Chapter 4:

Painful Memories Arc: The Sakura Trio

Volcano Man

The bright sunlight had no effect on Taki who is taking his normal morning nap snoring and drooling all over his textbooks while at school, as his fellow class-mates giggle at him.

Ms. Escada Takahashi walked into the room holding her teaching book. All the students rose up out of their seats, except the snoozing Taki. As roll call was being done roll by roll it was time for Taki's roll of names to be called: "Shun'en Suwa" kid with orange spiky hair stood up and bowed, "Wakabayashi Rei" the student with grayish-white hair stood up and bowed as the sunlight reflected off of Rei's glasses. Now the time the whole class has been waiting for, "Yamamoto Taki"

Taki heard his name being called and started to wake up as a snort bubble popped over his face as he was still half asleep. "The answer is 72" He sat back down at his desk. Taki cleaned up his face much to the laughter of his classmates.

Taki tended to fall asleep a lot during class but he really looked up to Ms. Takahashi ever since she took him in as part of her family and as a student in her class to learn the ways of the 'Reapers'.

'Reapers' is a term given to highly trained individuals that will learn the ways of sword fighting. Their sole purpose is to hunt down people that have committed crimes and put them to death. The techniques used and taught by the Takahashi clan differ that other Reaper clans. The Hung-Sacred style of Execution is only known to those close Takahashi clan. It's a more of a peaceful style of execution leaving the neck connected by a piece of flesh. It's said to send the soul off peacefully.

A few hours have passed and now it is lunch time. Suwa, Taki, and Rei all sat outside of the classroom in the sunlight to eat their Bento (Lunchboxes). "That' some performance. you put on early." Suwa said to Taki. The sunlight helped heat up their food a bit as they ate it.

"I was just sleepy that all, Su. Hey, I got an idea, after school lets the three of us go for an adventure. You never know what might be hidden just outside Gin," Taki said knowing the village was surrounded by trees. He also knew the like-li- hood of them finding something to pass their time would be a challenge.

Rei pushes up his glasses "I don't mind as long as I'm home before sundown."

After school was over the three of them walked the exerts of the Village. Suwa asked as they walked deep into the forest "Are you sure there is something interesting out there?"

"It's more likely we're going to be attacked by something. We don't even know how to use our spirit powers yet." Rei said tailing slightly behind the group.

At the age of 8 depending on many conditions, kids start showing signs of their hidden Spirit Power. How Spirits Powers are determined is by many factors, like the powers your ancestors had or it could even be a sudden unknown change, let's call it a mutation.

How one can control one's Spirit Power is through the Spirit Level. Once you gain experience with your Spirit Power you will gain a higher level of understander and control over your power, hence the name "Spirit Level"

"Hey look I told you we find something," Taki said excitedly as he rushed to the abandoned shed. Taki looked inside luckily it's just enough room for the three of us.

"There seems to be room for a wagon, we can bring one and place a towel in it to sit on and use it as a couch," Suwa said thinking of the old spare wagon he had at his house.

With that, the Trio set up their base after school at the shed. They went there every day and the month of April has come. All the trees around the shed are Sakura trees. Bright pink filled the area, the smell was so out of this world.

"Be quiet someones coming" Rei said. As the three of them heard a footstep in the distance. They should be the only ones out there.

"I'll go, you two stay back," Taki said sneaking out the only window of the shed. Taki slowly making his way between the trees. The noise seems to be getting closer to him. Taki tried to get as close as he could. His heart started beating really quickly, he extended both of his arms and crossed his hands in hopes that something would happen... A red glow appeared on his palms. The heat that he is generating didn't bother him, but the effect around him changed. With a flash of light, Taki shot something out of his hand, molten magma.

"I just did it, I activated my Spirit Power," Taki said overwhelmed with that fact. The next thing that Taki heard was a female's voice scream in pain. It was a voice he knew very well. "Oh no please no," Taki said as he ran in the direction of screams.

Taki found his teacher on the ground screaming in pain. "I'm Sorry Escade, he looked at her burnt off the right leg. He was in a state of panic at what has he just done.

Lucky both Suwa and Rei already were working on getting help. It would be the Headmaster of School Cobra Takahashi, Escade father. Cobra could come to take Escade back so Escade Mother, Boa Takahashi the school nurse school treat her.

From that day on, they got a new teacher to teach their class. The Sakura Trio was determined that Escade Takahashi will forever be the only true teacher.