Chapter 12:

Aogashima: Time to meet Escade's other friend.

Volcano Man

Birds chirping as they flew over the small island in the Philippine Sea. This small island called "The Devil's Jungle" by some but the real name of the island is Aogashimia, the southernmost island of Tokyo's Izu archipelago. While the other islands in the Izu archipelago are connected to the mainland by an airport, that is not the case for Aogashimia, it's an isolated island not very many people came by to say hello. That was until 2 years ago.

---2 years ago----

The newly formed Heroic Dawn got off the only by helicopter. The four of them had different reactions to the island.
Suwa was trying to lead them to their house since he has been living on this island since he left Kyoto all those years ago.

Lucy got on her knees then basically hugged the ground "Thank god we are back on the land." She was airsick and passed out a few times on the flight there.
Ando used his Spirit Power to see how many people were in the general area. "If there these few just around here how many there are on the island in total?" Ando says out of curiosity.
Meanwhile, that was happening Taki was showing a new trait he developed since the battle. A nervous smiling tick let's call it. Taki was smiling at the anticipation of the training that he was about to go through. He couldn't control the smile it just happens when he feels stressed or tense in any way. It was kinda creepy on the offset kinda like the one a villain would have but that not the case here. At least Taki started to realize he was doing it and a sign of nervous sweat ran down his forehead. He would have to shake his head a few times as his vision went from blurry to clear.

Taki charged ahead of the group with the smile still on his face. He needed this training not physically but mentally. The trauma from the spirit of Merlin Lucifer one of seven kids of Satan. Merlin possessed the deceased body of Taki's adopted mother and former teacher Escade Takahashi. All of that shock was too much on Taki's brain. He knew he had to get stronger no matter what limitations are put upon him. "Break your limits, isn't that what you would be telling me if you were still here Escade Sensei?" Taki was talking out loud not looking where he was going.

The sounds of a person snapping their fingers seem not registering in Taki's brain that someone was somewhere in the general area. Taki went on talking to himself as if he needed to reflect somewhat on everything that happened to him so far. As that happens Taki kept walking into portals after portals as he was too busy looking at his feet to notice he was teleported somewhere.

Once Taki looked up he saw a house on the incline of the volcano. "Wow, how did I get here?"
Suwa walks out from the main door of the house "Thanks for leading him here, Nura. your Sensei inside.

"Wait what!!!" That shocked Taki back to reality. Taki quickly turned his head around to see a boy around his age with dark purple hair.

"Howdy, the name is Nura Hideaki feel free to just call me Nura." The boy said as he walked past Taki giving him thumbs up and winking. Nura then walked inside the house.

"I'm so confused?.... What the hell just happened and who the hell is he?" Taki said so animated with his expirations.

Suwa walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. "At least you to see a bit of island by taking a long way here. Anyways our Sensei Escade had two friends she would hold in high regard, one of them was named Jilia Kiya..."

"Oh, the green hair chick helping Akira back in Neo Kyoto," Taki spoke up remembering Julia helping them out when they were conned at the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

"Yep that would be Julia Kiya it was a surprise to she show up then. The other friend is Nura's here sensei. What do you think Taki? Let's go meet Escade other friend Ryan Ghoto." Suwa said leading Taki to the house and opening the door for him.

The first thing to fill Taki sensations were the sounds of the boy what was the name again oh .... Nura saying "Goto-sensei, you tell me these two are come back with us, sweet. Howdy Ando and Lucy we are going to best friends I just know it." By now Taki has gotten adjusted to the light and say, Ando, Lucy having their hand shaken by Nura. There a girl with black hair sitting next to Ryan Ghoto. Ryan Goto was a lot like Taki remembers him from Escade memories just older.
Ryan got up and walked over to Taki "I haven't seen you since you were yea tall." Ryan put his hand at about the height Taki was on the day of the fire beast attack all those years ago.

----------- Fire Beast attack on Kyoto aftermath --------

The aftermath of the fated battle of Escade vs The Fire Beast only brought storm clouds. Even though it was pouring down it was so silent. Not a voice could be heard.

Ryan walks up to Escade's lifeless body. His face shows his face in utter disbelief at what had just happened. The clash of ages ended with his best friend's life being taken, how can that be fair.....right?

He looked to the right and about two away his other best friend Julia Kiya dropped the rain-covered concrete bawling her eyes out. At least that what it looked like to Ryan.

