Chapter 14:

Aogashima: Journey into a Volcano

Volcano Man

As the sun started to set a figure looked down on Vic , Taki and Ando. As they head to meet the island elders.

"There on the move The so called 'Hero' is with them. Do I have permission to engage?..... Ok I'll wait for yer arrival Lady Nii"

The figure watching them was Nura Hideaki, one of Ryan's students. He removed the binoculars from his face.

"Your time will be ending soon, Taki." Nura said with a twisted grin on his face and started laughing. As many birds take off from behind, flying into the sunset.

"Wow, look at them!!!" Taki said all excitedly pointing at the flock of birds heading to the sunset.

"OH!! That must mean it's getting late. We need to pick up the pace so we meet them before they call it in for the night." Vic said as they just got to the highest point of the island.

"The Volcano on the other side, how can they live there?" Ando asked when it hit him.

The other side had no magma or lava forest. Except from the bright red hole Taki shot out from earlier.

"This whole island is the Volcano. What we are standing on is the case of the last eruption back in 1785, Back then it wiped out most of the population. And the odds show a bigger on the horizon that might destroy the whole island. But I'll make sure everyone is safe." Vic said right before he jumped into the vent of the Volcano.

Vic spread out his arms and faintly visible hawks' wings appeared under his arms allowing him to guide the current.

"There's no way I'll be able to get down there." Ando explained to Taki.

"Just hopped on my back" Taki said, honing all of his energy in his feet. As Ando got on his back he leaped into the vent and went with the current. The air was rough like razor blades against the skin but Taki was used to it training in this area for the past 2 years. Taki did make a little shield to protect Ando from the air. And once they were near the bottom Taki used his Mamga to stop them from falling as the air flow suddenly stopped.

"Interesting so you can fly?" Vic asked, looking at them.

"More like I'm able to stop myself from falling, not sure if flying is the right term." Taki said as Ando hopped off his back.

"I see, I'll introduce you to the Elders. Just a word of advice to try to make a strong impression. I'm sure the story we all heard growing up isn't the whole thing." Vic said before they entered a small cabin "Elder Ash and Elder Leaf it been awhile."

Inside the cabin were two small elderly people in their late 90s. The elder Woman Leaf was the first to speak up "Oh if it isn't you little Vicky. What brings you to visit us?"

"I ran into a couple of fine young lads with a question. And I thought it would be best to bring them to you." Vic said motioning to Taki.

Taki steps forward and bows. "It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Taki Yamamoto. I was wondering what exactly the 'Legend of the Izu Archipelago' is exactly? "

The Elder man spoke up "Hey Kid, you remind of someone."

The elder woman Leaf " Taki was it? Yeah you do look like my father. Please take this key. It's to the Legend you are after. My father left it with us but I wasn't that much of an adventure type. So I didn't bother finding out the full story for myself, only inking about my parents' journey coming over here from America. This key is to a storage room in the ruins of islands. I'm sure what you are looking for is there. "

Taki takes the key and bows "Thank you "

Vic sat down.. "You two go ahead I'll catch up with you two later just head up the inner mountain. That where the true volcano is. There used to be a village there a long back. The only traces of it are what the volcano left behind."

"You sure you don't want to come Vic?... whatever ." Taki said as he walked out the door Ando.

A female voice caught both of them off guard as they head in the direction of the ruins.

"Look who it is, the reject. And his pal. It's been forever, hasn't it little brother."

Taki started sweating. Her voice was gentle yet so poisonous it was like wrapping her fingers around his neck and squeezed the life out of him. The memories he forced himself to forget all those years ago were rushing back to him. The family he wanted to forget because Escade is his real family.

He starts glowing as he melts off clothes only leaving multiple layers molten magma. His eyes start to shine a bright yellow. The surrounding area melts with him. Red Blackish armorer plate all over his body but it allows the molten magma to flow. This is Spirit Evolve: Volcanic - Zone 1 Molten Surge

"Run Ando!! I can hold her off, Contact Lucy get going!! "

With that grim story turn, Ando contacts Lucy, sending her into a very dark place.