Chapter 2:

Eye of Darkness And The Creature Of The End

The Last Light We Saw Before The Battle Begins

Keita and the girls suddenly screamed. Bookmark here

When I got closer Keita was staring at the body of the boy he was talking to, he was dead, he had been impaled on one of the legs of a broken chair, the scared girls were on the other side of the room they were pretty hurt even with pieces of glass in arms and legs I quickly looked at Hideki to see if he was alright and he was also pretty hurt with his bruised face he had probably also been thrown and hit his face in something Keita had a huge piece of glass on his back but he completely ignored his pain and was still in shock with his friend's death, even with a lot of pain in my eye I got close to him and touched his shoulder and said:
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Satori: "hey man, there's nothing we can do we better try to take care of our wounds first and get help fast"Bookmark here

Keita continued in shock and Saya started to cry and wondering:Bookmark here

Saya: "what happened why is this happening"Bookmark here

Hana: "Saya try to calm down a bit"Bookmark here

Rika: "how do you expect us to calm down when we almost died and someone actually died"Bookmark here

Rika was scared But Hana among all of us was the most relaxed maybe she's just trying to control the situation by showing a bit of positivity.
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Hana: "I'm trying to calm the mood a bit I'm scared too but we have to try to get out of here first the school could collapse at any time"Bookmark here

Hana looked at me and Hideki who was looking outside the school and said:
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Hana: "Satori, Hideki you guys were by the window did you two see something?"Bookmark here

Hideki didn't say anything so I said what we'd seen.Bookmark here

Hana: "It makes no sense"Bookmark here

Satori: "it is the truth"Bookmark here

Keita then falls to the ground fainting again, clearly having lost so much blood I bent down beside Keita not knowing what to do because taking the glass could kill him faster suddenly Hideki Scream:
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Hideki: "Lights More Lights"Bookmark here

I ran to Hideki's side and looked out the window and saw six lights flying straight towards us at high speed.
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Satori: "people get down"Bookmark here

As soon as I said that the lights curved and went straight towards each of us, the lights entered our bodies the light that came towards me had entered my injured eye I could feel a very strong pain as I felt my body being modified my wounds were closing and my eye started to see again, i fell to my knees and heard a strange voice inside my head saying "Laser".Bookmark here

I didn't feel any more pain but i felt strange especially my eye that seemed to have static in my vision i looked at everyone and everyone was fine their wounds were too been healed Keita was waking up while the glass on his back was being pushed out of his body.
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As everyone seemed to feel better we all started to get up and wonder what had happened.Bookmark here

Satori: "I heard a voice inside my head speaking the word Laser"Bookmark here

Hideki: "I heard a voice too but it said Telekinesis"Bookmark here

Keita: "for me it was strength"Bookmark here

Hana: "for me the voice said lightning"Bookmark here

Rika: "i heard fire"Bookmark here

Saya: "I think I heard speed"Bookmark here

Satori: "what does this mean? screw my eye it's weird there's something in it?Bookmark here

As soon as I looked at them they all got scared
Bookmark here

Rika: "your eye is kind of red and black"Bookmark here

Satori: "What do you mean?"Bookmark here

Rika: "your eye is all black and the middle is red looks like a demon's eye"Bookmark here

Hideki: "maybe you can shoot laser through your eye"Bookmark here

Hana: "what a stupid idea this is impossible"Bookmark here

Suddenly everything started to shake
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Hana: "guys we have to get out of here fast"Bookmark here

Everyone started running out of the classroom quickly as we were in the hallway we all heard a roar that made us all freeze in fear a shadow of something was slowly appearing in the other hallway and then a creature tall enough to be banging its head on the ceiling stared at us the creature was thin as the branches of a dead tree he looked like a monstrous human after seeing us started running towards us:
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Satori: "RUN"Bookmark here

I yelled and we all started to run to the opposite side of the creature we ran to the other side of the corridor where the ground had already fallen there was no way to pass we all looked back and the creature was still following us.
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Saya: "Can't we just jump to the first floor?Bookmark here

Keita: "At this height we can sprain the ankle and there's still a lot of rubble we wouldn't be able to escape"Bookmark here

Saya: "but if we stay here we'll die anyway"Bookmark here

I suddenly remembered what Hideki said about my eye if we were about to die it wouldn't hurt to try so i screamed:
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Satori: "Laser"Bookmark here

Hana: "don't be an idiot it won't work"Bookmark here

So i closed my right eye and stared at the creature's face and screamed as loud as i could:
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Satori: "LASER"Bookmark here

Then a red laser came out of my left eye at such a high velocity that the creature didn't even have time to react, the laser was strong enough to cross the creature's face causing it to fall to the ground probably dead.
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Everyone looked at the creature and then looked at me in disbelief.
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Satori: "I killed you were right Hideki"Bookmark here

Hideki: "I had only seen this in an anime"Bookmark here

Satori: "For now it's better to get out of here first then we'll talk about it"Bookmark here

Everyone nodded and started running towards the entrance and finally we left and then everything started to shake again and when we looked at the school we were all gaping at what was going on.
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The school was flying.
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