What were microseconds in reality to Ryan felt like a lifetime? The three kids run kids past them were more like a snail's pace.

Oh, that must be Escade's students. The ones she did this for.
The three boys were shaking Escade's body probably begging her to wake up. It wasn't until he noticed Julia get up and rush over and still visibly crying.
Ryan finally got over there and hugged all of them. Then noticed that that question that was until recently.

Escade were moving ever so slightly for a few moments. Then Ryan heard a voice in his head that not quite like Escade but it was ever so twisted.
"Step 1 Completed. I'll return someday."
That was enough countershock to allow Ryan to hear everything again. He was thrown back literally on the ground from that. No one else reacted so he has been the only one that heard and saw that.

------Back to Suwa's house, Aogashima Island -------

"What I'm understanding is that you knew all that events we just went through were going to happen all the way back then?" Suwa asked Ryan trying at least to get some answers.

"You guys got me wrong. Even though I could barely make sense of it myself. For all I know my mind could have been making things up to deal with the stress of my best friend's death, now I know what I heard wasn't false. It was I that contacted Julia soon after you left the island Suwa to head back to Neo Kyoto. All I told her, I had a feeling something might happen."

"Thanks to your waning Julia Kiya met me and Akira while we were at Fushimi Inari Shrine," Ando added as he overheard the conversation.

"It would make sense that she would be there. Anyways Taki I believe Suwa hasn't filled you in on the current situation please allow me to. The island where I currently call my home is Ogasawara which is really three different islands Nishinoshima, Minami-Tori-Shima, and Okinotorishima. My point is since you are going to training here on Aogashima with Suwa. I offered your friends Ando and Lucy to come with me. I have a feeling Ogasawara is better suited for training their spirit powers than this small island."

Taki looked at Andy and Lucy "If you guys want to do this, let's meet back up here in this room in two years." Taki was trying to fight off the impending smile as best as he could.
That smile came as they were saying goodbye about an hour later beachfront of Aogashima. Seagulls flew above them.

"Keep that orb on you Ando as good luck you never know when you might need it." He said as he hugged Ando then he turned to Lucy and his face went black face "Why are you going to train you already got your Spirit Evolve state, you just wanna show off or something."
The next thing Taki knew he was in a lot of pain from the black eye and the swelling on his head from Lucy hit him.

"Let's go, Ando. Hey, Creep-o gets the teleport gate open." Lucy said staring at Nura Hideaki with an insane look.

Nura Hideaki walks forward and says under his breath "I got a name yer know." Nura snapped his right finger and a portal appeared in the sand right in front of them.

"Later losers..." Lucy said she took a running start and jumping into the portal.

Ando waved back at Taki as he stepping the portal. "See you in two years, Taki!!"

Ryan and Rina were the next to go through the portal then followed by Nura before it closed up.

--------------- The following day early in the morning-------

In the training room of Suwa house which has two large like punching bags but made out of wood.

Suwa turns to Taki "Hand me your Katana."
As soon as Taki throws his katana at Suwa, Suwa throws a wooden sword back at him.
"Basic sword training, we both need it. So 3,000 screaming hits in the morning and after your specialty training another 8,000 in the evening. This is our game plan every day got it, Taki!
As the both of them got started the screams could be heard from all over. The screams of two reapers on a journey to get stronger no matter the cost.

---------------About the same time on the mainland, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan-----------

Ah, Shinjuku. The neon lights of advertisements on the multiple skyscrapers would wake anyone up if there feeling sleeping or in the case of Sumida Hirohisa it gave him a headache.
"Can't the light be dimmed a bit, so I don't get a headache every day."

Sumida was on his way to his job at a big corporation in Shinjuku. And fast route for him was through the JR which the Shinjuku station was near his work and in the center of all Shinjuku.
Once he got to his job he got his presentation ready in the conference room.

The company is run by Takaki Yoshimasi a rich businessman and his 3 children. The eldest daughter of the Yoshimasi's was the first to come in, Nii Yoshimasi (Age 24)
Sumida bow to so respect. He did the same to all the others soon after the meeting started.
"So that is volcanic levels of Aogashimia and the Ring of Fire. And why I believe we could use it to our benefit." Suimida said thinking about this next evolution for the company.
As the Father and Daughter walk down the hallway Nii says "He's there, isn't he. This should be fun."