Chapter 2:

On My Way To A Guild

World Of Assassins

"Yes you are currently living inside a game, But this is not like a virtual reality game or something this is a serious one" while saying this i can see despair in silva's eyes.

"What do you mean a serious one?"

"Unlike other games if you die you can't respawn or go back to your normal selves, If you die here you'll vanish from both worlds"

"Wait What?"

"You accept the rule didn't you? KILL OR GET KILLED. that's why you're inside the game right now!"

"wait! how did you get inside of this gam? i mean how did you get this game in the first place?"

"One day an old game store appeared in my town out of nowhere. it got my attention so i got inside. there was a weird looking old man in the store. he gave me this game for free"

"wait that's how i got this game too!"

"Yeah i know! i met so many players ever since i got into this game. everysingle person i met said the same thing"

"That's crazy  how can it happen to everyone of them?"

"No clue... However here me out. in this game we are the ASSASSINS and the one you met was a NPC(Non Player Character)"

"NPC? but he seemed real?"

"like i said before this game is no much different from our world. you can taste, smell, feel... etc."

"How did you know i'm player not an npc?"

"Its simple try and look me in the eye"

After looking into silva's eye an profile stats appeared like a hologram and showed me his health bar, kill count, experience level and so one just like a game.

"You are a player then why are you with an npc? and why didn't they kill you like they did back then?"

'It's simple! my perk is called DOUBLE AGENT. I can turn into a HUNTER. and that's how they can't detect me as assassin."

"Hunter? so the NPCs who kills Assassins are called hunters huh"

"So you are not dumb as you look"

"huh are you picking a Fight?"

"Haha just kidding"

Since i love games. i played so many RPGs(Role Playing Games). this game i just like those games. so i can understand the circumstances. But if you die in this real world you die thing is bothering me.

"Hey! how can i pick my perk?"

"It's simple! just look at your palm and close your palm for 3 seconds and open it"

After doing it. A hologram appeared just like the time when i looked into silva's eyes. but this time it's mine and i can change it.

"You said since you have the double agent perk they consider you as one of them right? but i don't have one but how didn't they notice it?"

"Your experience has to be in level ten for you to become an full fledged assassin until then they won't find you"

"I see. let me check my perks first"

In World Of Assassins You have so many perks 
1.Double Agent
3.Gunslinger. and so on but i didn't even look at the other perks because ninja caught my eyes.

Ninja perk's ability is your footsteps cant be heard for certain amount my time and you can sneak into places without hearing. most importantly if you pick this perk. ninja skills will be automatically inserted into your brain.

" im picking NINJA and what about the this GUILD thing? so you can also join in a guild?"

"oh yeah i forgot to ask. you can join our guild if you want to. We are DARK KNIGHTS. Our guild level is eight. max level is ten. so if you like to join one you can join ours."

"Yeah sure. after all you helped me so yeah"

"wow that's fast"

"First i have to pick a name my name bar is empty"

"Yeah pick your name wisely because you can't change them again"

"Since the guild name is knight.... Yeah That's It I Got It"

Since the guild name is KNIGHT Iam KNIGHT.........LORD. 

World Of Assassins