Chapter 0:

Chapter 0: Alone in the Cosmos

Can You Hear My Heart Beat?

"Where am I?"

"What did you do to me?!"

"Why is no one answering?!?"

His eyes opened but all he could see was a bright flash of light. He then felt something he has not felt in a very long time. This feeling of warmth coursed through his very bones, warming his soul that he thought was once lost.

At peace until the warmth became too much to bear. A scorching feeling of pain shot through his limbs as if he were being ripped apart. In too much pain to scream he merely waited for it all to end and for the sweet relief. Hours seemed to pass until after losing count he felt...nothing. Just a void.

Our story begins out in this cold and empty void. Humanity has long since abandoned their home and traveled to the stars in search of new resources. A cold and harsh struggle for survival against emptiness. In this barren void would someone ever be able to find love?

Joe Gold