Chapter 8:

Volume 1: Chapter 1: We Met at High School - Fin


It was late at night when Alicia woke up. The curtains were pulled back from the window on her left, allowing moonlight to spill into the room. Soft yet firm, the mattress underneath her back conformed to her body, leaving her more comfortable than she’d been in years.Bookmark here

Jacob had given her the bed, stating that he would take a fuuton. She had tried to argue with him. He was letting her into his home. It didn’t feel right to take his bed away, but he had been adamant.Bookmark here

“You’re on the run, under attack, and you lost your home. What kind of person would I be if I forced you to sleep on the floor? Besides, I’m used to it.”Bookmark here

His words had made her give up. However, they also illuminated something to her, a piece of to the puzzle known as Jacob that she didn’t think he had intended. Judging from the way he’d spoken, from his tone, Alicia inferred that he had, at one point in his life, been forced to sleep on the ground. The fact that he’d fallen asleep seconds after crawling into his fuuton highlighted this fact to her.Bookmark here

Sitting up in bed, she glanced down at the lump lying inside of the fuuton. Jacob was fast asleep. She could barely make out the steady rise and fall of his shoulders as he lay on his side.Bookmark here

It pained her to admit it, but she felt wary in his presence; the hairs on her neck stood on end just being next to him. She didn’t know why this was. He wasn’t human, that much she knew, but why did she feel so skittish around him?Bookmark here

She’d done her best not to let it show despite this. He’d been nothing but kind since she’d woken up, offering her a shower, food, and a place to stay. While he had said that he’d just done what anyone would have in his position, she knew better. Most people would have turned the other cheek the moment they saw her being attacked by demons. That was, after all, how everyone else she’d met in a similar manner reacted.Bookmark here

While humans were capable of great kindness, very few could comprehend her situation, much less be willing to help her. Alicia didn’t know if she could blame them. Even if they wanted to help her, which most didn’t, there were very few who actually possessed the power needed to help. Most humans were powerless.Bookmark here

Lying back down, Alicia closed her eyes. Her breathing slowed. One last thought occurred to her as she let the sandman reclaim her consciousness.Bookmark here

'Jacob Ravensworth… who are you?'Bookmark here

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