Chapter 19:

Vulkan: Growing Pains

Volcano Man

"Have you all heard of the cycle of pain?" Fukase asks as they fly out of the forest.

"The thing from Na..." Taki tries to answer but gets cut off with Lucy shutting his mouth.

Fukase nods his head "Very close but not quite. What happens when you think you won a war by getting outside help but didn't expect that to backfire? What do you think I mean by that."

Suwa thinks. "Did the outside help add fuel to a fire maybe?"

Fukase replied "In a sense, you could say that. But the important fact was at the time we made one mistake. Either it be we misjudged the situation or not it the fault of the people of the time."

Once at the lake it was full of fog. Everyone got off the Dragon. A weird noise came from the lake. And it got louder and louder. But only one person could understand what the noise was saying.

To Ando he heard "I welcome you my lake, Andoyaki Ito" Ando was looking around to see who was talking. His instincts were to use his Spirits Power the moment he closed his eye. Nothing happened, it truly if he were powerless.

"Strange the fog seems to be only around the lake," Suwa stated. "And what the noise?"

"It seems the Guardian of the Lake is wake there nothing to worry about. I can assure you all that Nessy is wisest of all of us." Fukase said with a smile. "Now if you would please follow me there a road that will lead us to his majesty's castle."

As they walk away from the lake Ando heard "Come back when you are alone I want to chat." That echo in his mind.

As they neared the castle chants could be heard "You dare allow those power stealing things back into the kingdom!!!" As they got close all the chants are protests at the main gate of the castle. And the majority of people were not human-like at all they look more animal than anything else.

"I do apologize for all of this. The citizen of Beastville hold a grudge since they had the most causalities during the never-ending war." Fukase said trying to put on a smile knowing there were some in the crowd because the King gave him a position. "We can use the hidden entrance. If you would please after me."

There was a cave system that Fukase lead them into it underground. And lead to fancy looky. Fukase opened the door for them. "Please step in."

Inside were red carpets, bright lights coming from chandeliers hang from the high ceilings. Long hallways, everything was just lack of a better term fancy.

"Yep, this a rich snobs place" was the first words of Taki's mouth. And that landed him a black eye by Lucy. "I had that coming did I?"

The rest nodded.

A loud voice echoed in the halls "YO!" A man with bright spikey red hair wearing the same outfit as aqua walks up to them. "So you're the ones Aquarius has been talking about. Taki and his rag-tag group of misfits. And nice to Fukase leading our guests around"

Taki leans over to Fukase and whispers "Who's this weirdo?"

Fukase steps forward "This is Aries; he's part of the special military unit one of the twelve, Zodiac."

Aires stared laughing with stated "What a splendid way to introduce me Fukase, now take our guests to King Blazefist. I'll talk with you all after his majesty of course."

Unknowing to any of them a dark force was in the crowd outside. Watching the castle like a hawk

"I need to get to the world above; my siblings are waiting for me."