Chapter 3:

Painful Memories Arc: Twins

Volcano Man

After retrieving the information that Lucy was kidnapped. Both Taki and Ando headed back into Neo Kyoto as fast as they could. Taki couldn't shake the feeling that this has something to with him somehow. Something seems off as they run into the city, he fears as if someone is watching over the city. He didn't like that.

"Ando be on guard, I have a bad feeling about this" Taki said with his nervous laugh as they continued to run full tilt into the city. They passed by many temples on the way to the house where they live at.

Taki goes to open the door, he let his guard down for a split second as a powerful fist punches through the door and strikes Taki. "Remember what I taught you Taki, the way of the Reaper is to never lose heart no matter what" The Voice of his sensei filled his brain.

Taki closed his eyes and used the impact of the punch to jump back onto the building street. Good thing he was able to create magma armor to absorb some of the punch. With the velocity and the unknown strength of who he's fighting and the weight of the punch he has.. He launches himself off the building at a fast speed, Shining bright red with his magma armor he yells "Magma Missile"


Meanwhile in a cell deep underground Lucy wakes up chained to a wall. She looks down at her clothes and sees that her normal clothes are gone. Replaced by dungeon-like clothes. She hears footsteps getting closer to her cell.

Two white-robed figures walked to her cell. One of them speaks up "Looks like the Ice Reject is finally awake, isn't that right sis"

The other one speaks up "I totally agree sis."

Lucy was in shock at what she was hearing and seeing, she thought they were friends. "Nagi, Isobe... Why?" She asked still confused about this and wanting to find a way out.

Nagi answered with a simple "Mistress M wants you as bait"

Lucy gulped trying to reason in her head what the heck, bait for what?

Just then the two sisters bowed down as an intense feeling filled the area. A strange sound came closer to them. Haunting almost like.

The twins replied at the same time with "Yes, Mistress M" Both of the twins got up and walked off as they were told.

The menacing feeling was justified because Mistress "M" was missing her right leg and a wooden plank was replacing it. A white mask covering her face. Wearing a similar white robe as Nagi and Isobe. "Now since your here that Magma Boy will come to us." Mistress 'M' said as she looked at Lucy before disappearing into the main part of the headquarters.

Mistress 'M' walked up a chair then it moved around. She got down on her knees. "Lord Fujimoto Yamoto, the prisoner is locked in her cell what's the status of Magma Boy?"

Lord Yamoto "He seems to be in a battle with one of Kazu's men, Thoki. The master of the sneak attack."

Just then someone else entered the room wearing a white robe with dark blue hair holding the same rank as Mistress 'M.' It's Yanase Kazu getting on his knees. "Sorry for disturbing you Thoki just got defeated by someone who just came from the sky."


The smoke from the impact filled the area. All that Taki and Ando could do was cover their eyes and, wonder who saved them.

Then a voice called out from the top of the house "About the time I found you Taki, long time, hasn't it" the dust cleared revealing someone with a darken wing under his right arm and a Jetpack on his left side, with his bowl orange cut hair. (Suwa Shun'en Age 20, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Fallen Angel)

Taki smiles up at Suwa "Yeah it has Su."