Chapter 3:

The Moon Power

Sun Buster:The Under king

Xander told them that they should introduce themselves. A short woman stood up and told them her name is Hina, she's from continent 6. Following her is a carefree man, my name is Pax, I'm from continent 8,he said. The next man, a person of average size stood up and said, my name is Falcon, nice to meet you. Next a woman stood up and said, I'm Rosa, I'm from continent 2, nice to meet you and this foolish looking man is Man-Son. He retorted 'HEY' then he stood up and told them that his name is Manson not Man-Son Bookmark here

  Next a woman with red hair stood up and told them her name 'Sara'. A laid back person asked Sara to introduce him but she smacked him on the head telling him to introduce himself. He raised his hand and told them, the name's Karasma, nice to meet you. Bookmark here

   Dentist responded, well even through the mock transponder you sounded lazy. I'm not surprised. Dentist inhaled deeply and ask who decorated the rooms. Hina answered, Yes, I'm the one. He put his hands on his head and asked her, so you're a magician, i had no idea magicians can do something like this, great. Bookmark here

   She giggled and told him not to kid himself. She uttered, of course i used my Moon power to do all this, though it drained my stamina a bit. Dentist looked confused and repeated, Moon- what. She asked whether he never heard of it. Of course i never heard of it, what's that ?he replied.Bookmark here

   She started explaining, Moon Power is a power which people who are compatible are able to get from the moon. As long as you are compatible, you can choose what type of power you want, you imagine it. Even if you are not able to get exactly what you want, you will at least get something similar. But greater power comes with greater risk, so it's better you choose something you can handle. By the way, my Moon power is creation, i can create most non-living things as long as i have the stamina. Bookmark here

   Dentist ask her, how do you activate it? She told him that, when you get the Moon power for the first time, if you are compatible, the little moon portion you summoned, a little bit will remain in your body as a proof of being compatible. Dentist told her that so far it sounds easy, but there must be a catch, right? She replied, if you are compatible but your will is not strong enough, your body turns into stone. Bookmark here

   Xander, Timothy, Dentist and Hina both sat down. Manson asked Xander if there's any progress. Xander replied, first of all, one-third of our budget is gone. All of them didn't say a word. He continued, but we got the Traitor in return. All of them were surprised that they got the legendary gun excluding Timothy, Xander and Dentist. Bookmark here

    Dentist started by saying, as all of you know, next week Monday is the day of the Harvest. The harvest is the day that people from continent 7-12 are forced to bring 60 percent of the total farm products they harvest in every 4 years. If anyone refuses to cooperate, he will be a slave in the upper continent for 2 years and if he repeats it again, he/she will be sent to the Triangular Prison, the greatest prison in the world located near the Heavenly realm. Bookmark here

   Pax asked Dentist what will be their mission during the harvest, calling him leader, they all nodded in agreement. Dentist rest his hands on the table and started talking, we will get the pass of all 12 continents, i know it's next to impossible but that will be our mission. Timothy ask him why they will need the pass for all 12 continents. Falcon comments, for infiltration purpose right? Dentist pointed his finger and said bingo. Bookmark here

   When infiltrating big organizations, we are going to need the intercontinental pass since we're not assigned by their fellow organizations. For instance, when infiltrating a national security organization. Hina comments, as expected from Dentist, you're even more amazing in person, so what are we going to do? Bookmark here

  We will discuss a plan tomorrow, then everyone will be assigned a mission. By the way, i haven't seen 'him'. Falcon asked Dentist, who do you mean? He said Criminal. They all started looking at each other to see whether one of them knows. They all stared at Xander. Xander closed his eyes and told them that he was caught trying to leave the continent illegally without a pass. So they tried to restrain him but he singlehandedly defeated the whole troops of soldiers and was later subjugated by the 3 musketeers of continents 1.Bookmark here

   I heard that he was later sent to Triangular prison. What to do now Dentist, are we one day going to save him? You bet, Dentist shouted. He's one of us, of course we are going to save him and soon. Bookmark here

   Also Dentist, why are you called Dentist when your real name is Cloudy, Timothy ask. Everybody chorused, 'yeah why'. Bookmark here

Dentist rub his head and said in my hometown about 3 years ago, the son of one noble had a cavity,so they called a dentist. As he was nearing the house, i knocked him out gently and laid him near a tree. I impersonated him and went to the house. Bookmark here

  The noble brought the boy and showed me the cavity. I ask the boy to lay down on a bench and opened his mouth. The cavity was the third molar, the most inner tooth. So, to do my job, i removed his canine, bicuspids and 2 molars to get space so that i can remove the last one with the cavity. Bookmark here

   In the end i couldn't put back the teeth i removed to get space. So i tried to make a run for it but the noble ordered guards to chase me but i managed to get away. There you have it. Bookmark here

  They all started laughing and calling him stupid. But Xander added that 'did you guys know that he almost got sold at the auction house, he was kidnapped' . Manson fell down his chair because of how hard he's laughing. Rosa said 'then you were brought to this continent on pure luck'. Dentist said 'i think we should call it a day,I'm going sightseeing'.Xander and Timothy told him to wait for them. Bookmark here

     They went inside the town but people are clearly looking down on Dentist because of his hair color. It shows that he's from the lower continents. Timothy told him not to let it get to him. He told her that that's just how the world works, there's no helping it,but soon enough all that will change. Bookmark here

   He asked Xander why the harvest is held in the continent of freedom. Xander replied 'because this is the continent of freedom and they volunteered themselves since ancient times. If you think carefully they make a lot of profit besides they get 2 additional percentage from the harvest. And because of this harvest many people are given the opportunity to own a pass for continent 2 which cost 300,000 Nix each'. Bookmark here

   Well they are the center of all kinds of business in the world, Timothy comments. There's preparation going on all over the country, Xander said nonchalantly. Bookmark here

   As they were walking, a drunk man came spouting nonsense, saying to Timothy, hey beautiful lady,you look wonderful with your boyfriend but why are you hanging around with this lesser human from the lower continents. Pointing his finger at Dentist. Xander slapped the drunk man so hard that all his teeth fell down. Bookmark here

   Dentist giggled and comment, well he did have bad teeth, so he got that coming. Timothy told them that they should head back to the base before they create another scene. They returned back to the base. Dentist asked Hina to come out with him for a minute. Bookmark here

   They went out, he then ask her how to get the Moon power. She told him that it can only be done when there's a full moon and today the moon is only half. You'll have to wait, but when the time comes i will talk to you, she stated. Bookmark here

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