Chapter 1:


Cursed Reality

*police vehicle sounds*

"This way sir" said the man as he directed the police officers to the dead body of 15 year old Haku Himejima.

Haku was a student of Inazawa High School. He was bright academically and had a great demeanour. He was well-liked by both the students and the teachers.He lived on the fourth floor of an apartment complex with his grandmother. Nobody expected his suicide.

"were the people at his home informed?" asked the police officer, "No" said the man.

[Himejima residence]

The 2 police officers were greeted by Haku's grandmother.

grandma : any problem officer?

police man 1 : can we come in and talk inside?

*both men walk in*

"Are you Haku's grandmother?"

"yes, did he do something?"

"Did he ever show signs of him being depressed? Was he bullied? How was he like at home?"

"I dont understand, why are you asking me this?"

"He commited suicide a few minutes back. I'm sorry."

tears roll down her eyes as she held the sweater she was knitting for Haku.

"mind if we take a look inside his room?" asked the police officer.

She never spoke and just pointed her finger to his room.

<conversation b/w the police officers>

"looks like an average students' room doesn't it?"


"found anything useful related to his suicide?"


One of the police officers looked outside the room to check on his grandmother, only to see her standing on the ledge of her balcony, looking like she wanted to jump. The officer rushed to stop her but he was too late.

"CALL THE AMBULANCE!" shouted the officer.

When the police officers ran down to check on the grandmother they were mortified. She was still alive, the bones of her legs had pierced through the tender skin of her knee. As she laid there in a pool of blood the police officers waited for the ambulance to arrive. 

The ambulance arrives and the grandmother is taken away. 

<conversation b/w the officers>

"Do you think she did that to escape the curse?"

"Yea, poor soul. She tried to take the easy way out"

"Easy way out was probably the worst way out"

Sujin 崇神
Joe Gold