Chapter 13:

Aogashima: Enter "The Hero of the Island"

Volcano Man

It's been two years since Ando and Lucy went with Ryan Ghoto one of Escade Takahahi friends. The fated meeting of friends won't happen until tomorrow, so it wouldn't hurt for some last minute training. That was the thoughts of the long silver hair woman walking up to the ocean. (Lucy Tanaka Age: 21)

Lucy ran into the ocean to create ice under her feet so she could literally run on water. Then she jumped head first into the sea. An icy aura surrounds her and freezes around the area where she jumped in.

Meanwhile as that was happening in the center of the island submerged in a cutout of a volcano there was Taki Yamamoto (Age 22) peacefully meditating, surrounded by magma.

"It's about time for us to meet again. I'm sure I'm now stronger than you Lucy at least I hope..." Taki thought in his head as his stomach started to growl. "Oh....crap"

Taki let out an explosive fart jetting him out of the volcano and high into the sky "Literally......".

A few minutes before Andoyaki Ito ( Age: 20) was looking around at the small town with signal stop light and pondered to himself . "Why here of all places. There are roads all over the island but only here a stop light of some kind." Then he turned his head to see a big temple school. "Oh..this is here to teach the kids these exist. Makes sense now."

The ground starts to shake. "Earthquake...eruption?" Ando looks into the sky and sees objects flying at high speed coming from the center of the island. "Oh it's just my friend. Wait Taki, since when can you... FLY!!!"

The object was in fact Taki and Ando knew it would help both of them out.

"Spirit Evolve Reality Swift: Spinning World!!!"

The area around them turns a shade of violet as time seemed to stop for everyone but the two of them.


Just with a simple chain of words and intense concentration on Ando's part, Taki went from flying above to laying on the ground. Everything returns to normal once Ando udders the word "Dos"

Taki looks up and Ando "Thanks for saving me buddy, I was in a real pickle there. HEYYYY You got SUPER POWERFUL that move was nuts. I always knew you had it in you had in you to be the main trio."

"The main... what?" Ando tilted his head confused.

Taki plays it off "Ando, I heard there is a bar opening up on the island today, wanna tag along with me."

"I dont think it's a good idea for us to get drunk." Ando said pointing out the fact that official meet up date is tomorrow

"No,No I don't want to go for drinks now, I hear the owner is somewhat of a hero of the island. I thought it would be a good idea to meet him." Taki said .

"Ok sure i'll tag along to find out what this hero is about" Ando said in agrees with Taki

With a 10 minute to the "De Lugi Bar '' both Taki and Taki were ID checked and there above the legal age in Japan. Once inside it was surprisingly empty only the bartender and a buff blonde dude. The blonde dude walks over and shakes Taki's hand. "I Welcome you two to my Bar. My name is Victor de Lugi the IV. all the drinks are half off all day today. Please take a seat."

As Taki and Ando took a seat Victor sat next to them and said, "You too wouldn't be Taki and Ando two of the group that took down YEN two years ago in Kyoto Prefecture." Victor asked politely remembering seeing similar faces in the newspaper back then.

Taki blushes a bit, getting recognized by the person called the "Hero of the Island" and replied by saying "Yeah... that's us."

"I've been chasing them down for years let me tell you they were a hand full even for me. It's amazing we don't have to worry about them anymore. You may call me 'Vic' by the way it's a pleasure to have the Heroes of Kyoto for a drink. Everything is on the house" Vic said cheerfully.

After a few drinks and laughter Taki spoke up "We came to ask you Vic how did you get the title of Hero of the Island?"

"Oh that story. Well it's complicated, once the Legend of the Izu Archipelago faded to time. I stepped up and protected the Island when no one else would do so. Fame, I got over the years I would gladly throw it away if it meant saving everyone on the island." Vic said looking as the ceiling twirling his glass around.

"Legend of the Izu Archipelago?" Both Taki and Ando asked both curious.

"It's better if I take both you to the village elders they know more than even I. How about it gentlemen shall we?" Vic said as he got up and offered them a hand smiling.