Chapter 1:

The Beginning

World Of Assassins

David is a highschool dropout who loves playing PvP online games

One day he went to an old game store he never seen before in the town. He enters the store and no one is there the place is emptyBookmark here

Everysingle games that in the store was covered in dust except for one game Called "World Of Assassins"Bookmark here

That Game Attracted Dave's Attention He Went Near it and picked it upBookmark here

"So you like this game" a old man said. Dave was Freaked Out.Bookmark here

"Damn! Who are you? you freaked me out" David said with a Gloomy face.Bookmark here

"Haha im the store keeper, no one visited the shop for a longtime. Thats why i thought no one will enter the i slept" old man said with a creepy look in his face.Bookmark here

David Was Confused he lived in this town since he born but still he didn't saw this shop up until now. Yet the store was this old. He thinks deeplyBookmark here

"Nah since this store is so old maybe it didn't caught my eyes"Bookmark here

Old man starts to speak "If you want that game i'll give you the game for free! but you have to return the game after you finish it, is that okay with you?"Bookmark here

David was so happy that he can now have this game for free so David agreed to it and went to home for Try out his new game.Bookmark here

after he insert the CD a dark themed screen appeared and said Bookmark here

"Rule is simple kill or get killed, If you agree to the rule you can play this game"Bookmark here

David didn't know what awaits him if we agree to this. without any clue David Agreed to the rule just by thinking its just a normal Game but it's not.Bookmark here

Suddenly David went blackout and the next think he knew was he is in a different apartment. Ruined and dirty apartment. he looked around he was clueless.Bookmark here

"What is this place? Why am i here?"Bookmark here

He rushes into the doors direction and he suddenly hears a gun firing soundBookmark here

He Trembles in fear without any idea. he opens the door slowly and gets out from the apartment he was completely shocked to see this world. Bookmark here

"Wait! what? what happened to the world why am i in here?"Bookmark here

Its like a modern world with blood. there is almost 20 dead bodies out there. cops shot them out. its raining heavily the blood of that people mixed in the rain and it seemed like a blood river.Bookmark here

A cop comes near me with a gun and asked meBookmark here

"Are you one of them? who are you?"Bookmark here

I don't know what to say i'm trembling in fear. this gun is pointing a gun in front of me. what to say? am i going to die?Bookmark here

"Stop it Lyon, you're scaring the kid"Bookmark here

Finally a guy who understands the situation.Bookmark here

"Who are you kid i never seen you before? are you new to the city?" That Guy Asked Me.Bookmark here

"Tsch! He Is One Of Them Silva. we must kill him before it's too late"Bookmark here

Wait No damn this Lyon Guy is crazy what am i going to do?Bookmark here

"Calm down Lyon he is not one of them now go on and get the backup team" Bookmark here

"Ahh! Whatever"Bookmark here

This Silva guy took me alone and saidBookmark here

"My name is silva. Nice To Meet You... What's Your Name?"Bookmark here

"My name is David. what's going on here! where am i?"Bookmark here

"Calm down now. lets get back to my home. I'll fill you in there"

And We Left That Place and went to Silva's homeBookmark here

"now tell me what's going on here? where am i?"Bookmark here

"Sigh... we are in a game called WORLD OF ASSASSINS. I Entered the game 1 Year ago but i don't no how to get back to our normal world"Bookmark here

"Wait Game? are you kidding me? What the heck is going on here"...
Bookmark here

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