Chapter 18:

Vulkan: Armbands and Talks

Volcano Man

Aquarius von Atlantis returns to the Zodiac headquarters. This is located near the castle of his majesty. Her lacks attitude from before was just a way she hides her feelings. She marches to the man with spiky red hair.

The man said to Aquarius "I'm taking that your back, which means that you were successful in your mission."

Aquarius slams her fist on the wall of the HQ compound "I'm done with your warfare crap, Aries. You knew I was going to be in that situation. Where I was going to be overpowered. Escade isn't your pawn damn it"

Aries starts laughing a bit. "All to move forward in the upcoming conflict. The Intel showed the Satan's Family has had some distorted text from that used to belong to the Wizards of the Clowning District. When we investigated mostly asked around Slekelts, Institute Of The Arcane not even the top wizard could figure out what it says."

"That because it's a resurrection spell it needs a human host for it works. I got to become buddy-buddy with Merlin. I tried to foil her every step of the way." Aquarius adds as for her to calm down a bit. She tells him everything.

"Every interesting... If Merlin is already back we can no longer prevent this war. Just prepare what we have. Indeed this Taki, Andoyaki, and Lucy might very well be our key pieces in this conflict. I'll have to meet them."

-Back in the forest -

"Really there a king here what are we in medieval times all of the sudden" Taki said that and not even a split second later he was on the ground from Lucy's kick to face.

"I apologize for him being an idiot," Lucy said bowing like Suwa and Ando were doing.

Taki responds from down on the ground "Lucy you are too strong!"

Fukase waves his hands "No please, no need to apologize, your guest here after all. See this armband I have on." Fukase points at his tan armband "It like a social ranking system. We have here."

Suwa asks something. "Does the star in the middle of your armband have any importance?"

Fukase replies "Good question since I was born and raised in the Dragon District that is what gives it the tan color but the star is what shows I'm one of his majesty's guard. I actually got armbands for all of you." He said revealing what he been caring in his bag. The armbands are green in color and have a star in the middle with a circle around the outside of the star.

Fukase handed out the armbands to Taki and the rest of them. "You wear them on your right arm like I have mine," Fukase said while pointing to his armband.

Taki, Lucy, Ando, & Suwa all put armband like there were told. Then Taki spoke up "Question, Does the circle mean anything?"

Suwa added, "Yeah I wondering about that what about the color of our armbands?"

"Both splendid questions indeed let answer the simple one first. You, fine people, are guests of his majesty so the color of Green is reserved for that purpose. As for the other question, it's a long story so ill just summarize it up as a badge of honor from the visitors we had before." Fukase answered

"Is it alright for us to have their badges of honor?" Ando asked.

"I don't see why there would be a problem with it. While some here may different feelings toward the people from the world above like yourself. The group that came before you help end the never-ending war."

"I would like to hear more about this war," Suwa asked as the wind echoed throughout the trees.

Fukase put two fingers in his mouth and whistles he then replies "And I would tell you all about it. But please hop on my friend."

The wind picks up likes something was approaching them at a fast speed. Within a blink of an eye, it arrived a blue dragon. Close to a mile in length.

"This dragon will be our transportation for the tour. I would like to show you the Lake in the center of our lovely Kingdom " Fukase said with a smile.

Taki and with rest were in pure shock because that was a real dragon.

- At the Zodiac HQ –

Libra walks in she looks like she has seen better days. "Aquarius, I know how you feel it's hard to keep the scales balanced when you saw what they are capable of, those devil spawns."