Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Blood Throne

The castle was huge, it seemed small from the outside but it had a great number of secret corridors and underground levels.Bookmark here

A castle of cold stone, as the vampires preferred it; forming long corridors perfect to confuse any newcomer, having grown up here that was not a problem.Bookmark here

Vampires were vain beings, and they boasted of knowing art because they had all the time to know about it, so multiple paintings and statues adorned the cold, dark corridors. A museum looked empty in comparison.Bookmark here

Of course in certain corridors, the decoration was exclusively torture, since the bloody tastes of the current Emperor were famous in the world.Bookmark here

Between each intersection, thick red silk curtains hung to block anyone from another hallway. Not only to confuse enemies, but the Emperor believed that they would thus heighten their senses when detecting others.Bookmark here

Mihail wandered hungrily and stopped to see one of the large paintings that decorated the place. A painting of the castle in Romania, another decadent country that ironically people only knew about because of the famous Dracula; Humans were excited to imagine great stories of vampires in that place, not knowing that because of their damn curiosity there were no vampires left there. The infinite human curiosity, their experimentation, and their creation of weapons led vampires to move their sacred headquarters and hide even more since the Russian Revolution, in 1905. That was considered the most tragic moment in vampire history.Bookmark here

Vampires existed throughout the ancient world, and some families had migrated to the new world.Bookmark here

They had kings and queens in their colonies but there was only one Emperor, Romanian, humans were not wrong on that point. But the new vampire headquarters was in Moldova, which is why the Emperor's prestige was being lost. It was a frustrating situation for the current Emperor Dragos, having been in power for only 97 years, he was present when they had to flee their home, so he was eager to fix everything and the answer was one.Bookmark here

The prophecy.Bookmark here

It is the one that gave meaning to Mihail's life.Bookmark here

"Mihail, I am not the legion of prophets but I am sure you bring hunger"

Bookmark here

Mihail silently followed Victor, he was his childhood friend and his servant, he was of noble lineage but he was a second son, so he was in charge of accompanying Mihail to improve his status.Bookmark here

Victor led him to his room and turned on the tv.

Bookmark here

"Something you have and you have not told me, avoid me reading your mind"Bookmark here

"You read my mind? Who do you think you are? Servant" -joked Mihail

"Okay, go down and get distracted with this movie"
Bookmark here

Victor passed him a bottle silently and took the laptop from him. Mihail concentrated on the movie, 'Interview with the Vampire'.

Bookmark here

"Wow, that actor if he could be one of us, he's up to it"Bookmark here

"I could certainly have something with a human of those"

Bookmark here

"I'm not sure I can bear their human stench, let's be honest that's why we call them filthy"Bookmark here

"How demanding you are. It would serve as a distraction. You don't do anybody any good being a virgin. That's why you spend it melancholic, you need to get rid of the tension"

Bookmark here

"Now you sound like Ion"Bookmark here

"Well, I'm not telling you to fuck half the town either. To know what disease Ion has

Ion was"Bookmark here

 Mihail's cousin, he was 20 years old but he dedicated himself to living life as if he were 100 years old, pleasure came first.Bookmark here

"Not that someone can stop you"Bookmark here

That was true, Mihail was engaged but he hadn't seen his fiancée in years, and vampires his age who attend the same school are pretty much all on his side.

Bookmark here

"Now that if it disgusts you, several vampires would not mind a night with you"Bookmark here

"The problem is that they want only the night and not be the future wife"

"Well, that depends on your parents, not on you, you can always use it as a pretext"
Bookmark here

"Maybe I will"

Bookmark here

Mihail had never been curious about the opposite sex, and even now it was the same, he was simply very hungry. The reality is that he still did not taste blood, vampires considered themselves children and led a normal life until they were 18 years old.

Bookmark here

The 18-year-old celebration is when they first tasted blood, officially entering adulthood. But he had spent the last months dreaming of drinking blood, he woke up more and more hungry; and no matter what he ate, nothing could satiate him.Bookmark here

Mihail was afraid to talk about this with someone, eating disorder, his sister had the same problem. A fat vamp, she had never seen anyone like it; her mother couldn't bear the shame, and one day when they were 8 years old, he came home and she was gone.Bookmark here

When he asked about her, they told him that she had gone to study away from her to be a vampire worthy of the Crown. But in 10 years there was no trace of her. They all acted as if Ana had never existed. And that added to Mihail's pressure. No one had to know that he was behaving like a teenage girl, eating at dawn, a large number of hidden food. Mihail couldn't be the new Ana, he had the obligation to be a perfect vampire.Bookmark here

The epitome of a vampire; he was afraid that if he did not succeed, the prophecy would not come true; and if so, his head would end up on display outside the castle.Bookmark here

Not that he had a great attachment to life, nothing was interesting about her, but her destiny was her greatness, and he wanted her; if he was in it, he sure would make her life more interesting.Bookmark here

The view from the top must be better. He told himself.Bookmark here

___Bookmark here

This chapter alone made me study history, I want it to read more realistic. Bookmark here

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