Chapter 5:

Painful Memories Arc: Gold & Sliver

Volcano Man

Then a voice called out from the top of the house "About time I found you Taki, long time hasn't it" the dust cleared revealing someone with a darkened wing under his right arm and a Jet-pack on his left side, with his bowl orange cut hair. (Suwa Shun'en Age 20, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Fallen Angel)

Taki smiles up at Suwa "Yeah it has Su."

Suwa flew down to the ground and his darkened wing disappeared. "Are you two looking for that one missing girl I can assume?"

Both Taki and Ando said at the same time "Yes"

Then just Taki continued "She is a friend. She was taken when I went to visit Sensei grave if only I waited, we wouldn't be in this mess"

"That's not all true Taki, there is some reason to believe our Sensei parents, the headmasters of the Execution school have a play in this," Suwa said as a blue orb came out of his pocket. "This allows me to have a good idea where our old friend Rei is, he should be somewhere in the city"

Taki digs in his pocket and finds a red orb and throws it at Ando "Here you go, bud an orb for yourself"

"What does this do?" Ando said catching the red orb.

"Nothing it's just a toy I got at the Shop N Go a few days ago." Taki said with a bit of a chuckle."Never know when that could become handy. Also, Ando, I need you to head to Ginkaku-Ji"

"The what now!?" Ando said confused.

"The Silver Temple is a more similar way of saying it. I smelled sand on the person too." Suwa said to Ando and then turned to Taki "While he heads to the Silver Temple why don't the both of us head to the Golden Temple. I'm picking up a reading that Rei is near it."

"Alright, the old Kinkaku-Ji it is," Taki said giving a thumbs up.

With that they broke off into two teams Team A Taki and Suwa are off in search of their old friends at the Golden Temple. While Team B, Ando heads in the direction of the Silver Temple to investigate the sand and whereabouts of the missing Lucy.

Ando happens to run into a friend in a very unlikely place, the one street of Kyoto that said to bring out the Spirits of many Yokai. This was Yokai Street and they're wearing a very creepy mask was the green hair robot Akira. Ando ran behind her "That a strange look for you Akira, anyway I need some help."

Akira bowed "Anything for you Master Ito, I got some for Master Yamamoto and Mistress Tanaka" She held up a bag of masks.

Ando thinks to himself, "That could come in use" then responds to Akira "Thank you very much. We're heading to the Silver Temple. Time to put my Spirit Power to the test"

Now Team B has 2 members Andoyaki Ito and the robot Akira it wouldn't be long before they reached the Silver Temple.

Once inside the grounds of the Silver Temple, they see a beautiful garden and a lake. This was the 3rd most beautiful in all of Kyoto. Lucky they could get up close to the temple. Ando closes his eyes focuses on his surroundings. He sees a 3D image of the area in very good detail it is a strange detail in the sand. He opens his eyes and says "Akira check the sand"

"Yes, Master Ito" Akira walks over to the pyramid of sand next to the temple. "There are fox footprints in the sand, They seem recent as well"

Ando looked at the footprints "That's weird why would a Fox come here and I didn't see any fox when I analyzed the area" He studied the footprints and as he did they started to disappear into thin air. "I think, I got my answer. We are not dealing with a normal fox" He said with a gulp.

"I would suggest we pay a visit to the Fushimi-Inari Shrine. Seems the Kitsune Spirit is trying to tell us something" Akira said to Ando using her own super-advanced logic. "If you were to hop on my back I could give you a piggyback ride, and we can get there faster." She said with earnest...

With that plan set in motion, Team B has a new Location they are heading towards. Meanwhile, Team A is still en route to the Gold Temple. But they seem to have taken a different route than normal. While deep under the city Lord Yamato was in a situation of his own.

Two screens covering the wall lit up bright with a video signal from two very important elderly people.

The Empowering Fujimoto Yamoto got up out of his throne and got down on his knees, as quickly as he could. "It's an honor Mr & Mrs. Takahashi, What do I owe this pleasure?" It wasn't long before the conversion was over. The room lights went back to normal and Lord Yamoto ordered for Loki to be sent to the Gold Temple.

As that happening, Taki and Suwa seem to ended up in the Geisha district of Neo Kyoto.

"Wow look at her she beautiful" Suwa was star stuck at the brown hair Geisha. Her face was absolutely stunning.

"Wow, there is a midget" Taki was amazed at how small the person walking next to Geisha was.

Just then the Midget fired back at them "I'm no midget, you youngsters. I too used to Geisha back in my youth, but that was a long time ago. Just because I'm not as Beautiful as Lady Aki here. Back in my day, I was called 'The Stunning' Fuyu Kubo" She continued closing her eyes.

Taki and Suwa took that chance to ditch from that situation. Not wanting to hear the old lady's life story, when the location they are heading to is Gold.

With the both of them running it wouldn't be long before they reach the Torii Gates of the Golden Temple. The Pathway beyond the gateway full of tall trees. The grass was trimmed.

Taki and Suwa ran along the cement path. They passed under an Ancient building being having to turn left by the big tree. Luckily there was no one else's in line and they got through. Soon there greeted with a beautiful view of the Temple across the river, the top two floors were the color of gold while the bottom was brown.

Just as Taki was about to open his mouth the air started to swirl into storm clouds. Heavy rain started pouring all of the sudden. "What is all of this" Taki said trying to figure this out.

A bolt of lightning hit the water near the temple. But a person wearing a black cloak and a pair of glasses emerges from the lightning walking on the water to Taki and Suwa. The shine off his glass, block the view of the person's face. As the Figure got closer, the storm disappeared, and the rain suddenly stopped just like it started. "The Boss told me to capture you the one called 'Taki'.

Suwa added it. "There no way you would do that your friend would you now, Rei Wakabayashi.

Rei removes the hood of the cloak revealing his signature white hair. (Rei Wakabayashi, Age 20, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Lightning) "I'm here to team up with my old buddies again."