Chapter 20:

Vulkan: Blaze-guy

Volcano Man

Aries reaches up to tap the earpiece in his right ear and say “Got eyes on the target?”

The voice speaks responds “Cancer’s is right next to her, we have confirmed the identity. It is the last remaining spawn of that family, Alexia Lucifer.”

Aries became all serious “Scorpio you and Cancer must fall back, to base, Must not at all cost allow her to know you were there.”

Both Scorpio and Cancer replied with “Roger that Sir.”

With that the line was cut and Aries looks at Fukase. And that was enough for Fukase to get the message.

“Alright I’ll inform his majesty,” Fukase said in response.

Aries turns to walk away. “I’ll send Aquarius to fill you all in on the details in a bit.”

Aries walks back to Zodiac HQ . Slamming open the door “LIBRA! Go contact the other member that isn’t currently in Vulkan.” He turns to Aqua “Aquarius those lads have a potential, good eye.”

Meanwhile in the Taki and the others was with the just meeting the king.

Fukase: “This is his majesty Nate Blazefist” as he down on one knee

Taki was the first to comment “So Blaze-guy you must fire-based”

Lucy went to hit Taki but for being rude.

The King responded to Taki’s comment “Ill allow that nickname, Taki, I’ve been watching over you for a while can you guess why?”

Taki looked off the other direction and said “That weird Blaze-guy to be watching over people”

The king laughed “That is what I like about Taki and why I choose to lend you my power ‘Volcano Man’ the ability of core of the earth itself.

Taki looks at the ceiling thinking “Really why put the title drop here? Anyways.”

He looks back to see Ando, Lucy, Suwa with a dumbfounded expressions on their face. “What?”

Suwa: “Core”

Lucy: “of”

Ando: “the earth”

The King was laughing. “You look just like them”

“Them?” Suwa question.

“Oh about that, Fukase clear the room I need to talk to Taki alone.” King Blazefist said with a serious tone.

“On it your majesty, now everyone this way” Fukase leads Ando, Lucy & Suwa into a separate room where Aquarius is waiting.

“About time you all showed up” Aqua said relaxing in a chair. “Lucy, we are going scouting for a Lucifer.”

Ando the voice from the Lake was haunting Ando. Ando turns to Fukase “I want to head back to the lake.”

Fukase looked at Ando “we can all head back there tomorrow if you wish.”

“Nah, I can go alone I’ll be fine” as he leaves through the other door along with Lucy & Aqua.

“So it just us” Suwa said as he said out in a seat. “Wanna talk?”

“Sure” Fukase replied. 

Volcano Man

Volcano Man