Chapter 2:


If the Sun not Rising

The next day, March 3, when 3 Sumida M.2593 vehicles and Recon regiment were
about to cross Leuwiliang area, they finally stopped after 34 Km. when they saw the allies had blown the bridge up.

As Taise and the recon regiment were about to cross the river, the Australian
infantry’s Lewis machine gun and PIAT anti-tank fired them upon.

Recon regiment, which was not in a favorable condition, falls. The three Sumida
M.2593 were all destroyed.

“Fall back! Fall back!”

Taise saw it was impossible for the recon regiment to attack.

“Infantry attack!”

Reconnaissance Regiment Commander Noguchi Kin’ichi put 2 companies of infantry forward followed by 2 companies in reserve to counter the allied attack.

But again the Imperial Japanese Army failed to cross river because American artillery started firing.

Commander Kin’ichi, seeing the situation getting worse, request for mortar and
artillery attacks.

The sun is about to set and so are Taise and recon regiment’s hopes.

Twilight was seen. They had lost their morale to continue fighting, but like the rising sun, hope rose again when the 16th infantry regiment and Major General Yumio
Nasu arrived.

“Order all commanders to withdraw all their troops!”

He ordered all regiments to withdraw.

The Allies cheered in victory as the Imperial Japanese Army retreated.

A meeting was held In the evening which was chaired by General Nasu.

“What is our situation?”

Then each regimental commander gave each other their reports.

After that, they arranged the next attack plan.

“Nasu Taishō, allow me to lead Recon Regiment across river, so that infantry
regiment can prepare to attack.”

Hearing about Commander Kin’ichi’s plan, Taise disagreed.

“Commander Kin’ichi, state of our recon regiment is currently injured, and it is
tremendously difficult to attack.”

“Where is your dignity? That is our duty as recon soldiers.”

Taise clenched his fists, holding back anger that was almost overflowing.

Even though we are fellow recon commanders, but we have different opinions.

“Be quiet! Commander Taise is right, recon regiment has gone through too much
hardship from the first time they landed.”

General Nasu folded his arms in preparation to give orders.

“The ones to cross river are infantry battalions, with a support attack from artillery
and a reserve infantry battalion.”

“Taishō, Please reconsider.”

“My decision is made, Operation started!”

“Roger that.”

Commanders saluted and quickly rush back to the chain of command to preparing
attack strategy.

Throughout the night, Nasu Detachment was deployed to cross the river. Because of rain yesterday, river current became swift. Infantry Regiment had difficulty crossing
the river.

Sun revealed itself. Only two companies had passed, namely the 9th infantry
company and the 11th infantry company. Truck lights made Allies notice the
movement of Nasu Detachment, which was moving.

Shootout was unavoidable, 9th company and 11th company immediately took a
defensive position while 10th company was crossing the river with artillery cannon.

Arisaka’s rifles fired back at Lee–Enfield’s rifles, Nambu’s sub-machine guns fired
back at Owen’s sub-machine guns.

Casualties on both sides were countless.

10th company that had just finished crossing river prepared artillery.

Artillery-assist attack made room for infantry to attack, but allied artillery still needed to be stopped.

9th company commander was rally everyone he could to break through enemy

Company 9 break through Bullet storm that whizzed past from the front and rear.

A close-quarters battle ensued, infantry thrusting their bayonets.

These efforts resulted fall of 9th company and their valiant commander.

Finally, allies withdrew to coincide with twilight.