Chapter 2:

Painful Memories Arc: The Boy

Volcano Man

This story takes place many years before this present day in a remote village. The village of Gin was home to a Dojo, ran by the Takahashi clan for generations. Let's say for now the Dojo wasn't a normal dojo.

Escade Takahashi (Escade Takahashi, Age 17, Status: Alive, Sprit power: Spirit-Talker) was wakened up by her father Cobra Takahashi (Cobra Takahashi, Age 50, Status: Alive, Spirit power:???) knocking on her door.

"Escade, Wake up, get dress, you need to be present at today's execution," Cobra said with a firm tone, before walking off to make sure everything was all set.

A few minutes later Escade was putting on her green striped kimono, she glanced down at her arm in shame in remembrance of a past action. There were about five cuts along her arm and one near her wrist but all of them are healed now with scars remaining.

"Quiet a beautiful start to the day wouldn't you say Escade" One of the two spirits appeared on Escade shoulder. This one is Aqua the Spirit of Tranquility.

Then another spirit with red horns appeared on the other shoulder."What's so great? we are about to see someone get killed right before our very eyes." This is Merlin, the Spirit of Self-doubt.

"You two stop it I can't have this today," Escade said annoyed, as she slaps herself in the face causing the Spirits to go and disappear, at least for the time being.

The Execution happens as per normal at the Dojo, once it was done. Escade ran off into the nearby woods unable to look back at what she just saw. She ran into a tree and collapsed onto the ground.

A couple of hours later she would wake up in a bit of a daze. Then she heard footsteps from behind her. She turns head in the direction of the footsteps and a figure approaches her. As her vision clears she sees a young boy wearing a one-piece cloth to cover his body.

The little kid speaks up with a weak voice, "I'm hungry need food."

"Do you have a name? Where are your Parents" Escade asked the little boy? Thinking to herself, I should ask my father to allow us to get some food from the dojo.

"My name... Taki... I got no Family"

-------------------------- present time -------------------

It's pouring down rain and Ando rushes over to Taki who is still over at Escade grave, Out of breath he gets out the words need "Lucy... was Kidnapped!!"