Chapter 8:

Painful Memories Arc: Three idiots and their maid

Volcano Man

It was a bright sunny day in Neo Kyoto. Taki, and Ando and guess Lucy were doing chores in their house. "If only we had a maid to do all of this." Lucy said struggling to clean her own mess she made over the past week.

"Like we make that much to hire a maid, we barely have any money at all for rent." Taki said as he finished cleaning the restroom. "Damn these chemicals stink to high hell and back." He said while coughing.

Ando was picking up all the manga magazines that Taki left all over the place. "That's just what we got to deal with. We don't have much money thanks to a certain person wanting to read stories all day."

Taki get a bit ticked off at Ando "So you're saying this is my fault, want me to burn those freckles off your face." The room was slowly getting hotter with Taki anger.

Lucy walked up behind him breathed and turned him into a solid ice cube. "Ando get his sword. Well drop him off at the edge of town." She said as she held up some wanted poster smirking.

That what Ando and Lucy did, they carried the frozen Taki to the edge of town and left him with his sword and the a wanted poster. It took a couple more minutes before Taki was able to generate the magma need to melt the ice.

His eyes turn red from the anger. He quickly goes and grabs the sword within the blink of an eye. He looks at the wanted poster and the reward, He knew that he had to do as a Reaper. As he leaped into the forest at a fast speed. Making sure to calm down a bit first of course.

The target was Yakuza boss leader Mawatari Sosa. Lucky for Taki he happen to the location of the Mawatari's hideout. He walked up to a tree in the woods. And knocked on the bark of the tree five times.

Then a voice comes from the tree "What's the boss's favorite pastime?"

That was an answer that Taki knew too well "Preparing for the national Ice cream eating competition."

"What the boss prefer flavor?" The voice said as two eye appears from the bark.

Taki smirked and snapped his fingers and said "Cookies n' cream" Just as Taki said that the bark of tree opened up just big enough for one person through. The passageway got smaller and smaller the deeper Taki went. Soon Taki was crawling on his hands and knees. And then he reached a dead end.

The bark under him opened up a trap door and he fell a good 50-60 feet into Mawatari's base. "Crap i always hate this part." Taki said as he fell for the few seconds until he landed on the soft bounce pad. "Sosa, my dude the many times I've been here that's way too dangerous. I could have broke my neck or something worse."

There sitting in his mighty chair sat the overweight Mawatari Sosa. "I don't need to fix any my friend when my life is almost up. Isn't that way you here? You know I can tell these things." Mawatari Sosa was born with a rare one of a kind illness that slowly ate away at him over time. A few years ago he was the top yakuza boss in all of the Kyoto area. "I would really like to enjoy my last meal with one of Escade's favorite students." Sosa said smile on his face as he gets two bowls of ice cream for both him and Taki.

One Taki way back into town. He put a cross over Sosa face. "Rest in Peace my friend." He continues walking into walk into town and over the police department. He shows the police wanted posted and the proof that Taki killed him. It took 10 minutes or so then Taki left with the reward and back to the house.

"About time you got back magma brain, So... did you get it?" Lucy said running up to Taki just he walking to their house.

He pushed her out of the way, then walking right past her wanting to see where this went. "Nope they got away for me." Taki walked over to the couch he normally uses to sleep on and jumps on it and lays back relaxes.

Ando walks in from the other room. "Knowing Taki, he just went to visit his sensei and nothing more."

"Never know." Taki said with a bit of a yawn.

Just then Lucy grabs him Taki by the neck and smiles all cute like "Tell me where the money at, or you going to wish you got a job."

Taki reaches into his pocket and pull out the fat stack of cash. " Now let go of me" Taki said trying to get some air.

Lucy took the money and quickly counted it then fainted on the ground. It did take long for Lucy to wake back up "We can buy ourselves a robot with this."

"Won't we meant to hire a maid with the money?" Ando added.

Taki smirks a bit before falling asleep "I know a guy that sells Robotic maids."

With that said. The next day the three of three of them head over to Taki's friend store "Yo Matsu whats up my dude." Taki said with a smile.

"Nothing much Taki, you just here to say hi or something you were never much of thy robotic type" (Matsu Nagao Age 25, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Tackle)

"In fact I am here in buy your best robot." Taki said then being cut off by Lucy and Ando walking in.


"Calm down Lucy lets have Taki handle this," Ando said putting a hand on Lucy's shoulder.

Matsu shows them a green-haired robot "This is the Attack Killer Enforcement Reconnaissance Aid Model 2000 or Akira for short."

They said in unison "We will take her" as Taki puts down the money and pays for Akira.