Chapter 1:

Lights of the End

The Last Light We Saw Before The Battle Begins

"Suddenly lights appeared in the sky"

The alarm clock goes off like any other day at 5:30 so that I can get ready for school. I take a shower, eat bread and butter and heat up the lunch I made the night before to take with me and then 5:50 I leave the house to go to school.

My name is Satori and I am 17 years old. My parents died when I was 15 years old in a car accident and today I live alone and support myself with the money my grandparents send me every month, but that is not important in this story it all really starts on a day like any other when I was walking into my classroom.
My classroom has 21 people but I only have 2 friends Keita a guy a little taller than me and a lot stronger and Hideki who is the same height as me and is quite athletic too and more importantly he is blond when I enter the classroom Keita was talking to another classmate and Hideki came straight to me:

Hideki: "Satori good morning did you watch the movie last night?"

Satori: "Good Morning Hideki I didn't watch it, I was playing all night"

Hideki: "What a shame Since you haven't watched it let me tell you how it was, the movie starts like this..."

Hideki is always energetic even though it's so early, as he spoke I looked around the classroom as I sat in my chair, even though it was close to the beginning of class there was only Keita talking to someone and a trio of girls, they always arrived early so they could talk

They were Hana a girl with a long black hair she is very pretty she is also the class leader I am sure she is always the first one in class.
Rika is a Gyaru with tanned skin and blonde hair nothing more to say about her.
Saya a girl who is probably 1.50 tall, the loli of this story she also has short brown hair she seems to be the most shy of the trio.
This is probably the weirdest stereotypical trio I have ever seen a Gyaru a class leader and a loli.

As I looked at the girls Hideki Surprised pointed outside our classroom window which was on the second floor and said.

Hideki: "What is happening?"

When i looked out the window suddenly lights appeared in the sky and they were looking bigger and bigger when i paid more attention the far away lights looked like lines going straight to the ground one of these lights was coming a few meters from the front of the school when this light touched the ground it disappeared and after 5 seconds a huge explosion occurred, the light from the explosion was so strong that I couldn't see anything and after hearing the windows break I passed out.

i start to wake up slowly and i had been flung to the other side of the room, the chairs were thrown everywhere the windows were broken there was glass all over the floor when i looked at the front of the school it had disappeared along with the explosion, i was breathless and scared, then i started to feel a pain on my face i ran my hand over my face and i got even more scared when i saw my hand full of blood and realized i was only seeing with one eye, i suddenly heard a noise it was Hideki who was waking up with everyone he scared looked at my face and said open mouthed:

Hideki:"Oh my God Satori you have a piece of glass in your eye"

Keita and the girls suddenly screamed. 

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