Chapter 1:

And it was just a normal day

Love me

As usual I wake up feeling like leech sucking up resources and leaving scars around me cause I haven't learnt the meaning of being alive. It is just a normal day. Another day where I vigorously try to make sense of this world only for my hopes to be shredded like my emotions. I have always wondered where did Lizbeth Utsumi go. I have ceased to a slave of society and conformity, achieving the highest mark, labelled as a straight A student. "Surely she must be ENTJ" but I am INFJ. I am officially 19 today yet throughout these 19 years I was sure that I am just going to join my parents and all my ancestors in the soil forgotten over time. 

I stare into the screen of my laptop at 2%, as I have been for the past 30minutes getting sucked into the blank screen as I don't know how long I can hold onto living like someone else. I don't want to go out. Someone just allow me to talk to myself in peac-


New Mail 
Sender: Unknown
Recipient: Lizbeth Utsumi
Have you forgotten me? (Hint: Lemon sherbet)
Happy Birthday !! I wish I could see you one more time. Btw I left you a gift, it is up to you to find me tho.
From an angel, always watching <3

And it was just an ordinary day. I might have been stalked.

Joe Gold
Syed Al Wasee

Love me