Chapter 5:

Trial 1(1.5): Task

World trial

[The 1st trial will now commence] 

The blue screen's colour changed into red. The text on it changed to some sort of game quest information screen

[Trial 1 {Group K5}

Objective: Survive till only three groups are left in area K

Area K: Kanto region

Conditions:Eliminate atleast one member from an opposing group.

2)Showcase your existence as a god candidate to the world in a dangerous way without revealing your identity.

3)Earn mentor approval

Rewards:Level up twice

2)5 Mana amplifier ring

3) Access to trial 2

Failure:Death.      ]

[Groups remaining in Area K: 129/130

Time left: 19d 23h  ]

Meanwhile in an unknown location

In a silent corridor of a prison where footsteps could be heard loudly .There were prison bars on the sides of the corridor. Footsteps slowly approaching towards one of the prison cell.



The cell was opened.

"Hey get your ass up"

"Get up"


"I have visitors after long has it been a million years or more than that"

"You bastard stop mumbling and get up"

"You are going to be mentoring a group this time"

"Me! mentoring a group " 

"Seems like you have grown impatient"

"haven't you 'GOD'  "

                                   TO BE CONTINUED

World trial