Chapter 2:


Cursed Reality


"Akio, your turn now, stand up"

Akio attended Inazawa High School. 

He was in class 10 at the time. 

He had no remarkable achievements to his name.

In his academics, he was average. 

He was just like any other high school student.

"Tell me the SI unit of linear momentum"

"I'm not too sure, sir"

"Did you study for the test?"

"I did not. I'm sorry" said akio as he looked down on his table unable to make eye contact with the teacher.

"The answer is Kg meter per second , sit down, write all the 48 questions I asked you to study twice and show it to me tomorrow"

Akio sat down quietly

*bell rings*

*everyone starts walking out*


"why did you not study for the test, Akio you dumbass "

"I forgot alright, Leave me alone Asahi"

All of Akio's friend group starts laughing whilst mocking him about the incident.

Akio was introverted and has been hanging out with his 4 friends Fumihiro, Asahi, Hisao and Kei since his childhood. He never tried making any new friends.

"I hate you guys!! " said Akio

As Akio parted ways from the rest of the group, kei muttered, "Good luck writing the assignment jackass."


"Oh its raining"

"ughhh my shoes are dirty, shouldn't have come this way" Akio says to himself.

Akio arrives home and continues with his day. He doesn't finish the assignment in the evening, so he sets an alarm to get up and finish it the next morning, and then he eventually falls asleep.

"huh, I'm in school?" said Akio to himself.

"I can touch and feel everything I can control my movements too. Am I lucid dreaming?!!"

"Akio, your turn now, stand up"......


Cursed Reality