Chapter 9:

Painful Memories Arc: And the actors are in place.

Volcano Man

All of her vision is bright red. Multiple system errors are going off filling her eyes. Akira leap at the hoard of enemies. As she doses more of her robotic parts fall out her body like shell. She fires off laser after laser to shrink the numbers.

Akira wasn't just your average robot, even she feared what was about to happen. Fear the thought that the world for going blank in less than a second. It was Taki, Ando, and Lucy these three opened her heart and thought her the true meaning of having friends.

It was a matter of time before her eyes went blank as her robotic-battery like heart fell out smashing on the ground causing a huge explosion, just as Akira last tear hits the ground.

---------- A few moments before In front of YEN's Base----------------

Taki ,Suwa, Rei, Ando, and Lucy are standing in front of YEN'S Base the ones causing this whole mess. In entranrance is a staircase leading right into the ground. The group gets in battle positions because they hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

"You made it out of my trap, I'm impressed ,good for you all. YEN is an assassin for hire company we don't hesitate on killing those against us." Kazu said cracking his weird fingers.

Rei adjusts his glasses "You guys go ahead i'll go ahead take care of this clown. It's only fare i tricked him after all."

Just as the group ran out of sight down the stairs. Rei heard a huge explosion and saw debris flying right at him at a very fast speed.

-----------------------Main Group--------------

"What was that? I really hope Rei is alright" Taki said as the group heard the sounds of a massive explosion.

Suwa smiles "Its Rei we are talking about he said he could handle it. nothing can stop him."

Just as the blast of explosion caught up to group running down there was nothing they could do but let the blast give them a boost as the whole stair was shanking radding even underground.

"Everyone, Jump!!!!" Taki yelled still having his magma armor on but he makes sure it covers his whole body as he jumps.

Lucy leaps into the air creating an ice barrier around herself and Ando.

At the same time Suwa jumps in the air using his darkened wing to cocoon himself.

All of their strategies did work but group did split up at the bottom of the stairs.

-----------------Ando & Lucy---------------

Ando used his Spirit power to see where everyone is. The 3D map shows the layout of the base. "Very interesting it seems we must have been knocked out during the fall. And someone split us up. This is a mase im only seeing four enemies beside the guy the Rei is fight and im picking up the small bit aura from the one that was chasing us down in the forest."

Lucy wondering where is Taki and the others "Ando, and you tell where is Taki is."

He closes his eyes and hears a voice yell out he just knows its Taki's voice. "He's in a middle of a fight with someone, he is having a hard time with. There are two more enemies waiting to finish off Taki if we don't get there."

With that goal set Ando and Lucy head off running to save their best friend.

-----------------------A couple minute before, Taki--------------

"Wake up......Wake up you good for nothing" That was the first thing Taki hear after he jumps down the stairs. It seems he was being woken up from sleep but something was off. It was he could easily move his hands like he was tied to something.

"Who are you? and why are my legs and arms tied up? Taki said figuring it out in his head would have been a lot easier but he decided to ask anyway.

"Better question is what you are to us. But since you came to us I'll give you pleasure of knowing your assassins name. I'm Fujimoto Yamoto the head of Kyoto branch of YEN. As much as I would love to kill you i was given order to keep you alive but that does mean I can't play with you now doesn't it?

As Fujimoto was talking Taki was slowing melting away his restraints. And waiting for the right moment to strike. Once Taki saw an opening he creating small yet very power magma shield on his forehead and jump and over Fujimoto.

"Damn you little" Fujimoto face was starting to melt off as hid body turn to steam for a few seconds and return to normal. (Spirit Power: Onsen It can be used as to both attack and to heal the user injuries)

Taki look ticked off "That too overpowered, hey Autor, if you can hear me nerf this guy so I can be at him like now."

"No point yelling at the ceiling its helpless:" Fujimoto found it interesting how Taki was acting.

Taki reached for his katana with he infused the blade with his magma turning it to a magma blade. He creates a thin but thought layer magma armor to surround him. That way he would faster on his feet but have some protection in this fight. He knew if he didn't get stronger somehow he would mostly likely come out this fight alive..

Taki rushed at Fujimoto at full speed. The only thing on his ming find the truth of this Sensei death all thoughts years ago. All the sudden a bright light fills the room.


"What exactly are you?" A beaten down Suwa said looking up a Mistress 'M" The only damage on her was the crack on her mask earlier.

"Im sure you find out when the time is right. Member of Sakura Trio, Suwa Sun'en. Why did you ever come back home? I'm sure you were living a peaceful live on that island you call your new home." Mistress 'M' was toeing with the injujered Suwa mostly to get back for that hit he got her in the forest. And so she can play a bit with him their main target for their mission was Taki, but Suwa and Rei was extra mostly for her pleasure. She let out a devilish grin a bit of it could be seen from the cracked mask.

Suwa's jetpack was broken so he was left to fight this fighting figure with his beating up body and only have up the energy make an attempt to attack once more. With his continditon this is a suicide attack but it he succed he will be able to get past her and get to Taki. This has more to due their past than the three could have released. He had a bad feeling about all of this.

He someone approaching from behind at a very fast speed

As Suwa started to get up even though he knew he knew it would mean his death.


As the huge explosion picked up a lot of debris and rushed almost everything Rei's direction. With split second thinking right as a huge boulder was about to hit him. Rei turned himself into lighting and switched positions with Kazu.

Rei wasn't just going to watch Kazu scream for mercy as more thing it him, Rei used his lightning to quickly head down into the base and find someone to help.

He knew something bad was happening right now. He just had to find someone. He busted through multiple doors until he found his worst nightmare on the ground. Suwa barely hanging on to life.

Mistress 'M' was laughing like a madman in the corner of the room.

"I'll never forgive you. Go to hell you demon bitch." The rage powered up his up Rei's lightning so much it broke his glasses.