Chapter 2:

living her life

4 Devil queen

Then she left and went home with her mom. Then her mom said ‘be careful his dad may come and kill you. So she planned to lock everything and keep the phone in hand.At about 8 pm they waited and saw him to come. She said “Wow you just came and you are late” . “I already called the police a long time ago so you are red handed with us.” The police came at the door and arrested him . Now he's in jail for life time .Then they live peacefully. That night the police hooked up that boy who he raped priya and put this news. The news told a story for what the big mistake he done and tell if you are dare to rape somonone this will be your death sentence . so don’t try to play with us. She was proud of the police for putting this in the news. After the day of the dead incident she went to school peacefully. She studied well and passed all her government exams . After the end of summer four of her friends came . They all four told the story about his ex friends and how they cheat and also made them fall to rape. Well it was worse than her. All four of them were gang raped by 4 people .Each one happened on the same day. When she heard she cried and she said “why didn't you tell me. We would take a lot of action.” Brinda said “I know we will but we don't want to face a lot of problems”. she said “okay, i have a plan. We should hero our story.