Chapter 1:

Painful Memories Arc Prologue The Calm Before the Storm

Volcano Man

It's cloudy in Neo Kyoto. The forecast calls for a storms later on in the day. Taki walks in the local Shop-n-Go and he heads straight for is favorite spot, the magazine area. Without thinking he picks up his preferred Shonen magazine. He flips through the pages to find his favorite series.

"What are you reading there, Taki?" The man questioned as he walked up to Taki.

"Oh, Just the best Series ever to come out of this magazine. Filled with Dragons, Super Hero's and a endless adventure. You really need to read it Matsu" Half of that response was in Taki normal snarky tone, but everyone that knows Taki, knows he gives the best advice on the which series to read.

"Sure I'll get right on that Smart ass" (Matsu Nagao Age 25, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Tackle) Said as he picked up the only remaining Shonen magazine.

"Who did you call a smart ass, you green teal hair freak" Then Taki calms himself down "Sorry about that, but I got to be going, nice seeing you Matsu" Taki said. I go to the counter to pay for the magazine.

Meanwhile Lucy was hanging out with the Sayo twins in the local park to kill some time before she had to meet back up with Taki and Ando. "That dress looks cute on you Nagai" She said with a smile on her face.

Even before Nagai could respond her Twin (Isobe Sayo Age 17, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: IQ) says "Yes that Dress looks quite Beautiful on you sis." The Sayo Twins tend to talk like Robot, straight to the point. Now once Lucy leave the park, a green hair Robot girl walks up to her "Mistress Tanaka, I retrieved the items you requested."

Lucy smiles at Akira before replying "Thanks Akira, do you where those knuckleheads ran off to? they should be here by now"

Akira scans her memory and replies with "Negative I have no clue where Master Yamamoto or Master Ito are." Just as Akira said that some redheaded person joins them Akira turns around "Nice for you to join us Master Ito"

"Yeah, Thanks Akira, Taki not going to show. He told me he made a detour to visit his sensei" Ando said just as thunder roared above them but no rain.

Meanwhile Taki was lost in thought walking the same path to visit his sensei. He walked towards the mountains and sat down next to something. "Im Back Escade-sensei" The same roar of thunder as before happens, but now rain starts to fall upon Taki.

"If only we got there in time." Taki said as he looks down at the grave of his sensei Escade Takahashi. The rain started pouring more as he looked at the grave stone. Date of birth May 1st year xxxx - Date of Death July 10th year xxxx.

More lighting and thunder roaring thought the sky over the the town of Neo Kyoto. Lighting strikes the top of Kyoto tower revealing there were two people up there. "It's about time that magma bastard paid for what he did to our daughter."

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