Chapter 3:

A long time ago


At the hospital there was a bald man of average height and he was a little over size. A doctor came to take him in. The doctor lead him to a woman with a beautiful long and dark hair and equally as beautiful blue eyes.Bookmark here

" He is a boy?"Bookmark here

" Yes. He is so beautiful! What should we name him?"Bookmark here

" That is such a hard choice. I will leave it to you."Bookmark here

" I think I have an idea. How do you feel about Hikaru? It means light and brightness."Bookmark here

" It’s a good name, but don’t forget why we made him. Don’t get to attached."Bookmark here

" Hello there, little Hikaru!"Bookmark here

“giggles”Bookmark here

" I think he likes it too."Bookmark here

3 years later Bookmark here

" Mommy, what is that in the sky? Can we go there?"Bookmark here

" No sweety, we can’t. That there is called the dome. It’s a city build on top of this one for people who have more money or accomplishments than us. We are simple people. It’s not our place, but maybe one day you will be able to go there."Bookmark here

" Really? How?"Bookmark here

" Well, you said you really like that samurai you always see on tv. Maybe if you become a master sword man and win a championship they will give you a citizenship, that means you can live there."Bookmark here

" Citizenship? That sounds good. I will do it, and when I get there I will take you and daddy there."Bookmark here

" Really? I would love to see what’s up there. That’s a really big dream you are aiming for sweety. We should get you to training as soon as possible."Bookmark here

" Training? I don’t need that. I’m the strongest. I am a true samurai."Bookmark here

" You sure are an ambitious child. But even the greatest samurai trains all the time so he doesn’t lose his strength."Bookmark here

" They do that?"Bookmark here

" They sure do. So you better get moving or your strength will be lost."Bookmark here

" No. That can’t be. I need to find a dojo. Hurry mommy!"Bookmark here

" Silly boy! Nobody will accept you at such a young age, even if you are the strongest."Bookmark here

" Then what will happen to my strength?"Bookmark here

" It will be lost. Guess you will start from zero. Hey! What are you doing? Stop crying. It was all a joke."Bookmark here

2 years laterBookmark here

" So you want to enroll your kid at this dojo at age five?"Bookmark here

" Yes I would like to do that."Bookmark here

" The law allows it but isn’t it a little irresponsible ma’am? I mean he is only five."Bookmark here

" I know that very well, and I know my son will be alright. Thank you for your concern."Bookmark here

" Ok. Do what you want, but I have to put him in a match against one of my students to see what he can do, what he is good at and the list goes on, but I warn you my youngest student is seven years old."Bookmark here

" Challenge accepted. Let’s do this right now."Bookmark here

" What an energetic young man. Fine. Go put your kimono on and choose a wooden sword. He will be waiting for you on the ring."Bookmark here

Hikaru put on his kimono for his first time and took a wooden sword in hand. Bookmark here

" I feel good."Bookmark here

" I know I let you do this but are you sure you can beat him?"Bookmark here

" I do. Didn’t I train every night until now? I’m ready."Bookmark here

" Ok. Time to go."Bookmark here

As Hikaru entered the room he saw a kid standing in the ring. He was with a head over Hikaru and you could see he was training for a long time, his body was of average build but it was obvious it was trained to be that way.Bookmark here

" Are you both ready?"Bookmark here

" Yes sir!"Bookmark here

" Yes sensei!"Bookmark here

" Then bow before each other."Bookmark here

Both kids took a step back, and bowed. After that both of them took the sword in hand and assumed a stance and the battle began. The other kid charged at Hikaru considering himself superior faced with a five year old boy, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. The boy went for a strike from above, Hikaru didn’t even feel a little bit of fear, he was underestimated and that pissed him off. When he got close enough to strike Hikaru simply dodged to the left and did a horizontal strike stopping right before his neck basically finishing the match.Bookmark here

" How?"Bookmark here

" You shouldn’t underestimate your opponent. You are weak."Bookmark here

" Amazing! Would you like to try to beat the ten year old?"Bookmark here

" With all due respect I don’t think I can beat them. Maybe when I am six."Bookmark here

