Chapter 3:

Qualification trial

World trial

The voice said


The voice had sort of an ancient or philosophical vibe to it

"candidate! what do you mean? "

"who are you? "

[I am the guide]

"guide? "

[The existence that will make you a god]

I thought (God! What nonsense  is he spouting.But seeing they are capable of kidnapping me easily. Then for the time being it is better not get on the bad side of this voice. But still what does he mean by make me god) 

[It is not nonsense. It is exactly what it means]

"You! How? "

[I am in your head I can read all your thoughts ]

I was startled but was quick to accept the fact. 

"What if I choose not to become one "

[You will be disposed off]


"so how do I become a god"

[I will explain it after the qualification trial ]

"Qualification trial! What do I need to do"

[First choose a weapon ]

A blue screen showing multiple weapons appeared out of thin air .It had many weapons such as long sword, daggers, shield, hammer. 

[You have chosen your weapon]

{Beginners long sword} The name of my weapon

The fact that i have no experience fighting with such weapons I decided to take a long sword which helps me keep my distance. Although it's a waste in case I end up in a trial which is in a small place. 

A door suddenly appeared in the room 

[If you pass through the door the trial begins. I wish you luck]

As I passed through the door.There was a bright light in front of me. I was in a room the same type as the previous room but of a bigger scale. 

[Trial begins. Survive till you are the only one alive in the room]

Everyone was surprised but it looks like no one was in the mood for a compromise or fighting as a group the people all started swinging their weapons without any order. 

Hammers,swords and blood were all across the place when someone from my right come running holding a dagger.


I swung my sword cutting him down. Although it was my first timer killing a person it did not turn out as hard as people make it out to be.

People constantly were killing one an other with a horrific expressions including me. At the start there were roughly 50 people now all I could see are 6 people of which two are fatally injured. Though I say they were roughly 50 people I lost the count on the number of people I killed. Who knows is this what they say a birth of a serial killer

 I barely managed to kill 1 of who was still standing the 2 injured seem to have been killed and to other 2 people  1 seems to have been killed and the other approached me dropping his weapon while  slightly being  injured. 

He was a middle aged man who approached me to finally be killed by me. 

He lived his life only to see the final scene of his life where a young boy who was tall, had a model like face, Black hair and beautiful skin and was wearing  casual white shirt covered with blood. 

He died having to look at a son who was killing his own father.