Chapter 0:

"Look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

Volcano Man

Spirit Realm of Japan, Neo Kyoto. The People have some sort of spirit power laying within them. Many go to temple school to learn and slowly unlock their Spirit power, but that wasn't the case for Taki Yamamoto who went to a different school many years ago.

Taki Yamamoto (Age 20), pulls out his katana one second it looks normal and the next it looks like it is made out of solid rock with magma. It's Heat that Taki is used to. He lunges at the enemy and slashes their throat. The enemy falls to the ground, as their souls peacefully depart.

His blade didn't slice through their whole throat, this allowing their head to remain attached. Taki's sword return to normal and he puts it back in its holder behind his back. He looked up to the sky. "Escade-Sensei, did you see that, I'm a lot better than I was back then." Then his cell phone rang, he digs it out of his pocket and sees it from one of his friends. Instead of answering it he hangs up and heads back into town to see what's up.

A female with sliver hair yells at Taki from the second-floor balcony, "Taki! Where in the hell did you run off to again, Andoyaki and I needed you for something, why the hell didn't you answer your phone?"

"Look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Lucy, did your panties get bunched up in knots?" Taki said with a very sarcastic tone.

"Oh you are going to pay for that one Taki" (Lucy Tanaka, Age 19, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Ice Breath) She Jumped of the balcony wearing just her pajamas and in mid-air. And Opens her mouth freezing the air around Taki, Freezing him into an ice cube in the process. She drags the ice cube of a human inside the house.

"You went a bit overbroad with that one Lucy" (Andoyaki Ito, Age 18, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Analysis) Ando said seeing their leader being dragged in as an ice cube.

"Yah yah redhead" Both Lucy and Ando started complaining like they are siblings not paying attention to the ice cube on the floor with red eyes and red hands melting. "He needs to go to hell for what he said" Lucy kept saying.

"No worries both of you will be meeting your dear buddy Satan very soon" (Taki Yamamoto Age 20, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Magma) He said with a very creepy smile. Before his friends could run, he created a huge magma explosion. Sending his friend off into the sunset

"Oh Crap how I am going to pay rent now"