Chapter 5:

Trial 1(1.5): Task

World trial

[The 1st trial will now commence] Bookmark here

The blue screen's colour changed into red. The text on it changed to some sort of game quest information screenBookmark here

[Trial 1 {Group K5}Bookmark here

Objective: Survive till only three groups are left in area KBookmark here

Area K: Kanto regionBookmark here

Conditions:Eliminate atleast one member from an opposing group.Bookmark here

2)Showcase your existence as a god candidate to the world in a dangerous way without revealing your identity.Bookmark here

3)Earn mentor approvalBookmark here

Rewards:Level up twiceBookmark here

2)5 Mana amplifier ringBookmark here

3) Access to trial 2Bookmark here

Failure:Death.      ]Bookmark here

[Groups remaining in Area K: 129/130Bookmark here

Time left: 19d 23h  ]Bookmark here

Meanwhile in an unknown locationBookmark here

In a silent corridor of a prison where footsteps could be heard loudly .There were prison bars on the sides of the corridor. Footsteps slowly approaching towards one of the prison cell.Bookmark here

*Bang*Bang*Bookmark here

*Screeech*Bookmark here

The cell was opened.Bookmark here

"Hey get your ass up"Bookmark here

"Get up"Bookmark here

"Oh!"Bookmark here

"I have visitors after long has it been a million years or more than that"Bookmark here

"You bastard stop mumbling and get up"Bookmark here

"You are going to be mentoring a group this time"Bookmark here

"Me! mentoring a group " Bookmark here

"Seems like you have grown impatient"Bookmark here

"haven't you 'GOD'  "Bookmark here

                                   TO BE CONTINUEDBookmark here

World trial

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