Chapter 7:

Painful Memories Arc: The Stage has been set...

Volcano Man

Mistress M looks down and smiles and spots Rei. "Looks who we got here, a traitor ay Loki."

Rei back up at her "Well Loki is known as the Trickster. and I got the information i needed. You guys into my hands, you are the true idiots in this situation." A smirk was Rei face as he adjusted his glasses. The sun reflects off his glasses giving the signal to the robot watching from afar.

Just then a blast comes from the east and a pair of green hair One robot and one Human Appeared on the floor (A.K.I.R.A. Model 2000) and (Julia Kiya, Age: 29, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: White Foxes) in Unison they said "We won't allow you to harm them."

Suwa looks at the group "Now are chance let's get to their base."

The rest of them raise up their fists and yell chant "Yeah!!!" With that they all run in the direction that cemetery that Escade is buried in.

Once Mistress "M" figured out their plan she leaped in the air. "You two can take care of this."

The Sayo twins nods before going back into combat vs Akira and Julia.

The forest trees pass overhead as the group heads to comforts the assassin's company named "YEN". The night darkens the sky.

Suwa looks up as they run and sees Mistress "M" jumping from tree to tree above them. "Oh no you don't" He activates his jetpack and put it on full thrust. "Fallen Angel: Hell-Slap!!!" His Darken Wing comes out his body at a very fast speed hitting her off into the distance. "Home Run yet again." He used all the fuel he could at once he need it to cool down before he could use his jetpack again. He yells down at the group "I'm going after her to make sure she dosen't come back."

Taki gave Suwa a thumbs up knowing if anyone could do it, it was him. As Taki and the group ran closer to YEN's base. On there way they passed by the cemetery both Taki and Rei wanted to say something to their Sensei.

Looking down at Escade, both Taki and Suwa knew that this moment wasn't time to emotional. Rei was the first to speak. "Sensei you thought of us a lot. It for us your students figure what happened that day. During the Fire Beast attack on old Kyoto."

Taki chimed in "Us the Sakura Trio will revenge for being helpless that day. We grown, but not together. We made friends, but the time has come Escade-sensei lend us your strength on last time."

As they left the cemetery Rei told everyone in the group. "There is no member in YEN's that seen that witch's Mistress M face. Only the leader Fujimoto Yamoto know the meaning being the M".

Mistress M getting sent through the sky from Suwa's Hell-Slap. Slamming through many trees breaking most of them. None of that was able to stop her landing face first on the ground creating a mini creator. Impeccable she look no damage to her body but her armor took a hit in her face plate, a crack appeared.

A man in the 30's with dark blue hair a YEN's outfit was escorting two very importing guest. The blue hair man is Yanase Kazu. Him and Mistress M leads the forces of YEN under the command of Lord Yamato. The base was filled with cameras. Once they arrive at Yamato's Office the vault doors open Kazu got on his knees. As the two guest walked past him.

Kazu waited until the vault closed before heading to his part of the base which was the armory. Making sure everything was coming along smoothly. He walks up to a fogged up ten foot tube. " This isn't right, the fog should have disappeared by now." Kazu finger extend and bend in ways so he can touch the advanced medical touchpad. (Yanase Kazu, Age: 31, Status: Alive, Spirit Power: Extendo-Fingers)

The fog started to fade on all 100 tubes in the room. Revealing artificial people asleep floating in a special liquid. "Time is getting close, Lord Yamato won't be disappointed." Kazu said with a devilish grin on his face.

The group is now wearing the Yokai masks that Akira gave to Ando. Soon Suwa caught back up to them "I lost her. There was a creator , but she got away."

Lucy chimes in "with that hit, she is dead."

Rei went to push up his glasses but the yokai mask stopped him. "It's very unlikely that did more than put a few cuts on her. She likely arriving at their base as we speak."

Like clockwork Mistress M walked into YEN base with the broken faceplate. She walked over to Lord Yamoto's vault and ripped the door vault open. "Those brats are on their way! One of them got a good hit on me."

"Now, now calm down. this is all going to plan" Fujimoto Yamoto was sitting in his throne. he smirks a bit since they are the only ones in the room. "Being worried doesn't suit your personality Merlin"

"Yes you're right my lord, i'll go help Kazu with the final preparations." She said walking off the armory.

It was dawn before Rei spotted the base just outside the village of Gin. "We are here. Back to where this all started."

Just then a good hundred pale skin, red eyed human like creatures surrounding them.

Taki smiles and formed a magma layer over his skin. "The fight came to us how nice of them"

Ando uses his spirit power to get a reading on the enemy. Sweat pours down Ando's face. "We are so outnumbered its not funny. What are these things."

Lucy tries to tap into her Spirit Evolve state but she isn't fully recovered. All that comes out is a cold breath of air. "Come on... not now."

Kazu appears with a smug look from the base. "I had a feeling I would be fight one of underlings. That if you survive Loki or should i say Rei Wakabayashi." Kazu said left up straight in the air, clasping his open hand given the creatures the signal that is time.

The creatures rushed right for the groups location. Then a light appears from the sky and slams downs picking up a decent amount of dirt and dust. A voice comes from dust and dirt cloud that Taki, Ando, and Lucy know all too well. "I got this fight Master Yamamoto, Master Ito, Mistress Tanaka. I made an opening."

Ando see the small opening just big enough for all of them to get though in the direction of the base. "I see it"

In unions Taki, Ando and Lucy yell out "Thank you Akira!!!" the group ran through the opening not being able to see Akira. They kept running to the base.

Meanwhile the dust began to settle Akira was heavy damaged from the tag team. Parts of her robotic body were missing. Her right robot eye fell out as she said "Critical Error: System Functions. This will be my final fight. It's been a pleasure to serve the three of you."