Chapter 0:


Blood Throne

In this 21st century, science and technology are the belief of humans, there is no place for religion, mythology, vampires, werewolves, reptilians.I still did not know, if it was a blessing or a curse to be born at this time, in this place, Moldova 🇲🇩, a country that most people do not know exists, if you ask them where it is, they would answer if that exists.

But here he was, almost 18 years old, sitting at an ordinary desk, in an ordinary classroom, in an ordinary school.

His short blond hair, so shiny that the light reflected off it gave an almost sacred impression, a smooth white skin compared to milk; an appearance that stood out in the ordinary classroom.

He finished classes, and together with his faithful friend, they walked home like any other student.

The girls who walked nearby stared at him with shy faces and giggles could be heard from them, that was common.

"I am hungry"

He told his friend. 

Being hungry after school is normal for any student.

What was not ordinary was the kind of hunger he had.Thus both friends arrived at the nothing ordinary house.

The castle of the decaying place where they lived.

They entered, and as usual, everything was dark. It would be a few hours before a “normal” day begins in this house. After all, adult vampires only lived at night.


Hello, hope you like it, my synopsis is no good, I plan to change it later, but right now I don't know how to avoid spoilers.

Blood Throne