Chapter 4:

Trial 1: The Gathering

World trial

*ding*Bookmark here

[Trial has ended]Bookmark here

[You have passed the trial] Bookmark here

[Your level has risen from 0 to 1]Bookmark here

It ended I closed my eyes for a moment and the next moment I opened and found myself back in the roomBookmark here

"was it just a dream. It's still the same time"Bookmark here

"no way it was to vivid "Bookmark here

"Rei.... "Bookmark here

"Your.. Dad..... "Bookmark here

A loud shocked voice slowly going mute came from downstairs. I went downstairs only to find my mother sitting shocked as if she had seen a ghost in the drawing room with the phone on the table still connected to the call. Bookmark here

"What happened? "Bookmark here

"What happened mom? "Bookmark here

In a shocked and depressed voice my mom saidBookmark here

"I got a call from the police station!"Bookmark here

"Your dad.... dad..... dad died in an accident "Bookmark here

"An accident!! "Bookmark here

I shouted in a surprised voice although I wasn't  shocked since I myself killed him. It was surprising to hear that he died in an accident. Bookmark here

"a car hit your father while he was walking back even the driver died"Bookmark here

I slowly calmed my mother while not showing any signs ťowards suspension. I acted like a responsible son from some soap opera who when hears the news of his dad's death takes care of his family. Bookmark here

Few days passed my father's funeral was held. My mother had a hard time facing reality. I took leave from school to help my mother who was emotionally unstable, my relatives, and the insurance companies .Our family mainly consisted of me, my dad and mom. Kei who knew me from childhood was almost like an own daughter to my family. She also helped me and my mom during this time. Bookmark here

There was no information  about the trial as if it never existed .I started school again and one month passed without any events. Bookmark here

Until one-day when I went to sleep Bookmark here

*ding*Bookmark here

[The gathering will now commence]Bookmark here

[We have now arrived at the subspace for group T5]Bookmark here

I opened my eyes. There was a round table in front of me and four chairs other than mine. All the chairs had a person seated on it .The people on the chair was not visible and appeared black though you could make out there was a person sitting there. The table was red table grandly decorated with golden lining.Bookmark here

A cylindrical blue screen same as the one in the cube room from the qualification appeared. There were 5 columns with content in each which read as.. Bookmark here

[Group T5 member list]Bookmark here

[Naoto Rei  power: DARKNESS MANIPULATION]Bookmark here

[Kugimiya Ryuuske power:TRANSFORMATION]  Bookmark here

[Yamato Rin power:ALCHEMY]Bookmark here

[takahashi yuuichi power:HARDENED SKIN] Bookmark here

[Hanazawa Kei power:NECROMANCY]Bookmark here

The black shadow upon the people on the chair was lifted and the person right opposite to me was a girl with long black hair like silk, Snow White skin, gave of an overwhelming aura was none other than my girlfriend Kei.Bookmark here

"Kei ,what are you doing here"I asked in a surprised manner. Bookmark here

"Rei, you are here too",she replied in a shocked tone. Bookmark here

"Don't tell me even.... "Bookmark here

"Man my ears and my eyes are bleeding looking at you people "Bookmark here

The person who said that was Yamato Run. She was dressed like a gyaru,had her hair dyed pink and yellow, was tanned and had unbuttoned her top 2 buttons. Bookmark here

"Man I was in middle of playing a game"Bookmark here

"Tchh, It was a rush hour in the cafe "Bookmark here

Other voices started pouring in. Just when  the 'Voice' saidBookmark here

[The 1st trial will now commence ]Bookmark here

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