Chapter 0:


I Was Tasked With Defeating The Demon Lord, But For Some Reason, She Is Now My Girlfriend!?

Run!Bookmark here

That was the only thing I could think at that moment. Bookmark here

But no matter how much I forced myself forward, it felt completely useless.Bookmark here

My entire body felt as if it was going to fall apart with each pound of my feet against the stone floor. My lungs burned with each breath I struggled to take.Bookmark here

No matter how many doors I crashed through, I couldn’t find any resemblance of an escape from this literal hellhole.Bookmark here

I briefly looked over my shoulder and stared deep into my death approaching fast on my heels.Bookmark here

In a desperate attempt to live even a second longer, I strained my body beyond its limit and sped up further.Bookmark here

But that was all in vain, as somehow I found myself airborne. I had stumbled over something. Whether it was a loose stone or my own feet didn’t matter now, as I came crashing to the ground in the least graceful way I ever have in my life.Bookmark here

“Hahahaha!”Bookmark here

That laugh sounded too close for me to wallow in self pity. I sputtered to get to my feet, but instead, I just clawed my way forward in a crawl.Bookmark here

Wham!Bookmark here

I wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of me and crashed face first into a wall. I fell to my back and looked for an exit, but no luck.Bookmark here

“Dead end! Hahahaha!”Bookmark here

Though all of the fire before me, my blood flowed like ice in my veins. Standing before me was a literal reaper cloaked in crimson red.Bookmark here

Raising a hand engulfed in flames towards me, she spoke with a boastful power behind it.Bookmark here

“Prepare for perpetual torture for your crimes against me.”Bookmark here

Out of desperation, I raised my arms up to cover my face. I regret even thinking I could survive just being here, let alone slaying this beast.Bookmark here

I just want to go back...Bookmark here

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