" Very funny. You are accepted. Welcome to the dojo."Bookmark here

5 years laterBookmark here

" We are entering the semifinals everyone! Be ready for the first match between Hikaru and Kaito!"Bookmark here

'This is going to be a tough opponent. How should I approach our fight? He is not going to underestimate me like the others now that he saw what I can do, so my only choice is to surprise him.'Bookmark here

" HIKARUUUUU!"Bookmark here

" You scared the shit out of me mom."Bookmark here

" Watch your mouth!"Bookmark here

" Sorry mom."Bookmark here

" Come on. It’s time to go on stage."Bookmark here

" Already? Didn’t have time to make a strategy."Bookmark here

" You don’t need one sweety. You will destroy him."Bookmark here

" Why did you say that with so much happiness?"Bookmark here

" Don’t stress over the details, just go."Bookmark here

" Ok, ok. Wish me luck!"Bookmark here

" You don’t need it."Bookmark here

As Hikaru entered the ring he saw Kaito waiting. He seemed almost asleep, but as soon as you stepped in the ring he opened his eyes, which were green making him look even more menacing then when you could see only his ponytail black hair. Both of them bowed and took a step back assuming a stance. As soon as it all started Kaito charged with a strike from above against Hikaru.Bookmark here

'This is very nostalgic. Perhaps he did underestimate me, well that’s better for me. It’s time to teach this cocky bastard a lesson.'Bookmark here

As he did in his first match Hikaru dodged to the left and wanted to strike horizontally when he saw Kaito removing his left hand from the sword handling it with only his right hand going to strike Hikaru. He managed to block the attack and took a step back.Bookmark here

'Maybe I was the one underestimating him. He sure is good, but what happened when he charged at me? Was he smiling?'Bookmark here

Without leaving him time to think Kaito charged again, but this time Hikaru took a defensive stance and waited to parry his attack. Kaito went for a strike from above this time for real, and with his sheer force he almost defeated Hikaru dropping him to one knee. Bookmark here

'What can I do in this situation? He is stronger and faster than me. Can I really win?'Bookmark here

Kaito started striking faster and faster and the point in which Hikaru couldn’t block anymore, putting his sword to Hikaru’s throat. Bookmark here

" Why did you give up? You finally fought someone stronger than you and you give up so easily? Pathetic. And I thought you would finally give me a challenge."Bookmark here

Kaito went on and won the tournament. Bookmark here

" Are you alright?"Bookmark here

" …"Bookmark here

" Come on. There’s always another time."Bookmark here

" Yeah."Bookmark here

'Why did I give up so easily? He was stronger, but so what? If everybody would do that nobody would get anywhere. Then why did my mind freeze there? His overwhelming power, I don’t know if I could bring myself to resist him even now. I’m a pitiful human being.'Bookmark here

Hikaru got home, if you can name it that, and without any delay he locked himself in his room. He sat on his mattress which was on the floor trying to sleep. The whole night he couldn’t sleep thinking what would have happened if he tried to beat Kaito. While he was thinking that he heard a lot of noise coming from the entrance. When he got there to see what is going on, he saw his father breaking a vase almost hitting his mother.Bookmark here

" What do you mean he lost? This was our only chance out of this shithole. And he threw it away! I don’t want to go there anymore, to be worked to death like a slave for almost no money, again we don’t have anything to put on the table. I swear to God I’m going to kill all those above. It’s so much to ask for a normal life?"Bookmark here

" Honey, stop! Believe in him. He will do it, because he promised me. Now calm down and get some sleep."Bookmark here

" I’m sorry."Bookmark here

" No need. Everyone has bad days, now go."Bookmark here

After listening in silence Hikaru returns to his room and tears started falling down his face.Bookmark here

" I’m such a piece of shit. Already giving up. I will not make them suffer ever again. A man doesn’t go back on his word after all."Bookmark here

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