. Spring was in full bloom and it was the start of a new school year.

I Naoto Rei was a 2nd year high schooler who was the definition of genius .I was good looking,athletic and a top stufent.I lived with his adoptive parents .My parents seemed to have died when I was still young or so I parents told him .Even at the age of 9 when I was told that my parents are not my biological parents. I who was indifferent to everything accepted the fact quickly and behaved as always in front of his parents showing that I accepted them as my parents.

Although I was indifferent from most of the things whether I was confessed or was teased. I had someone I treasured it was Hanazawa Kei his girlfriend. She was a beautiful girl with long black hair with a face almost like it was from a painting and was stacked . She was also a genius herself and above all she comes from a one of the the richest families in the nation. She was a year older than him.

It was the first day of the school. I was walking to school with his girlfriend.

"How was your break at Kyoto?"

"Did you have a good time"I asked

"Same as always. Who would enjoy spending a vacation with money perverted geezers."

"Seems like you had a hard time"

As their conversation continued while walking to school. A muscle ripped arm grabbed on to me

"Good morninggg!!"


"It's you Hayama . Good morning" I greeted clicking my tounge in tone telling he was in the way.

Kei greeted him in the same manner.

"Your the mood killer couple as always"

"Try to treasure your only friend more or you'll end up lonely "

"You just an acquaintance"

"That's harsh. I've known you for a whole year"

It was Hayama Sora the absolute ace of the soccer club and an unrivaled athlete. The only one among the boys to hangout with Kei or Rei despite their awful personality.

The class went on as usual and it was their same routine as always. The had to stay back despite it being the first day because they were student council members. It was late in the evening while they were heading back. We witnessed a strange sight of a child wearing a rain coat on a perfectly dry day. We did not suspect anything and ignored it and returned home as usual.

"I'm home"

"Welcome back. How was school?"

"Same as usual"

"That so. Take a bath and get ready your dad will be home early we are having dinner out to celebrate his birthday."

"Got it"

My parents were not that rich but they provided almost everything I asked for.They probably wanted to be accepted be me as my parents. I who knew his family's financial condition asked accordingly. But for me they were good parents and had no complaints.

"I'll be in my room call me when dad comes"

Saying this I went to my  room and leaped on my bed head first and tuned my head 180 to face the roof . I opened his eyes only to find himself in a cube shaped room emitting blue light from it's edges there were no doors or pathways to enter or exit.

"Where am I!"

[I was in my room until a moment ago]

[It does not seem to be a prank .It would be impossible  to set it up in half a day .]

While thinking that the I touched the wall


A light burst out in the centre of the room and a voice in his head said


                                     TO BE CONTINUED