Chapter 2:

The Blurry Truth

I Ended Up in Purgatory, It Sucked, So I Got My Neighbor To Help Save My Sister From Ending up Here

Itsuko had been falling quickly for a few seconds but then her body slowed down. Itsuko attempted to slowly open her eyes. She saw nothing but white all around her at first. but then the white began vanishing as though it were a mist, revealing blurry people moving around. Itsuko began hearing muffled voices, familiar voices.

“LIA, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?? Itsuko’s my little sister, your friend. HOW COULD YOU??”

“Chi-Chihiro . . .” Itsuko whispered. “Why is she mad at Lia? They were best friends. What did Lia do to me?” At this point, Itsuko was shaking and tearing up. She began to slowly back away from these blurred figures and voices.

“Chihiro, this could help so many people.” a second voice begged.

“S-save people?” Itsuko said.


“Chihiro don’t make this any h-harder” a third voice said. Itsuko’s face took a more exasperated appearance as more tears streamed down her silver eyes.

“M-Mom, what’s going on, can you please tell me, why are you crying?” Itsuko responded. Just then, Itsuko could feel two hands slide under her under arms and Itsuko slowly felt her body float up and away from the blurred figures. Itsuko attempted to twist and yank her body away from the hands carrying her away. Panicked sounds escaped her lips as she extended her arms to the blurred figures.

“No, please let me go! I need to talk to them! I need answers! Let me see them again!” Itsuko protested. Meanwhile, Chihiro’s screams blurred as Itsuko became able to hear several new voices but couldn’t make out what they said. The unknown voices layered one on top of the other as the arms pulling Itsuko increased the speed at which they carried her away. Itsuko looked in all directions, a panicked expression on her face. Her breaths came out as quick, hollow huffs. With all of her might, Itsuko yanked both of her arms away from the hands holding her while pushing her body as forward as she could using her arms and legs. Itsuko screamed as she fell in the direction she was pulled from.

When she got back, she only saw one blurred figure who looked different from the ones she saw before. Before Itsuko could get a good look at the figure, the arms that were carrying her before extended down to her, pinning her face up to the ground. One hand was used to keep Itsuko in this position while another hand had a silver orb of metallic looking energy gathered. The hand slowly approached Itusko’s face, Itsuko shook, her face a mix of fear and anger. She angled her head towards the new blurred figure.

“Please, tell me what happened.” Itsuko begged.

“I wish I could have thanked the person who allowed me to breathe again!” it said.

“H-huh?” Itsuko mouthed.

Everything went black.  

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